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Retail Correx® and plastic packaging

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Printed Correx® packaging and striking point-of-sale display stands

Corrugated packaging is widely used in retail environments but is not always the best option for every application. In fact, the use of Correx® printed packaging, dump bins, and FSDUs is growing in popularity.

Weatherproof, easy to clean, and considerably more durable than cardboard, Correx® packaging and retail stands are perfect if your business requires a semi-permanent display. Retail Correx® can also add value to your products or provide specific performance for the intended environment (e.g. heavy-duty or water-resistant properties for garden centres, builders’ merchants etc.).

Please view the range of retail Correx® products available.

Correx dump bins

Plain or printed Correx® dump bins

Correx packaging colours

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Correx fsdu

Correx® FSDU (free standing display)

Correx packaging colours

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Printed correx packaging

Printed Correx® packaging (retail)

Correx packaging colours

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Correx gable box

Correx® gable boxes and carry cases

Correx packaging colours

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Correx briefcase boxes

Correx® briefcase boxes

Correx packaging colours

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Plastic postal boxes

Correx® plastic postal boxes

Correx packaging colours

Custom sizes
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Corrugated retail packaging

Traditional printed retail packaging and POS options

Of course, many applications are more suited to traditional printed packaging, cardboard display, or POS for short-lived promotions. Depending on your specific requirements, you can also source a wide range of high-quality cardboard retail packaging and point-of-sale from GWP.

Cardboard free standing display units

Free standing displays (FSDU)

Retail & POS colour options

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Cardboard counter display units

Counter display units (CDU)

Retail & POS colour options

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Cardboard Dump Bins

Cardboard dump bins

Retail & POS colour options

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Printed product packaging

Product packs
(full colour)

Retail & POS colour options

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Shelf ready packaging

Shelf ready packaging (SRP)

Retail & POS colour options

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Retail packaging with cut-out

Cut-out window boxes

Retail & POS colour options

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Branded boxes

Branded boxes
(1 - 3 colour)

Retail & POS colour options

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Hanging tab boxes

Integral hanging tab boxes

Retail & POS colour options

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Ecommerce packaging boxes

eCommerce boxes

Retail & POS colour options

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Cardboard bottle carriers

Bottle packaging

Retail & POS colour options

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

More info on retail Correx®

Added value packaging, catering to a range of markets

Whilst Correx® shares several features with corrugated cardboard – in particular, the potential for conversion into an almost limitless range of packaging styles and the option to add bold, striking print – it is different in a number of crucial ways.

Being waterproof, considerably more durable and offering increased longevity, Correx® boxes and packaging can be an excellent choice for many retail applications.

Correx is suitable for creating added-value packaging. This type of packaging sees the customer retain the pack for ongoing storage or organisation of the products contained within (think tool kits, collections of items etc.). Considering this can help drive sales and increase your items’ perceived value.

You can add further usability by including integrated or removal fittings or dividers and even the inclusion of foam inserts.

Ultimately, this makes Correx® packaging ideal for DIY products, materials, tools, and many B2B and returnable applications.

Heavy-duty POS and retail displays

Similarly, POS display stands such as FSDUs (free-standing display units) and dump bins can also benefit from being manufactured with corrugated plastic.

A key advantage here is that retail Correx® displays are weatherproof and can be placed outside your premises or in other areas where exposure to moisture may occur (such as store entrances).

Besides this, Correx® FSDUs and dump bins also have a considerably longer lifespan than cardboard POS equivalents.

Whilst this is not always required (i.e. for seasonal promotions around Black Friday, Christmas etc.), this increased longevity can be a significant advantage if you place the unit in your stores indefinitely. And whilst initial costs may be higher than would be seen with cardboard point of sale, Correx® retail POS typically have a lower overall or “lifetime” cost.

Other benefits include being lightweight (allowing for easy repositioning), easy cleaning (enhancing longevity) and being available in bright, bold colours to attract consumer attention.

These points mean that using retail Correx® options (both packaging and POS) should be a serious consideration for your business.

Retail Correx® FAQs

Common questions regarding the use of Correx® for retail applications

This section covers a number of the most commonly asked regarding the use of Correx® for retail applications and environments.

However, if there is further information you require – but cannot find – please get in touch. You can reach an advisor on 01793 754 457 or by emailing

What is Correx®?

Correx® is a corrugated plastic material, which many people refer to as plastic cardboard. Businesses can use Correx for pretty much any packaging or POS stand that you would usually manufacture using corrugated cardboard. It adds extra strength, longevity, and water resistance.

Can Correx® be used for retail packaging?

Correx® is an interesting and increasingly popular choice for retail packaging. Printed Correx® packaging can look just as striking as traditional cardboard boxes but also be particularly suited to more heavy-duty applications (DIY products, tools, raw materials etc.). It can also act as “added value packaging”.

What is added value packaging?

Added value packaging is where the box or container that the product comes in adds additional value to the consumer (and can be reflected in higher prices). The end user typically retains the packaging for ongoing storage and organisation of the purchased products. The use of Correx® here can add significant value, as it lasts considerably longer than branded cardboard boxes.

Can Correx® be printed?

Correx® can feature bold, striking print, providing excellent contrast and aesthetic appeal when combined with the range of bright colours in which the material is available. And whilst one or two colour screen printing can be a great option, adding full-colour graphics via digital printing is also possible.

In what circumstances should I use Correx POS?

There are several areas where Correx POS excels. Firstly, for heavy-duty applications – such as DIY outlets, builders merchants, garden centres etc. – the additional strength and durability can be a real advantage. Similarly, Correx® POS is water resistant (unlike cardboard), allowing you to place your displays in outside areas. And finally, the improved longevity means you can use them as a semi-permanent fixture in your outlets.

Can I use Correx® POS outside?

As Correx® is resistant to water and high/low temperatures, they are suitable for use outside. These properties make them particularly popular with garden centres, builders’ merchants, and similar businesses.

Buy retail Correx® packaging and POS

Bespoke sizes, styles and designs tailored precisely to your requirements

Retail environments can be cut-throat. With so many brands and products vying for attention, capturing consumer interest and driving sales can take time and effort.

And whilst the use of Correx® for your packaging and/or retail display stands can provide a real point of difference, having these perfectly tailored to your brand, target customers, or sales environment can be the critical factor.

This advantage is why, by working alongside GWP, you can benefit from fully bespoke Correx® retail products that stand out from your competition. Grab consumer attention. Increase the perceived value of your products. And, ultimately, drive sales.

If this could help your business, please get in touch for free advice or a no-obligation quote today.

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