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Cardboard panel wrap
Cardboard wrap
Large long corrugated boxes
Printed panel wraos

Corrugated Wraparound Packaging

Simple transit packaging solution for industrial applications

Similar to the cardboard book wraps that GWP provide for ecommerce packaging applications, 5 panel wraps – or wraparound packaging – are a low cost, simple way to pack your products.

Available in custom sizes and supplied as a single piece of corrugated material, simply place your product or part onto the board and fold the panels around and over to completely wrap the product. The pack can then be sealed with tape or strapping etc. Read More

Available Colours:

White cardboard material swatch
Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
Cardboard with single colour print swatch
Full colour printed cardboard swatch
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More information on 5 panel wraps

Panel wraps, like corrugated cases (0201s) are a low-cost method of packaging your parts, products or materials.

Similar to the book wraps used for ecommerce applications, panel wraps involve placing your items on the central panel of the packaging, and then folding the other panels up and over to form a box around it. The top and ends can then be sealed using tapes, glues or even strapping depending on the nature of your products.

So, whilst this form of corrugated packaging is cost effective in terms of purchasing, it can also help to reduce costs through your packing teams’ efficiency / productivity.

They are also supplied flat which means they take up minimal storage space in your factory or warehouse.

And the nature of the corrugated cardboard material itself also means that your packaging is fully biodegradable and recyclable (making disposal for your customers quick and simple).

Custom cardboard wraps

Unlike many suppliers of corrugated transit packaging, GWP will manufacture your panel wraps (and other boxes) to your exact specification.

Not only does this mean improved protection for your products due to a better fit, but also minimises material usage and additional void fill requirements. This in turn can reduce shipping costs too (as you are not paying to ship empty space).

But aside from custom sizes and selecting material that is the appropriate balance between performance, strength and cost, GWP can enhance your wrap-around packaging in a number of other ways too.

This includes external printing to add your company logo, handling instructions, part numbers and other information.

You can also add water resistant coating, or an anti-abrasion finish that will protect the surfaces of items inside (particularly useful for anything printed, painted, or highly polished).

Key Benefits of wraparound packaging at a glance

  • Low cost, simple design
  • Simple to use – place product on and wrap packaging around
  • Can boost packing times and staff efficiency
  • Supplied flat to minimise storage requirements
  • Custom sizes and material options to suit specific products
  • Can be enhanced with anti-scuff and water-resistant properties
  • Can be printed with branding, handling instructions etc.
  • Easily recycled at end of life, and biodegradable


Questions about 5 panel wraps

Think that wraparound packaging could help your business? Or need to improve packing times? Or just have some general questions.

Well, if you cannot find the answers to your specific questions below, please contact a member of the GWP team on 01793 754 444, or email

What are panel wraps?

Panel wraps – also commonly referred to as 5 panel wraps or wraparound packaging – are essentially a form of low cost box that is literally wrapped around your product before shipping (rather than placing your items into a pre-assembled box).

Are 5 panel wraps different from book wraps?

Panel wraps and book wraps are effectively the same product / concept. However, book wraps tend to be used for ecommerce applications, and as such may have additional features such as tear strips, tamper evident features and internal tabs for holding items in place. Panel wraps tend to be used for industrial packaging applications.

What type of material are panel wraps made from?

Panel wraps are manufactured from corrugated cardboard material, but the grade used will depend on a number of factors., This includes the size, fragility and weight of the items you are packing in them, as well as expected handling / storage processes and environments. GWP will be able to recommend a suitable single or double wall box material to ensure the optimum level of performance for your wraps.

How are panel wraps secured before shipping?

Panel wraps, once assembled around your product, will need to be secured using a packing tape, glue, or other form of adhesive. For larger and / or heavier items, strapping or banding can also be used.

Can I have my panel wraps printed?

Cardboard panel wraps can be printed to add your company logo and branding, handling instructions, safety messages, part numbers and any other information that would be useful to include. As the wraps are also available in both white and kraft finishes, your packaging can provide a professional and / or eye-catching appearance as appropriate.

Tailored Pricing / Specification

Source panel wrap packaging for your business

As well custom cardboard wraps, your business can source all of your transit and / or industrial packaging from GWP. And your ecommerce, retail and POS requirements too. And inserts. Foam. Handling totes, Picking Bins, Anti-static boxes. Protective cases. In fact, you can source the widest range of packaging products from a single supplier in the UK.

The actual benefit of this to your business is twofold. Not only can you reduce your costs, admin and the general hassle of your packaging supply, but you can also benefit from truly impartial, expert knowledge on what packaging will work best for your business.

If this sounds good, then you can also get a no obligation, no pressure quote on your specific requirements.

Custom Cardboard Wraps

Options for enhancing your panel wraps

Although 5 panel wraps are a very simple form of packaging, there are a still a number of options that you can specify when sourcing them (besides custom sizes to suit your products). Please see below for further details.

Liquiguard waterproof cardboard coating applied to corrugated material

Water Proof Coating

Add resistance to moisture, oil and grease

Cardboard packaging inserts coated with Anti abrasion coating

Anti Abrasion Coating

Protect contents from surface scuffs / marking

A custom printed cardboard panel wrap box

Custom Printed Panel Wraps

Add branding, instructions and other useful details

Alternative Corrugated Packaging

Similar industrial / transit packaging options available

Postal book wraps

Ecommerce Book Wraps

Ecommerce packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
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An 0201 style corrugated cardboard case with taped closure

Corrugated Cases (0201)

Industrial packaging colours

Custom Sizes
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Open die cut transit packaging box with single colour print

Die Cut Boxes / Packaging

Transit packaging colours

Custom Sizes
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Bespoke transit packaging

Custom Transit Packaging

Transit packaging colours

Custom Sizes
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Empty crash lock box showing self closing base design

Crash Lock Boxes (Easy Assemble)

Transit packaging colours

Custom Sizes
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A collection of composite packaging products (bags, crates, foam etc.)

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