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Custom ecommerce boxes
Unique ecommerce packaging
Custom printed ecommerce boxes
Custom ecommerce fittings
Custom designed ecommerce packaging
Custom ecommerce boxes

Ecommerce Boxes Tailored To Your Business

Leading business supplier of ecommerce packaging for 10+ years

If you are struggling to find corrugated packaging that is exactly right for your business, GWP can design and manufacture custom ecommerce boxes to any size, style or spec.

You can also enhance any bespoke ecommerce packaging with inserts, dividers, print and even specialist coatings. Not sure of the best packaging for your specific application? Then a team of experienced designers will be happy to offer free impartial advice. Read More

Available Colours:

Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
White cardboard material swatch
Cardboard with single colour print swatch
Full colour printed cardboard swatch
  • No obligation (and no pressure) quotes for any packaging
  • Free and impartial advice from UK based experts
  • Competitive pricing and full customisation options
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Detailed information on custom ecommerce boxes / packaging

Although using standard sizes / designs of ecommerce boxes can make sense when starting an online shop – or if you need to meet specific sizing guidelines such as Royal Mail PiP – for established and growing business, custom ecommerce packaging offers a range of benefits.

Perhaps key amongst these is specifying bespoke sizes. This means no more making do with the next available stock size, and wasting space in transit through excessive void fill. And it means less material usage too. Both of these make custom sized ecommerce boxes much more cost effective in the mid to long term.

Beside this however, you can also select the style of the box. It allows you complete control over the level of protection provided (along with material grade used), how easy they are to pack and assemble, and of course the appearance.

On the subject of appearance, your custom ecommerce boxes can of course be printed in a number of ways. This includes single colour logos and instructions, to full colour photographic quality images, and everything in between.

Choosing print wisely can also have a significant impact on customer loyalty and repeat business too (consider the unboxing experience).

Other considerations for bespoke ecommerce boxes

The other major consideration, that affects both presentation and protection, is the use of packaging inserts. Integral fittings, dividers and even foam inserts not only make packaging quicker, but also helps prevent movement- and therefore damage – in transit. Fittings can also be used to enhance product presentation upon opening too.

And it must of course be mentioned that corrugated cardboard is widely regarded as the most environmentally friendly form of packaging available (and is easily recycled).

Whilst this all sounds good, it can be incredibly daunting starting from scratch when thinking about using custom ecommerce packaging. However, a team of designers and support staff will be able to guide you through the whole process, advising on the best options for your specific products, market or application.

The end result? Packaging that is perfectly tailored to your business.

Key benefits of custom ecommerce packaging boxes

  • Designed and manufactured to any specification, perfectly matching your requirements
  • Select the box style, material strength, colour, print, inserts and more
  • Provide an optimised level of protection during transit
  • Print options to reflect your brand and target markets
  • Frequently more cost effective than “off the shelf” boxes due to savings on material / shipping
  • No obligation quotes tailored to your chosen options (only pay for what you need)
  • Supplied either flat packed, or fully assembled as required
  • Wide range of dividers, integral fittings, foam protection and more


Common questions on custom ecommerce boxes

Wondering if custom ecommerce boxes are right for your business? The below points cover the common questions asked when considering bespoke packaging.

What options are there when choosing custom ecommerce boxes?

The options that you can choose from when specifying custom ecommerce boxes is virtually limitless. This includes the style (i.e. design), size, material strength, colour, print, whether to include dividers / inserts, whether these are integral or removable and even specialist coatings.

Is it worth sticking to standard sized ecommerce boxes?

The only benefit to using standard sized boxes is if your business needs to keep postage / distribution costs down, and are aiming to do this by adhering to specific sizing guidelines (such as Royal Mail PiP). However, even within those size guidelines, there are a wide number of options for customising your packaging.

What are ecommerce boxes manufactured from?

Ecommerce boxes are manufactured from corrugated cardboard. However, the exact material used (e.g. double or single wall) will depend on the weight / size of products to be shipped. You can also select material colour, specialist coatings (such as waterproofing the exterior surfaces) and even make use of specialist materials such as Bubble Board.

I think custom ecommerce boxes would be ideal for my business, but don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry! GWP Packaging has a large design department, plus a team of engineers and product advisers, who will be happy to offer guidance on the best solution for your specific application. This is free, as is a pre-production sampling service and no obligation quotes on your packaging.

Are custom ecommerce boxes more expensive than standard boxes?

In the short term (and at very low volumes), the answer is probably yes. This is due to the need for cutting tools and printing plates. However, over the mid – long term, custom ecommerce packaging will save your business money. Through lower material usage, more efficient postage / shipping and minimising customer returns caused by transit damage.

Can I have full colour graphics on my ecommerce boxes?

Your business’ ecommerce boxes can be printed in a number of ways. This includes anything from a simple, one or two colour logo, all the way through to high quality photographic print. This allows your custom ecommerce boxes to perfectly match your brand ethos, and engage your customers.

I only need one or two boxes – can I get custom packaging?

If you are a non business user or only require extremely low volumes, custom ecommerce packaging whilst technically possible, would not prove to be cost effective (due to tooling, setup charges etc.). For this, GWP would recommend using stock packaging from an online merchant.

Bespoke Quotations

Pricing that is genuinely cost effective

Choosing custom ecommerce packaging for your business has a wide range of benefits. Better transit protection. Quicker assembly / packing. Less void fill and secondary packaging. Improved presentation. This list goes on and on.

However, perhaps the most significant benefit is that of cost. Whilst “off the shelf “ boxes may be cost effective in the short term (or for very low volume / non business use), using approximate sizes will drive up the costs of shipping, material used and so on.

All packaging GWP supply is manufactured bespoke to your requirements. And all quotes provided are too. This means you only pay for what you need, as well as benefiting from the huge number of other advantages too.

Plus, all quotes, advice and assistance are free and of no obligation.

Customisation / Options

Truly bespoke ecommerce packaging

Even if specifying custom packaging, there are a number of options you can select to enhance your postal boxes further.

This includes numerous fittings and inserts – everything from fixed dividers to custom designed integral fittings and even foam inserts.

Integral fittings

Integral Cardboard Fittings

Protect and present your products

Waterproof cardboard packaging

Specialist Surface Coatings

Water, static, abrasion & corrosion protection

Cardboard box dividers inside outer corrugated packaging

Adjustable Divider Sets

Enhance space and packing efficiency

Foam end caps

Foam Inserts / End Caps

Highest levels of protection in transit

Ecommerce packaging boxes

1, 2 or Full Colour Printing

Add logos, graphics, instructions and more

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