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Korrvu® Suspension Boxes

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Korrvu suspension boxes
Korrvu suspension packaging
Sealed Air Korrvu
Korrvu suspension box
Sealed Air Korrvu suspension
Korrvu suspension film

Sealed Air Suspension Packaging

Leading business suppliers of corrugated packaging

Korrvu® Suspension Boxes boast a unique construction that suspends the products or equipment to be transported between 2 layers of non slip, highly resilient film. This in turn provides a consistent level of transit protection regardless of how delicate or fragile the items enclosed.

Whilst available in standard sizes, GWP Packaging offer bespoke options, including custom dimensions, print etc. Plus you can get no obligation quotes based on your specific requirements. Read More

Available Colours:

White cardboard material swatch
Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
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Detailed Info on Korrvu® Suspension Boxes

Although having been available for a number of years now, Korrvu® Suspension boxes are still one of the most unique and revolutionary forms of transit or postal packaging available.

Utilising a corrugated frame with a durable, non slip film suspended across it, the packaging essentially works by suspending the objects to be sent within two of these frames – and therefore between two layers of film. This in turn means the items are cushioned within the “air space” of the outer container.

The key benefit of this form of protection is that unlike some packaging inserts such as polystyrene or certain foams, the protection levels are not compromised even after multiple drops or instances of mishandling.

Besides this, there are a number of other benefits.

Usability of Korrvu® Suspension Boxes

The film will conform to a wide variety of product shapes and sizes, allowing the packs to be versatile and accommodate a range of different items. This helps in keeping your packaging inventory to manageable size, plus benefiting from economies of scale when ordering. GWP Packaging can supply Korrvu® suspension boxes (and the Korrvu® Retention and Korrvu® Lok™ to custom sizes and with a range of print options however.

The system is also supplied flat to save on storage, and is exceptionally easy to assemble. This allows for efficient packaging and fast shipments.

Korrvu® suspension packaging is also durable enough to be reused (if you have a return transit loop in place), and is recyclable at the end of its life.

And one final point to note if using as ecommerce packaging for your online orders, is that the clear film allows for excellent presentation of the products upon opening. This in turn can be used to delight your customers as part of their unboxing experience.

Key features of Korrvu® suspension packaging at a glance

  • Protects from shock, vibration and impact by suspending your products
  • Transparent film allows for packaging to act as a presentation device also
  • Exceptionally versatile, as the film conforms to a wide range of shapes
  • Reduction in packaging inventory (due to versatility of the film)
  • Supplied flat to safe on warehouse storage space and costs
  • Recyclable and eco friendly
  • Reduces waste and costs as can often be re-used
  • Easy to use with simple assembly

How it Works

How to use your Korrvu® Suspension packaging

Please see below for the basic steps on how to use your Korrvu® suspension boxes.

  • Suspension packaging is delivered flat packed in 2 parts – top and bottom frames (providing cost and space savings)
  • Bottom frame is assembled and placed into box before the product is placed in the centre of the frame, suspending it in the centre of the container
  • The top frame / window is then placed over the product, meaning it is completely suspended between both films
  • The outer box is closed, creating tension that holds the product securely in place
  • Outer carton is sealed in the usual manner and is then dispatched


Korrvu® Retention Video

Please see below for a short video that briefly illustrates how to pack your products using suspension boxes. Please note this content is provided by Sealed Air.

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GWP Packaging are market leaders in the design and manufacture of corrugated packaging.

With a focus on supplying businesses, it allows you to source a huge range of packaging products that will be an exact fit for your specific needs and requirements.

As such, virtually all products – and certainly every quote – you will receive is fully bespoke. This will be based on what it is you need, the order volumes and any customisation. That way, you only pay for what you actually need. Plus, all quotes are free, no obligation, and can be supplied with impartial advice as well.

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