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Correx packaging boxes

Corrugated Plastic Packaging.

Versatile transit or retail boxes

Correx® boxes can be designed and manufactured in a range of colours, sizes and styles. This includes carry cases, retail packs, glass boxes and even transit packaging.

Providing a durable alternative to cardboard, Correx® boxes can be custom designed to perfectly fit your product or application.  GWP allow you to source cost effective Correx® boxes in high / low volumes, as well as customisation options including inserts, dividers, handles, external printing & custom sizes & styles.

01: Key Benefits.

Why use Correx® boxes and packaging?

Using Correx® boxes instead of corrugated cardboard is a must for certain applications, and an interesting alternative in others.

Correx® is considerably harder wearing that cardboard, and resistant to moisture, chemicals etc., which makes it a more suitable choice for multi trip and supply chain applications. Its easy clean surfaces, and the fact it doesn’t shed fibres, also makes it ideal for medical, pharmaceutical and clean room applications.

However, with a range of colours and print options, Correx® boxes can also be used for retail and consumers applications, being perfect as added value packaging (i.e. that the end user will keep for ongoing storage or other uses).

Advantages to printed Correx® Packaging

  • Durable, hard wearing alternative to corrugated cardboard
  • Can be manufactured to almost any size and style
  • Lids, handles, printing, dividers and many other custom options available
  • Competitive pricing due to extensive materials stock holding
  • Range of stock sizes and designs including many FEFCO styles

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    02: Correx® Box Types.

    Choose the right corrugated plastic packaging for your requirements

    Please click the links below for further information on the full range of different Correx® boxes you can source from GWP.

    If you can’t see what you are looking for however then please contact us – you can specify a bespoke Correx® packaging design for almost any industry or application.

    Correx carry cases

    Correx® Carry Cases

    Ideal for consumer and medical applications

    Correx® carry cases are particularly suited to retail applications, and act as “added value” packs which are likely to be retained by the end user.

    They are also popular in medical applications (for example to transport samples, clinical waste or even blood), as they are easy to clean, do not shed fibres and can feature extensive external print.

    Correx dividers

    Correx® Glass Boxes

    Improve your manual handling operations

    Correx® glass boxes – effectively an open top container featuring divider sets, are extensively used by bars, restaurants, catering and event hire companies.

    The divisions, which can be integral or removable (and enhanced to prevent scuffing of products) protect and organise any delicate items such as glasses, plates and crockery.

    Correx boxes

    Correx® Transit Boxes

    Boxes and packaging with enhanced lifespan

    Correx® can be used for shipping boxes and cartons, providing a durable alternative traditional corrugated cardboard.

    However, where they really excel is in returnable applications, such as subscription services, clothing or suit hire and even fast food delivery.

    Correx packaging

    Correx® Retail Packaging

    Long lasting alternative to corrugated cardboard

    An area fast growing in popularity (particularly in the DIY sector), Correx® Packaging can be used as a high performance method of shipping products.

    It’s durability and robust properties can  be combined with exterior printing and branding, making it an interesting option for adding value to end users and consumers.

    Correx totes

    Correx® Totes

    Efficient line-side and manual handling solution

    Correx® Totes are used in a number of manufacturing sectors, although are particularly popular in the automotive industry.

    Corrugated plastic containers and totes to manufactured to practically any size can be perfectly tailored to your operations, enhanced with dunnage & dividers, and have external print too.

    03: Correx® Cases.

    Carry cases ideal for retail or medical applications.

    Similar to Correx® packaging (which is designed to add value to the product through pack retention, or visual stand-out), Correx® cases offer a unique visual appearance.

    Created either with integrated or separate handles, as well as offering external print, these boxes can be used for a wide range of applications. This includes added value packs for consumers, delivery boxes (e.g. for fast food) or for subscription box type businesses. Adding to this, it is possible to add insulation to allow Correx® cases to either keep the contents hot or cold.

    Correx cases
    Correx® carry cases are ideal not only for retail packaging, but any clean room or medical application too

    Besides this, they are frequently used in medical applications, for transporting samples, blood, human tissue and other sensitive items. Correx® is ideal for applications of this nature due to being easy to clean.

    A team of designers can create your Correx® cases to virtually any size and design, allowing a solution that is tailored to your specific requirements.

    Advantages and applications for plastic carry cases.

    • Ideal for added value packaging (i.e. that consumers will keep)
    • Also suitable for transporting tools, samples and other items between locations
    • Frequently used for medical applications due to easy clean surfaces
    • Can be manufactured to any size / design to suit your application
    • Can be easily enhanced with print / branding
    • Wide choice of handles, catches, clasps and closures
    What GWP Correx customers say about us

    We were previously using cardboard, but needed something more robust with better performance around water. The branded boxes were supplied quickly, and help us look much more professional. GWP are quick, reliable, helpful and friendly.

    04: Correx® Glass Boxes.

    Carry cases ideal for retail or medical applications.

    Used by catering companies, bars, restaurants and event hire companies throughout the UK, Correx® glass boxes are designed for the safe transportation of delicate glassware, plates and other delicate catering equipment.

    The boxes are effectively open top totes (although you can specify lids if you would like additional protection from dust etc.) that feature either fixed or adjustable dividers. These dividers keep the contents separated, protecting them in transit and also allowing for improved organisation.

    Correx glass boxes
    Correx® glass boxes - also known as glassware boxes or glass-jacks, are widely used for safely transporting glasses and other tableware

    These dividers can in fact also be enhanced by using Bubble-board or foam lined inserts, which can add a further degree of cushioning protection as well as protecting surfaces from scratches and scuffs.

    As a result, more robust versions of this type of Correx® box are used in industrial applications (although are usually referred to as Totes) for moving parts and components around manufacturing facilities or site locations as part of a supply chain.

    Key benefits of glassjacks / glassware boxes.

    • Ideal for glassware and delicate products
    • Can be stacked to allow for more efficient storage / handling
    • Adjustable dividers allow for multiple product combinations
    • Can be enhanced with foam lining or specialist material such as bubble-board to prevent damage
    • Also suitable for component / part handling in manufacturing applications
    GWP Correx cost reduction guide

    Download: 7 Ways to Reduce Costs...

    ..using Correx®! Download this free guide to see how you can start reducing the cost of handling, fulfilment and shipping for your business. Click below to get it now

    05: Correx® Transit Packaging.

    A robust, waterproof alternative to corrugated cardboard

    Practically any corrugated cardboard box can also be manufactured as a corrugated plastic box, offering all the benefits of cardboard but with added durability and resistance to moisture.

    This makes Correx® an ideal material for manufacturing general transit packaging – either for single trip delivery of items to end users (where extra durability is required) or as part of closed loop supply chain. They are even used for fast food delivery!

    Correx transit boxes
    Correx® boxes can be used for standard transit applications, as well as fast food delivery

    While GWPs’ extensive years of experience in designing customised Correx® packaging means that you can request detailed, impartial advice on  the best possible corrugated plastic box design for your specific application, it is often the case that a standard FEFCO style Correx® box is ideally suited to your requirement.

    This form of Correx® box can be easily and quickly manufactured, often from existing tooling and to an extensive range of sizes, guaranteeing a high performance at a low cost. These deigns are also tried and trusted, plus when combined with the inherent properties of Correx®, allow for transit packaging that is exceptionally durable.

    Reasons to consider Correx® transit packaging

    • Durable alternative to corrugated cardboard
    • Resistant to moisture, oil, grease and most chemicals
    • Can be enhanced with external print and divider sets
    • Majority of corrugated cardboard styles (e.g. FEFCO) ca be manufactured from Correx®

    06: Uses / Applications.

    Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for Correx® Boxes

    View a selection of the Correx® boxes and packaging designed and manufactured by GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

    07: Custom Options.

    Options to enhance any plastic box

    There are a number of ways in which you can enhance printed Correx® products, be it dump bins, consumer packaging or even delivery boxes for your fast food delivery business.

    Whilst all of these will not apply to every product type, it gives a good idea of the range of options, and hopefully provides inspiration as to what you may be able to achieve when sourcing your plastic packaging.

    Print types

    Firstly, there are number of print options available for Correx®.

    Most commonly, a simple one or two colour screen print will be used to create logos and branding. Whilst this may not sound particularly exciting, using bold colours against the equally bright Correx® can create some surprisingly impactful results.

    Food delivery boxes
    The versatility of Correx® material means it can be used for a wide variety of applications, including food delivery boxes

    If this isn’t suitable however, it is possible to add full digital print to Correx®, allowing you the freedom to add whatever graphics, imagery and text you wish.

    Labelling / vinyl

    As a cheaper alternative to printing, Correx® is ideal for adding labelling and vinyl to.

    The smooth surfaces means any graphics adhere very well to the packaging, and they are generally tough and durable once applied.

    The application of the labels / vinyl can be relatively labour intensive however, so depending on the volumes you are looking to produce, print may still be the most economical option.

    Inserts / dividers

    Inserts and dividers can have a number of benefits.

    They can help to protect the contents of the pack during transit through minimising movement. Beside s this, the same insert or cradle can be used to present the product when the pack is first opened. It can also be used for safe storage of the product on an ongoing basis (meaning the end user is much more likely to retain the pack).

    They can also be used for sending multiple items in a single pack, and specialist material such as Bubble-board or even foam can be used to protect delicate surfaces.

    Handles and fittings

    It is possible to engineer handles directly into your Correx® packaging, but these can also be added afterwards using a range of moulded plastic components and fixtures.

    This also extends to other elements, such as catches, poppers, stacking corners, hand holes and more, that means your Correx® packaging can be practical as well as visually striking.


    It may seem obvious to say it, but Correx® packaging can be designed and manufactured in a vast range of ways.

    This can lead to the creation of carry cases, glass boxes with dividers, standard retail boxes, containers with lids, and a wide range of sizes, styles and designs.

    Correx box designers
    GWP Correx® can design corrugated plastic boxes to your specific size, style or design

    Whilst it is possible to manufacture Correx® packaging to virtually all of the recognised FEFCO layouts, you can also have a team of designers at GWP produce a custom design that is tailored to your product, market or application.

    08: About GWP Correx®.

    More than a Correx® box manufacturer

    GWP have been designing and manufacturing Correx® boxes and packaging for well over 20 years.

    Although this division of our business was only formed in 2013, this was in response to the huge amount of interest in the material, and the amount of products that GWP were already manufacturing using it. This includes anti-static totes and boxes as part of the GWP Conductive division.

    What this means is that GWP have the most experienced design team, the most knowledgeable customer service team, and the largest library of tried and trusted products available from any manufacturer of Correx® packaging.

    High and low volume manufacture
    GWP Correx® use a range of manufacturing techniques to create your Correx® products, all of which is in undertaken in house to always ensure the highest quality

    You can therefore source a huge range of products on exceptionally short lead times and, ultimately, find or have a product designed for you that will be 100 percent perfect for your specific requirements.

    Add in free advice, no obligations quotes and no minimum order quantities (MOQs), and you can see how your business can benefit from working alongside GWP.

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