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Korrvu® Retention Boxes

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Korrvu retention boxes
Korrvu ecommerce packaging
Korrvu retention packaging
Retention box
Sealed Air Korrvu range

Protective Mailing Inserts

Suppliers of Korrvu® postal range to businesses

Korrvu® Retention Boxes are a highly effective way of protecting your products during transit. The insert, when folded, uses a film to secure the contents in place, preventing it from moving during transit.

As official stockist of Sealed Air Korrvu®, you can source a wide range of packaging through GWP. However, any packaging you specify can be tailored to your specific requirements. Plus get competitive quotes based on your volume / options, with no obligation. Read More

Available Colours:

White cardboard material swatch
Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
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Detailed Info on Korrvu® Retention Boxes

Korrvu® retention boxes protect their contents by bracing them within traditional corrugated cardboard boxes. As with the Korrvu® Suspension and Lok™ options, it uses a special non slip film and ingenious construction,. This ensures the products do not move in transit. It also provides additional cushioning for heavy and fragile objects, thanks to the unique retention frame.

What this means is that Korrvu® retention packaging is a flexible and efficient way to reduce transit damage for a wide range of products.

The film – which is exceptionally durable and difficult to pierce – conforms to the shapes of different objects easily, allowing the same packaging inserts to be used across multiple product types. This in turn reduces the size of the inventory required.

Korrvu® Retention boxes for both protection and presentation

Being transparent, the film also allows for excellent presentation of products. This is particularly important for the “unboxing” experience, but can also help with packing efficiency (as operatives can see the product whilst packing.

Further benefits include the retention boxes being supplied flat, saving on storage space, as well as being recyclable. They are also quick and easy to assemble, besides being easy to use (aiding the productivity of your packing teams).

Whilst Korrvu® retention packaging is available in a number of stock options, GWP are able to supply in bespoke sizes and further enhance your packaging with print and various options for the outer cartons too.

Key features of Korrvu® retention boxes at a glance

  • Holds contents securely in place, protecting them from shock, vibration and impact
  • Can also act as presenter for products thanks to transparent film
  • Film easily conforms to a variety of shapes
  • Each design can be used for numerous shapes (reducing inventory required)
  • Flat packed for easy storage
  • Environmentally friendly (contains at least 30% recycled materials and recyclable)
  • Can be re-used, cutting down on waste and reducing costs
  • Selection of standard designs and bespoke options

How it Works

How to use your Korrvu® Retention packaging

Please see below for the basic steps on how to use your Korrvu® retention boxes.

  • Retention packaging arrives flat packed, saving on storage and transportation costs
  • Product is slid into the non-slip film
  • Packaging is folded, pulling the film taut to hold the product in place, whilst creating a cushion below.
  • Product and film/cushion are placed into exterior packaging. Product is now held firm and has pocket of air on all sides.
  • Outer carton is sealed as usual (i.e. tape, glue etc.) and is then dispatched.


Korrvu® Retention Video

The brief video below also provides an illustration of how to pack your products using retention boxes. Please note this content is provided by Sealed Air.

Tailored Pricing / Sizes

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Although it is possible to purchase stock Korrvu® retention boxes – and therefore list prices – GWP do not take this approach to doing business.

As a trade supplier to businesses, GWP will always look provide you with a bespoke quote (with no obligation) based on what you actually need. This obviously takes into account order volumes, but also any customisation options you may need as well.

Whilst this means we are unable to help with very low volume orders, it means that for any business with even a moderate, ongoing usage, it is possible to source your packaging much more cost effectively.

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