Corriplast Conductive Correx®

UK exclusive distributors of Corriplast conductive Correx® boards

Perfect for applications where there is a need for static shielding – for example transporting or storing sensitive electronics – Corriplast Conductive Correx® creates a “Faraday Cage” effect, channelling any static charges around the outside of the material and away from the items within.


Corriplast conductive Correx® has all the benefits of standard Correx® sheets too, meaning it is chemically inert, resistant to water and grease, light in weight and suitable for clean room applications.


  • Held in stock at GWP Correx
  • Suitable for clean room applications
  • Creates “Faraday Cage” effect when correctly



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All the benefits of Correx® with added static protection

Besides standard Correx® and Bicell, GWP is also the exclusive distributors of Corriplast – a conductive Correx® with the added benefit of providing static shielding to sensitive items during transportation or storage. By providing a buried shielding layer and a sealed surface, it allows for a controlled anti-static path to ground, making it ideal for all sectors within the electronics manufacturing and distribution industries.


Available to purchase in sheet form, or pre-fabricated as a range of trays, tote bins and other packaging products through our GWP Correx® division. Corriplast not only provides excellent conductive properties but also offers all of the physical benefits of Correx®. This means it is durable, hard wearing, easy to fabricate and perfect for clean room applications.

Advantages of Corriplast Conductive Sheet

  • Excellent conductive properties (ideal for protection of electronics)
  • Long lasting and hard wearing
  • Rigid, yet lightweight
  • Can be easily fabricated and converted
  • Wide range of uses in the electronics, automotive, materials handling and other industries
  • Choice of thicknesses/weights
  • Perfect for clean room applications

Applications and Uses

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Corriplast Sheet Technical Information & Data – What is Corriplast Conductive Correx®?

Conductive Corriplast is a robust ESD Safe material that is perfect for use in clean room environments when static protection is also required. Conductive Corriplast is a type of corrugated plastic board based on Polypropylene / Ethylene copolymers, a combination providing maximum durability and reusability.


Conductive Corriplast is chemically unreactive and is generally regarded as being biologically inert. There is no release of any noxious fumes from ambient temperatures. Although Conductive Corriplast is inert and can be regarded as harmless, certain boards do contain additives which could be harmful and any ingestion should be avoided.

Corriplast conductive datasheet

Dimensions & Technical Information

For further information on the Corriplast sheet we keep in stock, please download the datasheet by clicking below.


Alternatively, please continue reading below for full table detailing key information for each of the specific sizes/grades available.

Size Guide Table

Across Flute


With Flute






Across Flute


With Flute






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