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Plastic Stacking Trays

The Correx® experts

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Correx stacking tray
Stacking tray handle
Stacking tray corner feature
Stacking tray
Correx stacking tote tray
Plastic stacking tray

Custom size euro stacking trays

Stackable industrial handling and storage trays

Combining low-cost moulded plastic components, durable Correx® material, and in-depth design knowledge allows your business to source plastic stacking trays in custom sizes from GWP.

Ideal for medical, manufacturing, kitting, and other industrial handling applications, these Correx® plastic trays are perfect for where space is limited. You can also specify custom-size euro stacking trays to help improve the efficiency of your workflows. Read More

Available colours:

White Correx
Grey Correx
Black Correx
Blue Correx
Green Correx
Yello Correx
Red Correx
  • No obligation (and no pressure) quotes for any picking bins.
  • Free and impartial advice from UK-based experts.
  • Competitive pricing and full customisation options.


More info on stacking trays

Unlike the standard Correx® trays, which use only this material, stacking trays typically utilise moulded plastic components to provide various features and minimise costs.

The moulded plastic end pieces – including the new Q Grip system – provide a handle, stacking corners and a rigid end section to the tray (or tote). This feature not only provides the stacking containers with a proven level of functionality, but the low cost of these components also makes the stacking trays competitive for most budgets.

With the main body of the tray fabricated from a durable Correx® material, all the benefits inherent in this material are still present in these stackable storage trays.

Benefits include high levels of strength whilst remaining lightweight, not shedding fibres (as corrugated cardboard packaging can), being easy to clean, resistant to water, oil, grease, and most chemicals, plus providing a long lifespan over many uses.

And perhaps most crucially, you can size your containers to the specific dimensions most suitable for your application. This flexibility allows everything from standard euro stacking tray sizes to completely bespoke sizes tailored to your particular parts, products, or components.

Enhancing your industrial stacking trays

Besides the main benefit of these plastic trays being that they can be stacked – improving storage efficiency and costs (and potentially aiding staff productivity) – there are several other ways in which you can choose to enhance them further.

For example, you can specify your industrial stacking trays in various colours. Doing so can help differentiate between varying products, batches, production runs and so on, using different colours, or to match your brand identity.

Regarding branding, it is also possible to add print to the outer walls of your tray – either to incorporate logos and graphics or to add important information (such as handling or health and safety instructions).

You can also customise any stacking trays you use with a range of dunnage options (i.e. inserts).

Insert options range from simple layer pads and Correx® division sets to custom inserts incorporating Bubble-board material (to prevent surface marking or scuffs to items). You can even specify foam inserts to protect from impact and mishandling.

All of this means that Correx® stacking trays can have a noticeable impact on the efficiency of handling processes.

Key benefits of stacking handling trays at a glance

  • Stacking trays save space and improve your efficiency.
  • Easy to handle (hand holes etc.), aiding productivity.
  • Low-cost thanks to integral handle component.
  • Durable Correx® material guarantees a long usable lifespan.
  • Non-shedding of fibres, and easy to clean.
  • Trays can be enhanced with a vast range of inserts and dunnage.
  • Semi bespoke, allowing tailoring to suit products or assembly line, transport or space availability.
  • Various colour and branding options, including printing and labels.
  • Resistance to water, oil, and most chemicals.
  • Ideal for medical, lineside handling, manufacturing, and transit applications.


Dimensions and performance details

Please see below for the technical information about the Q Grip handle system used for manufacturing stacking trays. For further details, you can also download a PDF datasheet.

Largest Tray Width
411 mm (internal)
Smallest Tray Width
281 mm (internal)
Size Increments
Every 5 mm from 281 mm


Features of stacking trays

The diagram and explanatory notes below highlight the key features of the Q Grip system.

How Q Grip works

Packaging location clip.


Snap-fit handle locking feature.


Interlocking teeth on the rear side of end components lock into those on the handle, allowing tray manufacture in any size.


The rear handle fits inside the front handle for enhanced aesthetics and a comfortable grip.


Interlocking teeth inside the handle component lock into teeth on end/corner sections when folded over, eliminating the need for screws.


Living hinges allow the handle to fold over.


Stacking platform and movement guards on each corner.

Buy Correx stacking trays

Free quotes, unbiased advice, and sampling service

Whilst a tray may seem like a relatively simple product, it is incredible how many manufacturers can still get this wrong.

The wrong material, The wrong size. The wrong inserts and dividers. The wrong features. The wrong price.

With more than 30 years in business, GWP has extensive experience in manufacturing in-plant handling systems, tote boxes and trays that enhance the productivity and efficiency of your workforce and operations and meet your budget.

What’s more, you can get a free, no-obligation quote (along with impartial advice) on any stacking tray requirement that your business may have.

Insert options

Enhance your stacking storage trays

Besides the wide range of benefits offered by plastic stacking trays, you can source a range of insert and dunnage options to enhance them further.

Printed Q Grip

Exterior Print & Branding

Printed Q Grip colours

Various Options
Enquire for info

Correx inserts / layer pads

Correx® Inserts & Layer Pads

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Vac formed insert tray

Vac Formed Trays / Inserts

Vac formed trays colour options

Custom Sizes
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Foam Divisions

Foam Dunnage and Dividers

Foam dunnage colours

Custom Sizes
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Correx dividers

Adjustable / Fixed Divider Sets

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for info

Alternative Trays and Containers

Various options to suit any handling or returnable packaging application

Correx vial tray

Vial trays and ampoule racks

Perfect for medical, pharmaceutical and clean room

Correx collapsible tray

Standard Correx® trays

Light weight, fold flat trays to save space in storage and transit

Correx totes

Correx® tote containers

Materials handling solution designed to your specifiaction

Foam Trays

Plastazote® foam trays

Handling trays with added levels of cushioning protection

Cardboard produce tray with print

Cardboard produce trays

Custom designed single trip corrugated transit trays

Multi trip packaging

All returnable packaging

Largest range available from a single supplier

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