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Q Grip totes

Custom Size Totes.

Tailored to your exact requirements

The new Q Grip handle system enables the manufacture of cost effective and durable totes in practically any size. The elimination of wasted space during transit or handling, in addition to maximising the efficiency of your storage space, can lower costs and improve productivity.

The innovative design also adds additional strength to Correx® totes and enables them to be stacked, thus saving further space. The durable Correx® construction ensures upfront costs are lower than moulded plastic totes, whilst lifetime costs are considerably lower than corrugated cardboard.

01: Key Benefits.

Why use Q Grip custom sized totes

There are numerous benefits to using even standard totes at your production facility or in your supply chain. However, Q Grip allows the cost effective design and production of custom sized totes, making them accessible to a wider range of businesses.

Besides cost reduction, sizes tailored to your products or space requirements, there are a number of other benefits that your business can take advantage of.

Advantages of Q Grip

  • Strength and durable nature of Correx® ensures totes will not split / fail during handling
  • Sizes tailored to specific products can eliminate movement during transit
  • Ergonomic design of handles offers improved comfort and ease of use for end user
  • Can be manufactured to seamlessly integrate with existing systems / racking
  • Tailored sizes minimises required space during transit / storage
  • Less components speeds up production whilst also reducing material costs

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02: What is Q Grip?

Revolutionary custom tote component / construction

Quite simply, Q Grip allows the manufacture of cost effective, high performance totes to practically any size.

This is achieved through the use of 3 unique components (patent applied for) – two “end” sections which can be positioned at various lengths apart, plus the “handle” which is fastened centrally over the two ends to secure them in place.

The assembly process is exceptionally quick and simple.

Firstly, the side components are adjusted to the required packaging width, and are then located on the tote corners.

Plastic tote containers
Q Grip can be used to make plastic tote containers to almost any size both quickly and cost effectively

The handle is placed on top of both the side components, and is then folded over them. The teeth from both the handle and side components interlock when folded and secure the three components together, preventing them coming apart.

The final step of the assembly process ends with the front and rear handle being pushed together.

The cantilever snap features built into the hand holes locate, fixing the handle securely.

As well as vastly reducing assembly times (resulting in lower unit costs), the unique locking mechanism also ensures your tote will be exceptionally robust and hardwearing too. Another cost saving is also seen through eliminating the need for fixing components such as screws or glue.

03: How Q Grip Works

An explanation of the Q Grip system

Please see below for diagrams and overview information regarding how the Q Grip handle / component is used to manufacture custom sized totes.

Overview diagram

Handle specification

Handle spec

Stacking corner specification

End spec
Q Grip tote datasheet

Summary Info / Datasheet

For full technical details of the Q Grip handle and the totes it can be used to manufacture, please download the datasheet by clicking below.

04: Cost Effective Totes.

Q Grip Totes minimise the cost of your in plant logistics

Using Q Grip to manufacture custom sized totes offers a number of potential cost savings for your business.

The dimensional flexibility – creating a tote to the exact size you require instead of the nearest available option – is perhaps the biggest single benefit.

By eliminating wasted space inside the tote box, it reduces storage required (or maximises limited space) and in turn reduces the costs associated with this.

The same applies to transit of your totes, if these are ever transported to different production locations or even customers / suppliers. The volumetric (and weight) savings of not shipping totes which are too large of the items within can soon prove a significant cost saving.

Q Grip tote handle
Using totes manufactured with the new Q Grip handles can provide a number of significant cost savings for your business

Besides this size flexibility, Q Grip can minimise costs in other ways too.

The clever design speeds up manufacturing / assembly times, whilst it also reduces the number of components and processes. For example, there is no longer the need for screws, rivets or glue to fasten the totes.

In fact, using Q Grip also minimises design costs, as the function of the handle allows for custom sizes to be created quickly and easily with very little input from the Correx® design department.

Finally, the use of Correx® itself offers a number of cost benefits.

Q Grip totes provide strength and performance levels comparable with moulded plastic boxes, but the unit costs are considerably lower.

The durable nature of Correx® also offers an extended lifespan over corrugated cardboard. Without the need to be replaced anywhere near as often, the lifetime cost of a Correx® tote compared with a corrugated cardboard equivalent is considerably lower too.

Reduce both your upfront and ongoing costs

  • Tailored sizes minimise required storage space and associated costs
  • Shorter assembly times reduces manufacturing costs, with savings passed directly to you
  • Less components speeds up production whilst also reducing material costs
  • Custom sizes eliminate wasted space in transit (volumetric savings)
  • Correx® material offers performance levels of moulded plastics at vastly lower cost
  • Durability of Correx® ensures increased longevity and lower lifetime costs
  • Size flexibility of Q Grip handle streamlines design process / minimises design costs
What GWP Correx customers say about us

We have purchased thousands of handling products from GWP, including Correx® picking bins as well as boxes, foam, dividers and more. Many of these have been bespoke, being expertly produced by GWPs’ in house designers. As a company, GWP are efficient, friendly and easy to deal with.

John Weyman | Bondline Electronics Ltd

05: Productivity & Efficiency.

Improve the efficiency of your materials handling

Besides direct cost savings, Q Grip can have an indirect impact on your company’s profitability through increases in efficiency and productivity.

This can be realised through easier handling of totes for your operatives (thanks to the strong, ergonomic handles), or by using internal dividers which allows for the efficient movement of multiple items within a single tote.

You can specify a range of dividers manufactured from Bubble-board or Correx®, which as well as offering adjustable cell sizes can be tailored to the dimensions of the outer container too.

As alternative form of dunnage, you can also specify vacuum formed trays that work seamlessly with your Q Grip totes.

Q Grip stacking totes
The ability to stack the Q Grip totes, along with their size flexibility, can aid the productivity of your handling and storage processes

Q Grip also allows for the creation of totes and trays that can integrate seamlessly with your existing fulfilment or manufacturing processes.

This can include being the correct size for existing racking and storage, being tailored for use on production lines or even conveyor systems within your plant. Should your customers take delivery of your products or components within totes and have very strict requirements, these can obviously be catered for too.

Finally, Q Grip handles can, subject to order volumes, be specified in practically any colour.

When combined with the colour choices of the Correx® material, and the potential for external printing, it can create a striking appearance that is consistent with your brand. This can aid brand awareness (particularly if your totes are delivered to customers) and lead to repeat sales.

Improve the efficiency of your warehouse and fulfilment processes

  • Size flexibility minimises wasted space, allowing for easier handling and reduced transit costs
  • Allows for efficient handling and storage of multiple items when used with dividers / inserts
  • Ergonomic design of handles offers improved comfort and ease of use
  • Short lead times allows you to cope with fluctuations in demand
  • Branding and colour options can enhance brand awareness
  • Can be manufactured to seamlessly integrate with existing systems / racking
GWP Correx totes guide

Checklist: 21 Key Considerations...

…when sourcing tote containers. Get your free guide highlighting the critical questions you should be asking. Click below to download now.

06: Part Protection.

Protect items during handling and transit to improve quality and lower costs

The use of Q Grip custom sized totes, as well as the cost savings and efficiency gains, can also help to reduce damage to components or products during normal handling operations.

For example, the integrated stacking corner and retention feature ensures that the totes can be safely stacked, eliminating damage from totes being knocked over.

The inherent strength in both Correx® and the structural design used to create Q Grip totes also ensures that, when stacked, the totes will not crush or burst, protecting the items stored within.

Besides this, by creating totes to a specific size and eliminating wasted space it also helps to minimise movement of the contents during handling or transit. This in turn minimises damages caused by impact and mis-handling.

Custom stacking bins
When enhanced with divider sets, such as those manufactured from Bubble-board, Q Grip totes can help minimise damage to parts caused by mis-handling

The use of internal dividers, as well as allowing multiple items to be stored or moved, can also help with this. The use of Bicell and / or cloth covered Correx® for these divisions can improve surface protection too (eliminating scuffs to polished or painted surfaces for example).

Finally, the use of Correx® material itself provides a degree pf physical protection, offering resistance to moisture, oil, grease and most chemicals.

Minimise handling, storage and transit damage

  • Strength / durability of Correx® ensures totes will not split or fail when handling heavy loads
  • Offers resistance to moisture, oil and grease during storage (protecting items within)
  • Integrated corner feature allows for safe stacking
  • Addition of Bicell dividers and / or foam can provide additional cushioning and scuff protection
  • Sizes tailored to specific products can eliminate movement  and damage during transit / handling

07: Uses / Applications.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for Correx® Q Grip Totes

View a selection of the custom Correx® totes manufactured using the new Q Grip handle. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view

GWP Correx - Correx totes guide

Free Guide

11 Reasons You Should Be Using Correx® Totes

Get your free guide highlighting the 11 often overlooked ways in which using Correx® Totes can have a positive impact on your business. Download it now…

08: About GWP Correx®.

A trustworthy partner in reducing your business costs

GWP is the largest independent designer and manufacturer of Correx® multi trip packaging and materials handling solutions.

We strive to provide you with not only the right solution technically, but to also ensure that your business will benefit from products offering improved longevity and cost effectiveness.

A team of talented designers will work closely with you to fully understand your exact requirements and overcome any specific challenges you are facing.

Small handling totes
Besides the Q Grip range, GWP also manufacture a wide range of totes, bins and handling products

With over twenty five years’ experience in the fabrication of Correx®, you can rely on free, impartial advice on the optimum solution at all stages of the design process.

This level of support extends to a dedicated sales and customer service team, and is backed up by a modern, well equipped conversion facility that is accredited to ISO standards.

All of this allows you to benefit from exceptionally short lead times, competitive pricing on any volume (no minimum order quantities) and even managed inventories and JIT supply for ongoing, repeat requirements.

Further Reading...

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