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Anti-Static Grade Ethafoam

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Polyethylene Foam

Anti-static grade Ethafoam for high fragility applications

Anti-static grade Ethafoam provides the ultimate solution for protecting ESD sensitive items whilst in storage or transit. With a dedicated in-house foam design team, GWP manufacture foam inserts to suit any market, industry or specific application.

Controlling static charge whilst also offering physical protection from impact, shock, and vibration, anti-static Ethafoam inserts provide optimum performance for any requirement. Read More

Available Colours:

Pink anti-static foam colour
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More info on anti static Ethafoam

As well as providing exceptional anti-static properties, Ethafoam is also widely regarded as a true high-performance packaging foam. As such, it is ideal to protect sensitive electronic devices which may also be susceptible to shock, impact, and vibration during transit.

Frequently used in its non-conductive form for use in corrugated transit packaging (for example as end caps, foam blocks or general foam packaging) GWP can offer an unmatched level of expertise in its design and fabrication across a wide range of applications.

ESD grade Ethafoam is an anti static Polyethylene foam that provides a controlled dissipation of electrostatic charges emitted from other neighbouring materials and personnel during handling, assembly, and transit of the product.

It offers a high degree of consistent, reliable performance that makes it a popular choice for manufacturers of high-value, delicate and static-sensitive equipment. As a result, it can be specified to enhance virtually all of the Corstat® and anti static packaging products available from GWP.

How pink anti static Ethafoam works

Already used in its’ non-conductive form throughout the Packaging division of GWP’s business, the anti-static grade Ethafoam used at GWP Conductive contains internal anti-static agents designed to eliminate static potential from the foam itself.

It also dissipates electrostatic discharges from other sources (e.g. generated by handling, neighbouring components, external atmosphere etc.) and meets various standard such as EIA 541, ANSI; EOS/ESD.

Key benefits of ESD safe foam at a glance

  • Controlled, safe dissipation of static charge
  • Permanent protection, ideal for multi-trip and storage applications
  • Extensive experience of design and manufacture at GWP
  • Dedicated foam design team
  • Ideal for use with our stock ranges of totes, bins, and boxes
  • Excellent cushioning performance, including calculated performance levels if required


Data Overview

Please refer to the Sealed Air website for further technical details and specifications relating to ESD grade Ethafoam.

Free Quotes / Advice

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Not only are GWP Conductive the UK leaders in all forms of conductive packaging, but our sister division, GWP Protective, are also one of the largest independent foam converters.

This combination of expertise means that whatever your foam requirement, you can source a solution that is not only perfectly tailored to your specific application, but that will also be precisely compatible with your choice of outer container as well.

A team of knowledgeable designers, product advisers and customer support staff will be able to provide impartial recommendations on the best options for your application, product, and budget, as well as providing no obligation quotes on any requirement too.

Alternative Foam Options

Wide selection of ESD safe and standard packaging foams

GWP are among the leading foam converters in the UK. This means you can source a wide range of conductive and non conductive foam inserts and packaging from a single source.

A conductive Plastazote tray with custom cut-out sections

Conductive Plastazote®

Conductive foam colours

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Standard conductive foam pads

Standard Conductive Foam

Conductive foam colours

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Pink anti static foam pads

Pink Anti Static Foam Inserts

Anti static foam colours

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A yellow Peli Hardigg case with custom black and yellow Plastazote foam inserts

Foam Inserts (for cases)

Foam insert colours

Tailored to any Case
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Two custom foam end caps protecting industrial part

Foam Packaging / End Caps

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Foam divisions

Foam Dunnage & Tote Inserts

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Available In...

ESD Packaging products you can enhance with specialist foams

Corstat component box with printed logo

Corstat® Component Boxes

Corstat colour

8 x Sizes
Custom Options

Corstat transit packs, showing pick foam interior

Corstat Transit® Packs

Corstat colour

22 x Sizes
Custom Options

A small, plastic, CPC box with printed logo and foam insert

CPC Component Boxes

Conductive packaging colours

6 x Sizes
Exterior Print

A custom anti static packaging box and internal fitting

Custom Anti Static Packaging

Bespoke ESD packs created by a team of expert designers

All anti static packaging

All Anti Static Packaging

Widest range of ESD safe packaging from a single supplier

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