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Cardboard window box
Printed retail pack with window
Retail pack with window
Cardboard window packaging
Product packaging with window cutout
Window box cardboard fitting

Retail Packaging with Custom Cut-Outs

Drive sales and engagement in store with window packs

Whilst packaging is critical to your retail sales success, it is often wise to let the star of the show – your product itself – do the talking!

As such, cardboard window boxes – effectively retail packaging with custom cut-outs – can allow consumers to see and even interact with your product whilst making a purchasing decision. Coupled with high quality print and bespoke fittings, it means that your product packaging can help drive additional sales for your brand. Read More

Available Colours:

Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
White cardboard material swatch
Cardboard with single colour print swatch
Full colour printed cardboard swatch
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Detailed information on Cardboard Window Boxes

Commonly used in toy packaging and for other products where it is important for consumers to be able to see them in retail environments, cardboard window boxes can help drive sales for your business.

Manufactured to custom sizes to be a perfect fit for your specific contents, the size and shape of the window / cut-out can also be tailored to allow for maximum visibility.

Similarly, it is possible to include internal fittings and inserts in order that your products are held in position during transit. These fittings then ensure your products are presented to their full potential when displayed on shelves in retail outlets. Inclusion of inserts and cradles such as this can also have a significant impact on reducing damage caused by mishandling during delivery.

Ultimately, making use of printed packaging with cut-out sections can not only lead to increased attention and consumer engagement, but will help with the commercial focus on improving sales figures.

Additional info and options for cardboard retail packs

There are a number of additional options for your business when looking to source corrugated packaging with windows.

Perhaps most importantly – with these boxes being used for retail applications – is the varying print options available.

This ranges from high quality, full colour imagery created using litho laminated or digitally printed methods, through to simple, bold blocks of colour and one – two colour logos. This latter print style – commonly used for branded boxes – can work well due to the product already being visible.

Regardless of the print method chosen, you can be certain that your exact brand colours (including Pantones) will be accurately recreated on your printed packaging. This ensures consistency throughout your entire packaging inventory, any POS you use, as well as other marketing collateral.

Window boxes can also be manufactured to take the form of hanging tab boxes, allowing your packs to be used on compatible POS such as countertop units and free-standing display units.

And whilst some products may require the use of acetate or clear plastic to be used for the windows, in many cases this can be omitted to create a truly environmentally friendly solution as well.

Key Benefits of cardboard window boxes at a glance

  • Allows product to be seen by consumers, aiding sales
  • Bespoke sizes and window cut outs to perfectly protect / present your product
  • Can include internal fixtures and inserts to ensure product remains in position
  • Wide range of printing options for maximum brand impact
  • Smaller boxes can also include hanging tabs for use on POS such as FSDUs
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly solution
  • Can help drive sales and consumer engagement in store


Questions about retail boxes with cut-outs

Think that cardboard window boxes may be suitable for your product? Need to boost sales of specific lines? Or just have questions regarding how to get started with your retail packaging?

Whilst the below covers the most common questions regarding retail boxes with custom cut outs, GWP will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any of your packaging. Please contact a member of our team on 01793 754 444 or email

What is a window box?

Also referred to as boxes with cut-outs, cardboard window boxes are effectively standard retail packaging but with a section removed to allow for visibility of the product within. This is very common for packaging items such as toys or homewares, allowing consumers to see the product whilst making purchasing decisions.

Can the cutout be any shape / size?

Any cardboard window box that GWP manufactures for your business will be tailored to the exact specification that you require. This includes the overall sizes and shape of the box, the print, material strength, internal fixtures and, the cut out itself. This means the “window” can be produced in a such a way as to display the product to its full potential.

Can my window boxes have full print on them?

There are a number of options that you can choose from if you need printed cardboard window boxes. This ranges from simple block colours and logos (often suitable as the product does not need to be represented on the outer packaging), all the way through to full colour graphics and photographic quality imagery.

Will the product stay in position in the box?

Depending on the size, shape, type, or weight of product, it is usually a good idea to include some form of internal fitting or insert. These can help to hold the product in position, which then ensures it is displayed in the best possible manner when on shop shelves. By fixing the product in position, it also helps to protect it during transit too.

Will my product fall out of the window?

If the packaging is designed well, there is little / no chance the product will fall out of the packaging. If this is deemed a risk, then acetate or plastic windows can be used to fully enclose the package, of the product can be fixed to the interior fitting using ties or other fastenings.

Are these boxes fully recyclable?

Cardboard window boxes that do not include the film window (which GWP will be able to design as required) are fully recyclable. If the plastic is required, then it will usually mean that the plastic has to be separated from the packaging before it can be recycled. It is possible to include graphics within your print that provide instructions on doing this.

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Getting your retail and consumer packaging right is hugely important – which is why it makes sense to work with a manufacturer with almost 30 years’ experience in producing high quality product packaging.

Any help or advice your business needs – everything from no obligation quotes, a sampling service and full design capability – can be found at GWP.

And with a genuine focus on making your product packaging a commercial success, you will find your packaging is no longer a cost, but a genuine asset for your business.

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