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Corrugated end caps
Foam end cap alternative
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Cardboard end caps

Eco Friendly Foam Alternative

Improve protection and stability with corrugated end caps

Custom designed and manufactured corrugated end caps can enhance the shipping protection offered by your transit packaging.

Perfectly suited to fragile products, these engineered corner protectors can help to cushion against mishandling and impact whilst also improving stability of your items too. Besides this, they are more environmentally friendly than foam end caps / filler strips. Read More

Available Colours:

Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
White cardboard material swatch
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More information on corrugated end caps

Corrugated end caps are a great alternative to polystyrene and even foam packaging (such a Stratocell or Ethafoam blocks).

They can be custom designed and manufactured to be a perfect fit for your specific product, parts or components, allowing for increased protection during transit and enhanced stability of your packs as well.

Supplied flat packed or ready assembled, the end caps are simply placed on the ends of the items to be shipped before being placed into a (tailored) outer transit box. They are also quick and easy to assemble without the need for glue or tape etc.

They can also be designed to incorporate additional recesses and pockets, allowing for the safe storage during shipping of ancillaries such as batteries, power cables, remote controls, spare parts and other items that need to be kept with the main product.

Environmental benefits of corrugated packaging

However, perhaps the main benefit of using corrugated end caps is their environmental performance. Unlike foam end caps and polystyrene in particular, cardboard corner / edge protectors can be easily disposed of by the end user (including in kerbside recycling if going to consumers).

This not only make life easier for your customers, but also reflects well on the environmental credentials of your business and brand(s).

Please note however that there may be occasions where the use of other materials is unavoidable to ensure the items being shipped have sufficient protection.

As GWP are also foam converters, producing foam corner protectors, blocks and end caps (using the minimum amount of material whilst maintaining performance), we are perfectly placed to offer your business impartial advice on the most suitable end caps for your specific application.

Key Benefits of corrugated end caps at a glance

  • Fully tailored to your specific product / outer packs for highest performance
  • Can significantly reduce incidences of damage in transit
  • Different grades used for specific applications
  • Can be supplied flat to reduce storage requirements, or pre-assembled
  • Can also be used to house extra items (e.g. batteries, remote controls, cables etc.)
  • Fully recyclable and environmentally friendly (unlike polystyrene)


Questions about Corrugated End Caps

If you think that corrugated (or foam) end caps could be suitable for your business, but have a few questions first, then the below section should help answer the most commonly asked questions. If you still need help, however, please get in touch with a product adviser at GWP for further assistance.

Are cardboard end caps fully recyclable?

Due the corrugated cardboard material used in the manufacture of corrugated end caps, they are fully recyclable. This includes kerbside collections if your packaging is going to end consumers. They are also fully biodegradable and manufactured from sustainable sources.

Are cardboard end caps better than foam end caps?

Corrugated cardboard end caps are a more environmentally friendly solution than foam end caps. However, foam will provide higher levels of protection, which can be necessary when shipping particularly fragile or expensive items. As GWP design and manufacture both options, we can give you genuinely impartial advice on the best option for your business.

Is polystyrene suitable for protective packaging?

Polystyrene is arguably the worst form of end cap / packaging insert you can specify. It is not recyclable like cardboard, and unlike foam end caps it only protects against one impact / shock before becoming relatively ineffective.

Can you supply the outer transit boxes too?

GWP are able to design and manufacture virtually any form of corrugated packaging you can think of. Everything from standard 0201s to die cut boxes, stacking trays, custom fittings and much else besides. Plus, sourcing your outer packaging and end caps together improves compatibility and can also reduce costs.

What material grade do you use for corrugated end caps?

The material used for your corrugated end caps will depend on a number of factors. This includes your product sizes, shape and fragility, the likely handling and transit conditions it will face and also other considerations such as packing times and budget. A GWP adviser will be happy to discuss your requirements and recommend an appropriate solution.

Tailored Pricing / Specification

Source end caps and inserts for your business

GWP take pride in providing custom transit packaging that not only offers optimum levels of protection for your business but that also minimises any environmental impact as well.

But this isn’t the only reason for your business to work with GWP.

By sourcing all of your packaging from a single supplier you can streamline your inventory and purchasing processes, as well as benefit from a wide range of options and supporting services (including full packaging audits, just in time supply and much more).

Add in more than 30 years’ experience, an award-winning design team and free, no obligation quotes and advice, and your business can see a number of tangible benefits of working with GWP.

Alternative Packaging Inserts

Similar inserts and fittings for your transit packaging

Besides corrugated cardboard end cap fittings, GWP can also offer a wide range of alternative packing inserts. This means that whatever your product, market or application, there is a suitable protective insert for your business.

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Paper void fill packaging inside an outer corrugated container

Paper Void Fill Packaging

Perfect for safe ecommerce shipping

Korrvu suspension packaging

Korrvu® Packaging Inserts

Range of innovative packaging inserts

Foam end caps

Foam Inserts / End Caps

Highest levels of protection in transit

Cardboard packaging inserts

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Compatible Outer Packaging

Postal, ecommerce and transit packaging options

Ecommerce packaging boxes


PiP Box colours

Custom Sizes
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Industrial transit packaging

Transit / Industrial

Postal packaging colour options

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