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Conductive Zotefoams®

ESD experts

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Custom design

Tailored to your business

Zotefoam conductive Plastazote
Conductive grade Plastazote
Conductive foam kitting trays
Plastazote dunnage - ESD safe
Conductive foam blocks
Conductive Plastazote foam

Zotefoams® ESD Foam Range

Expertise in the fabrication of all Zotefoams® foams

Zotefoams® conductive Plastazote® polyethylene foam provides an entirely ESD safe method for protecting items in storage or in transit.

Zotefoams® foam inserts offer engineered levels of protection and can be designed to suit any specific needs or requirements. Boasting a wide range of beneficial features, Plastazote® foam specifically delivers market leading cushioning performance whilst protecting items from impact, shock, vibration, and static charge. Read More

Available Colours:

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  • Free and impartial advice from UK based experts
  • Competitive pricing and wide distributor network


More info on conductive Zotefoams® / Plastazote®

Plastazote® is widely regarded as the leading foam for use in high performance, technical applications, with GWP being among the premier converters of this type of foam in the UK. This means your business can benefit from unrivalled expertise in its precision fabrication.

The conductive grades which form part of the AZOTE® product range from Zotefoams® plc are formulated with a special carbon addition to provide conductive properties alongside its’ exceptional cushioning performance.

This makes conductive Plastazote® the material of choice if protection from shock, vibration and impact is required alongside ESD performance and high-quality product presentation.

As a result, Plastazote® is widely used within tough, rigid outer containers such as the SSI Schaefer ranges we hold in stock, as well as the wide range of protective cases available through GWP Protective.

How does anti-static Zotefoam® work?

Conductive Plastazote® is manufactured using a special carbon compound to provide conductive properties alongside its renowned cushioning performance.

As the carbon is introduced by pre-compounding (not post impregnation as with some types of conductive foam), it ensures it is fully encapsulated in the polymer. As a result, the foams are non-sloughing and provide an excellent level of performance.

The two main grades of conductive Plastazote®, LD30SD and LD40SD, are static dissipative nitrogen blown cross-linked polyethylene foams which provide not only conductive performance but also advanced levels of cushioning protection to fragile components.

Key benefits of conductive Plastazote® / Zotefoams® at a glance

  • Controlled release of static charge
  • Market leading cushioning performance
  • Superb protection against shock, vibration, and impact
  • Calculated levels of performance if required
  • Permanent protection, ideal for multi-trip and storage applications
  • Ideal for use with rigid containers, SSI Schaefer ranges and protective cases
  • Die cut, CNC routing and water jet profiling available
  • Dedicated foam design team


Data Overview

Please see below for brief technical details of the conductive Zotefoams® used in GWP Conductives’ ESD safe packaging.

Polyether Foam Details

Closed Cell (Cross Linked) – Non-Shedding

Zotefoam® – Increased stiffness / Improved mould-ability

A closed cell polyethylene foam, which is produced as a pure chemically inert foam without blowing agent residues.

Please note: AZOTE, Evazote, Plastazote and Zotefoams are registered trademarks of Zotefoams plc.

Free Quotes / Advice

No obligation quotes and genuinely impartial advice

GWP have been converting Plastazote® and other Zotefoams® materials for well over 20 years.

Whilst this has predominantly been in high performance protective cases (such as the custom foam inserts added to Peli, Storm, Explorer etc.), the crossover between expertise in foam conversion and ESD safe packaging has led to many projects using conductive Plastazote®.

Besides this level of expertise, your business can also benefit from working alongside GWP in a number of other ways. This includes free advice on material grades and options, a full design service, no obligation quotes and extensive support throughout all steps of any project you are working on.

Alternative Foam Options

Wide selection of ESD safe and standard packaging foams

GWP are among the leading foam converters in the UK. This means you can source a wide range of conductive and non conductive foam inserts and packaging from a single source.

Standard conductive foam pads

Standard Conductive Foam

Conductive foam colours

Custom Size / Profiles
Enquire for details

ESD grade Ethafoam with custom profile cut-outs

Anti Static Grade Ethafoam

Anti static foam colours

Custom Size / Profiles
Enquire for details

Pink anti static foam pads

Pink Anti-Static Foam Inserts

Anti static foam colours

Custom Size / Profiles
Enquire for details

A yellow Peli Hardigg case with custom black and yellow Plastazote foam inserts

Foam Inserts (for cases)

Foam insert colours

Tailored to any Case
Enquire for details

Two custom foam end caps protecting industrial part

Foam Packaging / End Caps

Foam packaging colours

Custom Size / Profiles
Enquire for details

Foam Divisions

Foam Dunnage & Tote Inserts

Foam dunnage colours

Custom Size / Profiles
Enquire for details

Available In...

ESD Packaging products you can enhance with specialist foams

Corstat transit packs, showing pick foam interior

Corstat Transit® Packs

Corstat colour

22 x Sizes
Custom Options

An SSI Schaefer EF Series tote with clip on lid

SSI Schaefer EF Seres Totes

Corstat colour

18 x Sizes
Various Inserts

Two Corstat stacking totes (stacked) containing a large PCB

Corstat® Stacking Totes

Corstat colour

7 x Sizes
Custom Options

A Q Grip conductive tote

Q Grip Custom Size Totes

Corstat colour

Bespoke Sizes
Various options

All anti static packaging

All Anti Static Packaging

Widest range of ESD safe packaging from a single supplier

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