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Correx picking bins

Stacking Pick Bins.

Improve picking times and productivity

Correx® picking bins are the perfect way to store, organise and quickly retrieve your stock. Durable Correx® material protects your stock and boasts a longer lifespan, whilst also being cost effective compared to moulded plastic.

Your stacking pick boxes can be practically any size, with expert design ensuring material usage is minimised (resulting in cost savings). These lower costs complement improved productivity due to faster picking and stock organisation.

01: Key Benefits.

Bespoke Correx® stacking pick boxes to improve inventory management...

Your business can now benefit from truly cost effective picking bins. Utilising a range of differing structural designs which are then tailored to your products and / or storage system, material costs are minimised without impacting performance. You can get free, impartial advice on the best option for your specific application, with the resulting cost savings being passed directly to you.

Correx® bins also offer further benefits for your business. Their durable construction ensures they have much longer lifespan and lower lifetime cost than corrugated equivalents. Correx® also offers enhanced protection from and resistance to moisture, oils and chemicals. This is in addition to the improvements you will see in productivity through faster picking times and improved organisation of your inventory.

Advantages of Correx® Pick Boxes

  • Strong Correx® material ensures longer lifespan
  • Find stock and components more quickly, boosting productivity and minimising picking times
  • Choice of colours to allow segmentation of stock and coded inventories, enhancing efficiency
  • Wipe clean surfaces, aiding re-usability and perfect for medical / clean room applications
  • Inclusion of divider sets and / or foam inserts can further aid handling efficiency
  • Custom sizes tailored perfectly to match your product or racking, maximising storage space

Free Advice / Quotes.

Impartial advice & no obligation quotes...

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02: Improve Picking Efficiency.

Improve the efficiency & speed of your stock retrieval and fulfilment

The use of carefully selected picking bins, as well as providing a cost effective solution, can also directly impact the efficiency – and therefore productivity and profitability – of your business.

The most obvious way this can be seen is through the quicker and easier retrieval of stock from your inventory. This effectively reduces picking times and allows your operatives to fulfil more orders.

This can reduce staff costs whilst also allowing your business to cope with increases in demand / sales.

Stacking pick boxes
Stacking pick boxes can either be produced to fit within your existing racking, or to be completely free-standing

This benefit can be further enhanced in a number of ways. Adding label areas and printing of instructions or part numbers can speed visual recognition, whilst the use of different coloured Correx® pick bins can be used to further segment stock.

The strength of Correx® also ensures that bins will not burst or split, again preventing injuries but also protecting stock from damages too.

Designed to enhance your efficiency

  • Find stock and components more quickly, boosting productivity and minimising picking times
  • Optional label areas and printing to aid warehouse / fulfilment staff and improve picking times
  • Choice of colours allows segmentation of stock and coded inventories, enhancing efficiency
  • Lightweight Correx® material ensures safe, easy handling for operatives
  • Available on short lead times, helping you cope with seasonal demand / fluctuations
What GWP Correx customers say about us

We have purchased thousands of handling products from GWP, including picking bins as well as boxes, foam, dividers and more. Many of these have been bespoke, being expertly produced by GWPs’ in house designers. As a company, GWP are efficient, friendly and easy to deal with.

John Weyman | Bondline Electronics Ltd

03: Productivity Gains.

Maximise the cost effectiveness of your picking bins / system

The use of Correx® picking bins (also commonly referred to as pick, part or shelf bins), can have a surprisingly significant impact on your ongoing costs.

Perhaps the most important consideration is the ability to have them manufactured to custom sizes and designs.

You can specify the exact size and shape to ensure they are tailored perfectly to the products to be stored, or your racking / storage system. Both of these options help eliminate wasted storage space.

The use of differing structural designs – on which GWP can provide full advice and guidance – also ensures that regardless of the dimensions, custom Correx® bins will offer performance levels and longevity far in excess of corrugated cardboard K bins.

These structural designs are also optimised for the most efficient use of material. This further minimises the unit costs, the savings being passed directly to you.

Correx euro stacking pick boxes
Correx® "euro stacking pick boxes" can be used within your existing racking, or be freestanding, making the most of your available storage space

Whilst Correx® provides greater longevity than cardboard, thus providing a much lower lifetime cost for the bins, it also offers levels of rigidity and strength approaching moulded plastic Euro Bins.

Bespoke Correx® picking bins, however, offer considerably lower upfront costs, whilst the dimensional flexibility can reduce storage costs too (effectively not having to choose the nearest size bin which will inevitably lead to wasted space).

With material held in stock, it allows both low and high volumes to be competitively priced and available on very short lead times.

This not only enables easier management of costs – specifying the amount of custom bins you need rather than a MOQ which is too high – but also gives your business the ability to cope with seasonal fluctuations (e.g. additional Christmas stock) and spikes in demand of your products.

Cost effective pick bins without compromising performance

  • Standard structural designs to optimise material usage and therefore costs
  • Strong, twin walled polypropylene ensures longer lifespan and re-usability (lower lifetime costs)
  • Custom sizes manufactured to match your product or storage system, maximising storage space
  • Free, impartial advice from an experienced team ensuring the most cost effective solution
  • Significantly lower cost than moulded plastic, with all the benefits (strength, waterproof etc.)
  • Supplied flat to minimise storage / transit costs, or fully assembled to save time & labour costs
  • High & low volumes competitively priced, allowing you flexibility on MOQs and upfront costs

04: Product Protection.

Enhanced protection and lifespan for your stacking pick bins / contents

Besides the benefits provided by the strength and lightweight nature of Correx®, storage bins manufactured from corrugated plastic provide numerous additional advantages.

This is particularly evident when comparing them to corrugated cardboard equivalents.

Firstly, Correx® is resistant to moisture, oil and grease. Not only does this ensure that the shelf bins can be used in a wider range of environments, but it also increases their lifespan and helps protect the items stored within.

This latter point is particularly important should your business experience unacceptable levels of items that become damaged or un-sellable whilst in storage, as it can help to significantly reduce the cost of written off stock.

Correx pick boxes
Correx® pick boxes not only help to organise your inventory, but also offer protection for your products too

Correx® picking bins are also easy to “wipe clean”, again extending their lifespan but also meaning that they are suitable for applications where hygiene is important (e.g. medical and food sectors, amongst others).

As Correx® can also be used at low temperatures, your picking bins can be used in refrigeration, cold store and unheated warehouses without the risk of failure.

Perhaps the most important advantage offered by Correx® picking bins however is their extended lifespan over cardboard bins.

Whilst the initial cost may be marginally higher, as they will not need to be replaced as frequently, the lifetime cost of each bin ends up being significantly lower. This in turn has a clear impact on your businesses’ costs in the medium to long term.

A long lasting solution to minimise lifetime costs

  • Wipe clean surfaces, aiding re-usability and perfect for medical applications
  • Oil grease and moisture resistant, protecting items within and reducing costs of damage
  • Resistant to most chemicals, allowing for storage of specialist items
  • Can be used at low temperatures, in applications such as refrigeration or cold storage
GWP Correx picking bins guide

Download: 10 Ways The Wrong...

…picking bins are costing you money. Get your free guide detailing all 11 ways you could be losing money, and what to do about it. Click below to download now.

05: Uses / Applications.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for Correx® Picking Bins

View a selection of the custom Correx® picking bins manufactured and supplied by GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view

06: Custom Pick Bin Options.

Options and further customisation for "pick face walls"

As well as being able to choose Correx® stacking boxes in practically any size, there are a wide range of additional options that can be specified too.

A wide range of colours can be chosen to match either your existing bins or your company’s corporate colours, whilst additional components such as label pockets and corner reinforcements can also be incorporated.

All Correx® bins can also be screen printed for identification, branding, instructions or warning purposes to further improve the efficiency of anyone picking orders.

Correx pick face wall
Correx® bins can be tailored and enhanced in a number of ways, allowing you to effectively specific a completely custom pick face wall

Additional products manufactured by GWP can be used in conjunction with your stacking pick boxes to further enhance their range of applications.

Larger picking bins can benefit from having Correx® or Bubble-board divisions and partitions added.

Bubble-board material can be supplied with a material or foam laminate, eliminating scuffing and providing an enhanced level of cushioning protection. This has proven to be particularly effective in reducing damage during handling, minimising the costs of written off stock that cannot be sold or used.

GWP Correx pick bin guide

Free Guide

11 Reasons You Should Be Using Correx® Pick Bins

Get your free guide highlighting the 7 often overlooked ways in which using Correx® Pick Bins can have a positive impact on your business. Download it now…

07: About GWP Correx®.

A Correx® stacking pick bin specialist

GWP are the UKs’ largest independent manufactures of Correx® handling, storage and multi trip transit products.

Besides a wide range of stock products, we place a strong emphasis on creating bespoke solutions tailored to your exact needs. As a result, we have a dedicated Correx® design team with exceptional knowledge in the advantages (and challenges) posed by fabricating Correx® products.

The results are handling products that provide the properties of rigid plastic equivalents, but at custom sizes and at a fraction of the costs.

Picking bin manufacturers
As well as being picking bin manufacturers, GWP also offer a wide range of additional plastic handling and storage products

This expertise in Correx® design and manufacture is backed up with an understanding of the services that are important to businesses like yours.

We are the only independent Correx® fabricator to keep a large stock holding of raw material, which allows us to offer you both low and high volumes competitively, as well as providing Correx® products on exceptionally short lead times.

With a growing team of support staff to offer free, impartial guidance and advice at any stage of your requirement, you can be certain that any Correx® products we manufacture for your business will not only be tailored to your specific requirement, but will exceed your expectations too.

Further Reading...

Find Out More.

Get advice from a Correx® picking bin specialist

If your existing stacking pick boxes aren’t up to the job, you are looking to implement a pick face wall in your business, or just need some help and advice on the best products to improve your order fulfilment times, GWP can help. Please contact us today.

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