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Corrugated cardboard packaging that protects during transit and drives brand loyalty

Choosing the right ecommerce packaging for your business can be critical to success. Through consistent, reliable supply you can build brand loyalty, enhance your business’ reputation and ultimately boost sales. This goes hand in hand with reducing customer returns, the associated costs and the damage it can do to your brand.


Further to this, careful selection of your ecommerce packaging can help to minimise packaging times, allow for the elimination of secondary packaging and void fill, comply with Royal Mail guidelines and provide promotional messaging and branding.

GWP always offers us an efficient, timely service with great results. They are always available to talk through concepts and ensure our designs are spot on. If we need to talk to or see someone, it’s always possible, samples are turned around in good time and nothing is too much effort.

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Reliable performance to ensure protection in transit:

  • Minimised transit damage leads to fewer customer returns and eliminates the associated costs
  • Custom sizes tailored to specific products can further boost protection
  • Tamper-proof options to enhance the security of items and minimise theft
  • Enhance customer satisfaction through reliable supply of orders

Ecommerce Packaging that can boost sales and customer satisfaction:

  • Wide choice of printing options on either internal or external surfaces
  • Range of material options, colours and finishes to reflect your brand personality
  • Can provide an enhanced “opening experience” that will aid repeat business
  • Potential for including promotional messages, returns info etc. directly on packaging

Streamline your packing and fulfilment operations:

  • Can be supplied flat packed to ensure effective storage at your warehouse
  • Option for packaging to be supplied fully assembled to minimise packing and fulfilment times
  • Standard sizes (tailored to Royal guidelines) for accurate postage charges / planning
  • Custom sizes eliminates the need for secondary packaging / void fill, reducing costs
  • Available with JIT / Kanban supply to minimise on site inventory and lower storage costs
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Ensure customer satisfaction by reducing damage in transit

The key job of ecommerce packaging is, of course, to allow your products to reach your online customers in the same condition that it left your business.


Whilst this may seem obvious, the number of customer complaints relating to items arriving damaged is increasing.


In fact, recent surveys have indicated that over a third of consumers will view a company as unprofessional if an ecommerce order arrives with the external packaging visibly damaged.


It gets worse;


50% of consumers will outright refuse delivery if the package is damaged on arrival. This can prove hugely damaging to your business’ efforts to build brand reputation and loyalty.


Fortunately, well designed corrugated packaging can provide the quality of packaging that your brand deserves.


By carefully selecting an appropriate material and structural design, which is then tailored to the specific dimensions of your products, custom corrugated packaging can completely eliminate transit damage.

E-commerce packaging datasheet

Summary Info / Datasheet

For a summary of information, key benefits and customisation options available when specifying your e-commerce packaging, please click below to download a PDF datasheet.

This physical protection can be further enhanced through tamper proof / evident features, which also provides your customers with reassurance that their orders have not been intercepted – or even worse stolen – whilst being delivered to them.


The benefits of this are two-fold. Firstly, by minimising customer returns, the associated costs of this (written off stock, cost of return postage, replacement product, admin etc.) is vastly reduced, minimising the costs to your business.


Secondly, the increased customer satisfaction can help to drive brand loyalty, word of mouth referrals and aid repeat sales. In essence, it enhances your brand reputation and perception.

Ecommerce packaging that can offer “added value”

However, the reliable supply of your online orders is not the only way you can enhance your brand perception and loyalty.


Ecommerce packaging can be a key way of promoting your brand and communicate your key messages to your customers.


There is an increasing importance on the experience buyers have when opening their products – some even take to social media to share the experience. It is therefore increasingly important then for the opening experience to be a positive one your customers.


Your Ecommerce packaging can be printed using a variety of techniques that ensure a high quality, professional finish.


From simple single colour printing of logos to the external surfaces, to high quality digital and lithographic print that is only visible once the pack is opened, there is an option to suit your brand positioning, budget and target customers.

The hidden costs of ecommerce packaging and fulfilment

An aspect of ecommerce packaging that is often overlooked is the actual process for fulfilling the orders.


It is not uncommon for start-up ecommerce businesses (or even large, established brands) to end up with a packaging inventory that is hard to manage and, crucially, does not allow for quick fulfilment of orders.


As such, it is essential you consider the packing processes for your business, and choose an appropriate solution.


For example, if storage space is not an issue, having your ecommerce packaging supplied ready assembled can result in huge reductions in packing times, allowing your fulfilment team to process more orders in less time.


The opposite of this is when storage space is at a premium, in which case the benefit of packaging supplied flat outweighs the increase in packing times.


A third, often overlooked option is that of crash lock packaging. Supplied flat, but assembled exceptionally quickly thanks to the interlocking base that is simply pulled open to assemble, can offer the both minimised storage space and reduced packaging times.

Applications and uses

View a selection of the Ecommerce bespoke packaging we manufacture at GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

Further ways to reduce the cost of packaging your online orders

Besides considering the impact of packing times on your business, there are other ways you can reduce the overall costs of your packaging.


For example, the use of corrugated cartons that are tailored to Royal Mail sizing guidelines can help to minimise the costs of postage when sending out orders.


This can also allow for accurate postage charges to either absorbed into the price of your products whilst remaining competitive, or be passed to your customers without discouraging purchases.


If you are using couriers to send your items, the custom sizes tailored to your product could offer a more cost effective solution.


This is mainly achieved through eliminating the need for secondary and / or void fill packaging such as foam pellets or air sacks. This not only reduces your costs – through having a streamlined inventory – but can also have a positive impact on packaging times.


Finally, you can choose to have your ecommerce packaging supplied as part of a JIT agreement.


This would see an agreed stock level of your packaging supplies held at GWP Packaging, and delivered just as you required them. This not only minimises your on-site inventory and storage requirements, but also helps to combat peaks / troughs in demand (e.g. busy festive periods).

GWP Packaging: your innovative packaging partner

GWP Packaging has been manufacturing successful corrugated cardboard packaging for over twenty five years.


However, the last 5 years has seen an explosion in the volume of ecommerce packaging produced, allowing us to partner with an ever more diverse range of businesses.

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Your business has an opportunity to work with a dedicated packaging design department, that as well as creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs will always consider the commercial implications to your business.


A modern production facility and highly skilled staff also ensures that your packaging will always be of the highest quality.


This expertise across not only ecommerce packaging, but retail and transit applications too, also means you can benefit from a range of specialist services.


This includes rationalisation of your entire packaging inventory, testing of new packs to ensure specified performance levels are met, a free sampling service and impartial, no obligation advice from a friendly, experienced team.

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