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Counter Display Units

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Counter display units
Cardboard CDU
Counter top unit
Cardboard counter top unit
Cardboard point of sale

Cardboard CDUs

Drive impulse sales with Cardboard Counter Displays

CDUs – counter display units – are a cost-effective way of increasing sales at point of sale locations. Ideally placed near tills and checkouts, showcasing your products alongside bold, striking print, cardboard display stands can capture attention and increase impulse purchases.

Created by a team of designers with vast experience of POS, your business can source counter top units that not only look fantastic but are commercially successful too. Read More

Available Colours:

Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
White cardboard material swatch
Cardboard with single colour print swatch
Full colour printed cardboard swatch
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Detailed information on Counter Display Units

Also commonly referred to as CTUs (counter top units), cardboard counter display units (CDUs) can be a great way to take advantage of consumers impulse purchases at the point of sale.

These small display units are ideal for displaying smaller products and items that can often be purchased in addition to the main items the consumer visited the retailer for.

Using a range of styles and structural designs – which can be tailored to your products and / or the available space – alongside striking print, CDUs can be highly successful in capturing attention and driving brand recognition.

Of course, any printing included can be a perfect match for your branding (matching pantone or spot colours) as well as providing a consistent appearance alongside your other printed packaging and promotional collateral (such as FSDUs, shelf ready packs etc.).

This makes cardboard counter displays perfect for product launches, as well as seasonal promotions or products (e.g. sunglasses, Christmas decorations etc.). The durable nature of the corrugated material also means they are long lasting and can be used as permanent feature in your own or your stockists retail stores.

And finally, you can also choose to design and manufacture coordinating FSDUs (free standing display units), pallet displays, dump bins and even specific product packaging (such as hang tab boxes), ensuring consistency across your marketing and sales campaigns in different retail spaces.

Practical use of Cardboard CDUs

It can often be difficult to get retailers and stockists to adopt marketing and promotional materials. Barriers to this include lack of space, the amount of effort involved in setting up promotions, and the burden of disposal of the cardboard POS at the end of the campaign.

Using cardboard counter display units can address the majority of these issues.

Firstly, it is possible to manufacture your CDUs to completely custom sizes. This means that not only can they accommodate specific amounts of products (and even different products within a range), it also means they can be adapted to fit where space is limited.

Being produced from corrugated cardboard also means the CDUs can be flat packed, reducing shipping costs to store.

However, clever design allows for easy assembly in store by shop staff, and the CDUs can be created in a such way as to help with correctly merchandising them as well.

The opposite is also true – in that being made from corrugated cardboard, the countertop display units can be easily disassembled and recycled once the promotion has finished.

Key Benefits of cardboard counter displays at a glance

  • Can help to drive impulse purchases at point of sale
  • Variety of structural designs to maximise presentation and stock holding
  • Striking, on brand print to aid awareness and capture attention
  • Can be supplied flat to minimise transit costs to stores / outlets
  • Easily assembled and merchandised by shop staff
  • Fully recyclable at end of life
  • Low cost allows for use as part of seasonal promotions or product launches
  • Fully recyclable and biodegradable


Commonly asked question about Cardboard display units

If you are considering creating or improving your point of sale displays, then chances are you have a few questions.

These have hopefully been covered in the section below but, if not, please contact a member of the GWP team on 01793 754 444 or email

What is the difference between a CDU and a CTU?

A CDU (counter display unit) and a CTU (counter top unit) are effectively interchangeable terms for the same product – a display stand or unit placed near the point of purchase in store. They are designed to drive impulse purchases of smaller items by consumers.

Is cardboard suitable for counter top units?

Cardboard is the most common material used for manufacturing CDUs, for a number of reasons. Firstly, its low cost makes it ideal for use as part of product launches or temporary / seasonal campaigns. Saying that, it is durable enough to be used as a permanent fixture, and it also allows for a full range of printing options too.

Can I print photos and logos on my display units?

Due to the nature of corrugated cardboard, your CDUs can be printed with anything from simple one or two colour graphics, all the way through to full colour, photographic quality images. Brand colours and pantones can be easily matched, and a range of different print methods (such as flexographic, digital and litho laminating) ensure a suitable option for any budget / order volume.

I need a specific size CTU – is this possible?

GWP will be able to design and manufacture a cardboard CDU to any size you require. This not only means that it will be perfectly suited to the products to be displayed on it but can also be adapted to the available space allocated in stores.

Will these be accepted by large retailers?

Whilst all retailers / potential stockists of your products will likely have different requirements for accepting counter top units and other forms of POS, GWP are able to ensure that your CDUs and promotional items adhere to any specific guidelines as required.

Can these match my existing FSDUs and retail packaging?

GWP are able to supply the full range of retail packaging – everything from printed product packs to POS (FSDUs, Dump Bins etc.), shelf ready boxes and even any transit packaging required such as BDCM cartons. By sourcing all of your packaging and POS together, it not only improves compatibility and consistency, but can also reduce your costs as well.

Tailored Pricing / Sizes

Sourcing cardboard CDUs for your brand

The success of your product launches and promotions can make or break the success of your brand and business. This is why it is critical to ensure any corrugated packaging and POS is perfect for your intended market or retail environment.

GWP have more than 25 years’ experience in producing commercially successful CDUs. In fact, your business can benefit from sourcing all of your retail / printed packaging (and ecommerce boxes), FSDUs, Dump bins and other point of sale from GWP. Ultimately this provides greater compatibility, consistency of appearance, and lower costs.

If this sounds as though it could help your business drive sales and awareness, then why not get a free, no obligation quote and impartial advice from a team of experts today.

Alternative POS Options

Point of sale for every product, retail outlet and promotion

Regardless of the products you are selling, the promotion you are planning or the types of retail environment you are looking to gain traction in, there is a suitable POS option for you.

Cardboard Dump Bins

Dump Bins

Ideal for promotions and smaller products with high volumes of sales

Cardboard free standing display units


Free standing display units to drive sales and awareness in high traffic retail zones

Image coming soon

Pallet Displays

Large displays in a number of formats, that can be easily re-positioned in store

Shelf ready packaging

Shelf Ready Packs

Large displays in a number of formats, that can be easily re-positioned in store

Cardboard POS

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Wide range of cardboard point of sale displays to boost sales

Compatible Retail / Printed Packaging

Packaging designed to protect and present your products

Printed product packaging

Product Packaging

Retail & POS colour options

Custom Sizes
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Hanging tab boxes

Hang Tab Boxes

Retail & POS colour options

Custom Sizes
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Retail packaging with cut-out

Window Boxes

Retail & POS colour options

Custom Sizes
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Branded boxes

Branded Boxes

Retail & POS colour options

Custom Sizes
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Printed Sleeves

Printed Sleeves

Retail & POS colour options

Custom Sizes
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Retail packaging

All Retail / Printed

A wide range of printed packaging for product, retail and ecommerce

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    Cardboard counter display units (CDUs) can provide a boost in both impulse purchases and brand visibility...