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Conductive Correx® Sheet

UK exclusive distributors of Corriplast

Perfect for applications where there is a need for static shielding – for example transporting or storing sensitive electronics – Corriplast conductive plastic creates a “Faraday Cage” effect, channelling any static charges around the outside of the material.

Corriplast offers all the benefits of standard Correx® sheets too, meaning it is chemically inert, resistant to water and grease, light in weight and suitable for clean room applications.

Available Colours:

Black Correx
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Corriplast® Sheet Size Chart / Pricing

Summary of technical data / sizes

Please see below for the specific sizes of Corriplast board, plus various options, available from GWP Correx®.

Thickness Weight Across Flute With Flute Surface Res. Price
3 mm 450 gsm 2500 mm 1800 mm 10⁵ Ω /m 50: £POA
100: £POA
200+: £POA
4 mm 700 gsm 2500 mm 1800 mm 10⁵ Ω /m 50: £POA
100: £POA
200+: £POA
Thickness Weight Across Flute With Flute Surface Res. Price


More info on Corriplast conductive Correx®

Conductive Corriplast is a robust ESD Safe material that is perfect for use in clean room environments when static protection is also required.

A type of corrugated plastic board based on Polypropylene / Ethylene copolymers, the combination of materials provides maximum durability and reusability. Conductive Corriplast is also chemically unreactive and is generally regarded as being biologically inert. There is no release of any noxious fumes from ambient temperatures.

By providing a buried shielding layer and a sealed surface, it allows for a controlled anti-static path to ground, making it ideal for all sectors within the electronics manufacturing and distribution industries.

Sourcing conductive board from GWP

Besides standard Correx® sheet and Bubble-board, GWP are also exclusive distributors of Corriplast – a conductive Correx® with the added benefit of providing static shielding to sensitive items during transportation or storage.

Available to purchase in sheet form, or pre-fabricated as a range of trays, tote bins and other packaging products through our GWP Conductive division, Corriplast not only provides excellent conductive properties but also offers all of the physical benefits of Correx®.

This means it is durable, hard wearing, easy to fabricate and perfect for clean room applications.

Advantages of Corriplast® conductive sheet

  • Excellent conductive properties (ideal for protection of electronics)
  • Long lasting and hard wearing
  • Rigid, yet lightweight
  • Can be easily fabricated and converted
  • Wide range of uses in the electronics, automotive, materials handling and other industries
  • Choice of thicknesses/weights
  • Perfect for clean room applications


Performance data for Corriplast® material

Please see below for the specific performance / properties of Corriplast material, or download the product datasheet for a full list of sizes and details.


Conductive Corriplast is a type of Corrugated Plastic Board based on Polypropylene / Ethylene copolymers

Corriplast is volume conductive, surface resistivity is less than 105 ohms squared (Method 5.0 KV charge for 5 minutes at 40 RH = V)

Units seconds V = 1/10 V=0

Conductive Black 0.27 0.53


Conductive Corriplast is chemically unreactive and is generally regarded as being biologically inert.

There is no release of any noxious fumes from ambient temperatures.

Although Conductive Corriplast is inert and can be regarded as harmless, certain boards do contain additives which could be harmful, and any ingestion should be avoided.


Common questions regarding Corriplast

Think Corriplast sheet may be useful at your business, but have some questions? Please see below for a selection of commonly asked questions, or contact a member of the GWP team for further assistance.

What is Corriplast sheet?

Corriplast is effectively a conductive version of Correx® corrugated plastic. Manufactured from the same Polypropylene / Ethylene copolymers, the addition of various additives during manufacture provide the material with its’ conductive performance.

What is Corriplast used for?

Corriplast can be used for a wide range of applications. This includes for protective / ESD safe packaging, as well as surface protection in areas such as clean rooms or electronics manufacturing environments.

Can Corriplast sheet be printed?

As with Correx®, it is possible to print the surfaces of Corriplast material using either screen or digital printing methods. This can be useful for adding branding, instructions or other important information (such as health and safety guidance).

Is Corriplast a safe material to use?

Corriplast is inert (biologically), generally unreactive to most chemicals, and does not release any noxious fumes at ambient temperatures.

Is Corriplast suitable for clean room applications?

Corriplast is particularly well suited to clean room applications where there is a need for ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection. This is because it does not shed fibres, is unreactive to most chemicals, and is easy to clean / sterilise.

Is it possible to get Corriplast in other colours?

Due to the manufacturing process when extruding Corriplast – effectively adding carbon black additive to the material – it is not possible to specific  other colours besides black. Corriplast can however be printed if required.

Free Quotes / Advice

More than just a plastic sheet supplier

Unlike the vast majority of other plastic sheet material suppliers, GWP are actually a packaging company.

In fact, GWP Conductive, GWP Correx®’ sister division, are actually the UKs’ largest designer and manufacturer of specialist anti static packaging (with around 85% market share).

This means that GWP keep a large of stock holding of plastic material in order to fabricate these products., So, as well as regular Correx®, GWP hold a large stock of conductive Correx® – also referred to as Corriplast.

GWP have now made this material available to purchase in its raw format, but in doing so offer your business a number of benefits.

This includes being able to order the exact volume you require – with no MOQs. Generally, ordering a specialist material from the manufacturer direct would mean committing to large volumes, far in excess of what most businesses would require. If you need a single sheet, you can get it.

Being held in stock, also means that you can take delivery of your plastic boards within 48 hours of placing an order.

And if you are purchasing the material to fabricate into packaging, why not choose from a huge range of stock products produced by GWP, saving you time, hassle and guaranteeing a solution that has been widely used and tested?

Alternative Material Options

Source the material you need quickly and easily

Please see below for the range of additional plastic sheet and board available from GWP Correx®, alongside other material options available from the wider GWP Group.

Correx sheet

Correx® Corrugated Sheet

3 x Grades
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Bubble board

Bubble-Board Plastic Sheet

3 x Options
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Corstat conductive ESD cardboard sheets

Corstat® ESD Cardboard

From 200 sq. m
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Liquiguard waterproof cardboard coating applied to corrugated material

Liquiguard Water Proof Cardboard

From 200 sq. m
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Anti corrosion cardboard coating

VCI Corrosion Inhibitor

From 500 sq. m
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Foam packaging blocks

Foam Material / Packaging

Various Grades
Colours / Densities

Fabricated Packaging Products

Range of reusable handling and packaging products manufactured using Corriplast

A Q Grip conductive tote

Q Grip Custom Size Totes

Corriplast colour

Bespoke Sizes
Various options

An assembled set of Corriplast tote dividers

Corriplast® Tote Divisions

Corriplast colour

6 x Sizes
Modular Layouts

Corriplast layer pads

Corriplast® Layer Pads

Corriplast colour

2 x Sizes
Custom options

A gable style Correx box in red material with white printed logo

Standard Correx® Products

Correx packaging colours

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

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