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Correx® Boxes

Correx® boxes designed and manufactured to standard FEFCO styles or to your unique requirements

Providing a durable alternative to corrugated cardboard, Correx® boxes can be custom designed to perfectly fit your product or application. Widely used for storage & multi trip packaging, corrugated plastic boxes are increasingly being used in consumer applications too.


GWP allow you to source cost effective Correx® boxes in both high and low volumes, as well as the choice of a wide range of customisation options including inserts, dividers, handles, external printing & custom sizes and styles.


Please get in touch to speak with an experienced designer who can create a solution tailored to your exact requirements.

We originally chose to work with GWP Correx® due to the competitive nature of their quote. However, having received and used the products we can recommend them not only for the pricing, but also the high quality of the products, materials and the professional service too.

S Lloyd | Transport Manager, Veka Recycling

The perfect solution for multi-trip packaging, storage and handling applications

GWP excel in the design and manufacture of customised Correx® boxes and reusable packaging.


By manufacturing in-house, keeping a large stock holding of Correx® materials (plus standard sized shelf bins) and employing a knowledgeable, dedicated design team, you can benefit from completely bespoke Correx® boxes produced to any size and style to suit your specific application.


You can also benefit from very short lead times and  competitive prices regardless of the order quantity – you can specify both small and large order quantities.


This has made GWP the preferred option to supply a huge range of industries including automotive, manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical sectors as well as a multitude of other industries requiring high quality, reusable packaging manufactured from Correx®.

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Key Benefits of Correx® Boxes

  • Durable, hard wearing alternative to corrugated cardboard
  • Can be manufactured to almost any size and style
  • Lids, handles, printing, dividers and many other custom options available
  • Very short delivery lead times
  • Both high and low volumes catered for
  • Competitive pricing due to extensive materials stock holding
  • Experienced design team
  • Range of stock sizes and designs including many FEFCO styles
  • Complete flexibility with dividers, inserts, foam and printing

Applications And Uses

View a selection of the Correx® boxes and packaging designed and manufactured by GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

Further Customisation of Corrugated Plastic Boxes

Whilst your Correx® boxes can be created to almost any shape, dimensions or colour, they can be further enhanced through a range of custom options and complimentary products also offered by GWP Group.


The most widely used of these are Correx® division sets. These allow larger boxes to be divided into smaller compartments, making them perfect for shipping multiple items, aiding picking operations and offering an additional level of versatility.


Additional components, such as rigid plastic handles, corners and feet can also be added to improve strength and durability still further. You can also specify boxes with hinged lids, removable lids, flaps, in fact almost any feature you might require!


Any Correx® packaging that is manufactured for your business can also feature exterior printing.


This can offer branding (and a strong visual appearance when combined with the material colour options), instructions or warnings to the end user, as well as for batch identification.

Alternative Correx® Packaging & Corrugated Box Solutions

While GWPs’ extensive years of experience in designing customised Correx® packaging means that you can request detailed, impartial advice on on the best possible corrugated plastic box design for your specific application, is often the case that a standard FEFCO style Correx® box is ideally suited to a specific application.


This form of Correx® box can be easily and quickly manufactured, often from existing tooling and to an extensive range of sizes, guaranteeing a high performance at a low cost.


Practically any corrugated cardboard box can also be manufactured as a corrugated plastic box, offering all the benefits of cardboard but with added durability and resistance to moisture.


You can also take advantage of Bicell – a material with the added benefits of additional cushioning and scuff protection when laminated with either fabric or foam. This material therefore is particularly suited to teh creation of dividers and other inserts for your Correx® boxes.


Finally, you can also select from a number of rigid plastic boxes – including those manufactured by SSI Schaefer – from an extensive stock holding. Please click the links below for more information on the other plastic box options.

Free Guide: 7 ways to reduce costs using correx

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