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SSI Schaefer EF Series Inserts

ESD experts

Over 80% UK market share

Huge range

1,000s of products in stock

Custom design

Tailored to your business

SSI Schaefer EF series inserts
SSI Schaefer EF insert box range
Modular EF series conductive insert boxes
EF Series inserts
EF Series insert boxes
EF Series containers

Small Insert Boxes

Ideal to create a bespoke, ESD safe handling solution

The SSI Schaefer EF Series inserts have been carefully developed to enhance the range of EF series containers, creating modular, compartmental storage for smaller items.

Created from the same durable conductive Polypropylene as the outer tote containers, the SSI Schaefer EF inserts deliver high levels of ESD protection. They are also resistant to oils, acids, and alkalis, and can withstand extreme temperatures. This ensures that the EF Series inserts are suitable for practically any static sensitive items. Read More

Available Colours:

SSI Schaefer ESD colours
  • No obligation (and no pressure) quotes for any anti static packaging
  • Free and impartial advice from UK based experts
  • Competitive pricing and wide distributor network


More info on SSI Schaefer EF Series Inserts

To further enhance the range of conductive EF Series totes, you are able to source a selection of insert boxes designed to work specifically with the range.

In providing further customisation options to this already flexible system, the EF (Euro-Fix) Series conductive containers are perfect for both manual and automatic handling applications where ESD sensitive devices or components are involved.

Being modular, the inserts can be utilised in a vast range of combinations. This allows for improved handling protection and efficiency, allowing multiple items to be safely transported in a single outer tote.

Besides this, the insert boxes are also exceptionally hard wearing, can be easily cleaned and provide excellent ESD protection. This means that they can also be used as standalone containers if required.

EF Series insert conductive performance

The additional flexibility offered by the EF Series inserts is not at the expense of protection, however.

In fact, this collection of insert containers offers the same properties and high levels of performance as the EF containers themselves.

As with the outer EF Series totes, the conductive Polypropylene material gives a specific volume resistance of 10³ Ohm x cm and specific surface resistance of 104 Ohm. This ensures your static sensitive items are provided with the highest level of both static and physical protection.

When combined with the improved physical protection (by separating items within the outer tote and minimising the potential for movement which could cause damage), it makes them a great choice for virtually any handling application where ESD protection is required.

Key benefits of SSI Insert boxes at a glance

  • Guaranteed ESD Protection
  • Created from a lightweight yet durable conductive Polypropylene
  • Resistant to most oils, acids, and alkalis
  • Noise absorbent on conveyors
  • Able to withstand temperatures between -20° and +100° Celsius
  • Can be combined in 4 sizes with the Euro-Fix (EF) containers with base size 600 x 400 mm
  • Smooth internal walls for easy cleaning

Size Table

Dimensions and product options

Please see below for a full list of model numbers, sizes, and additional information, or alternatively download the datasheet for the information in PDF format.

Part No. Internal Size Capacity To Fit
EK 6161 140 x 90 x 80 mm 84 l 600 x 400
EK 6081 179 x 140 x 80 mm 48 l 600 x 400
EK 6041 279 x 179 x 80 mm 36 l 600 x 400
EK 6042 279 x 179 x 150 mm 18 l 600 x 400


Conductive performance figures

Specific Volume Resistance: <10³ Ohm x cm

Specific Surface Resistance: <10⁴ Ohm

Free Quotes / Advice

Buy anti-static handling containers

GWP Conductive, in business for more than quarter of a century, is the established market leader in manufacturing anti-static packaging, storage and transit products.

In essence, this equates to more than 85% market share in the UK. Plus a distribution network across Europe. And the vast majority of well-known electronics manufacturers using GWP products.

This also allows your business can source the most extensive range of conductive packaging from a single source, besides benefiting from a wide range of exclusive products too. This includes both Corstat® and SSI Schaefer ranges, all of which are available in high and low volumes and within 48 hours.

Plus, unlike other distributors of anti-static packaging, if a stock product is not 100 percent perfect for your application a team of expert designers with specific ESD safe packaging knowledge can create a bespoke pack to your exact brief.

All this, and you can get no obligation quotes and advice, a sampling service, and the highest level of customer support at all times.

Alternative ESD Safe Inserts

Enhance your anti-static handling containers

Besides the EF Series inserts, there are a number of other options for enhancing your ESD safe handling and anti static packaging products.

An assembled set of Corriplast tote dividers

Divider Sets

Corriplast colour

2 x Materials
Modular Layouts

Corriplast layer pads

Layer Pads

Conductive packaging colours

2 x Materials
Stock / Custom

Container foam inserts

ESD Foam

Conductive foam colours

4 x Options
Custom Designs

Vac formed tray

Vac Form Trays

Vac formed trays colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for info

Outer Container Options

Wide range of ESD safe and standard tote containers / handling products

An SSI Schaefer EF Series tote with clip on lid

SSI Schaefer EF Series Boxes

Conductive packaging colours

17 x Sizes
Custom Options

Two Corstat stacking totes (stacked) containing a large PCB

Corstat® Stacking Totes

Corstat colour

7 x Sizes
Custom Options

Euro containers

Standard Euro Containers

Plastic parts bins colours

5 x Sizes
Enquire for info

A Q Grip conductive tote

Q Grip Custom Size Totes

Corriplast colour

Bespoke Sizes
Various options

Correx totes

Correx® Handling Totes

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Size / Designs
Enquire for info

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