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Slotted Tote Divisions

ESD experts

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Custom design

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Slotted tote divisions
ESD tote dividers
Custom anti static tote dividers
Conductive tote divider set
Conductive slotted tote dividers
Anti static container inserts

ESD Safe Division Sets

Enhance the efficiency of your handling

Manufactured from Corriplast® conductive fluted polypropylene, slotted tote divisions enhance standard plastic totes – in terms of both efficiency and protection – through creating a network of smaller cells for storing multiple components or parts in one outer container.

Available in two standard heights, the Corriplast® conductive material delivers high levels of ESD protection, offering your static sensitive items the optimum level of ESD protection too. Read More

Available Colours:

Corriplast colour
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More info on Corriplast® slotted tote divisions

Conductive Corriplast® slotted divisions have been carefully designed to ensure that they fit the majority of standard plastic totes currently available. This includes Corriplast® collapsible totes, Corstat® stacking totes, and the SSI Schaefer range of conductive euro containers.

Manufactured from 3mm Corriplast® conductive fluted Polypropylene, your conductive divisions are both robust and ESD safe. They are also suitable for use in clean room environments (being easy to clean).

With slots at 30mm increments, the divisions offer fantastic flexibility and can be arranged to create various networks of cells to suit specific applications.

However, if the heights and / or specification is not perfect for your specific need, please get in touch. You have the option to specify these dividers to any size and configuration, as well as in a choice of materials.

Applications for tote divider sets

So why use tote dividers with your handling containers? Well, there are a number of benefits of doing so.

Firstly, it allows for much greater efficiency for your production or warehouse staff. As it allows for much safer loading of multiple items in a tote, it can significantly improve productivity (as more items can be moved at once).

The opposite is also true, in that it prevents the totes being overloaded, which could lead to unsafe handling and health / safety issues.

By segmenting products or parts within the outer container, it also considerably improves their protection too.

It prevents the individual items from colliding with and damaging each other, whilst minimising movement within the outer container can mitigate any mishandling or impact as well.

Combined with the ESD performance of the Corriplast® material (or Corstat®), it means that slotted tote dividers provide a very high level of protection for your static sensitive items.

Key benefits of Corriplast® slotted tote divisions at a glance

  • 2 standard heights available
  • Can be custom manufactured to any size
  • Offers various combinations and great flexibility
  • Fits most standard totes
  • Suitable for clean room environments
  • Created from Corriplast conductive material
  • Dispatch within 24 hours of order being placed

Size Table

Dimensions and product options

Please see below for a full list of model numbers, sizes, and additional information, or alternatively download the datasheet for the information in PDF format.

Part No. Overall Size No. Slots Spacing
SP5078 554 x 78 x 3 mm 16 30 mm
SP3078 355 x 78 x 3 mm 11 27 mm
SP2078 255 x 78 x 3 mm 7 30 mm
SP5168 554 x 168 x 3 mm 16 30 mm
SP3168 355 x 168 x 3 mm 11 27 mm
SP2168 255 x 168 x 3 mm 7 30 mm


Conductive performance figures

Specific Volume Resistance: <10³ Ohm x cm

Specific Surface Resistance: <10⁴ Ohm

Free Quotes / Advice

Buy Corriplast® conductive slotted tote dividers

A large number of packaging companies may claim to be able to make anti-static packaging. And whilst it is possible to use conductive materials in the manufacture of boxes and cartons, without a specific understanding of how static actually works, the results will not be successful.

GWP Conductive, however, understand the nuances of creating anti-static and ESD safe products.

Plus, with over 25 years’ experience, the vast majority of them as the market leader, we have the test data, product range and happy customers to back up this claim.

There’s more though. A dedicated design team, helpful and friendly customer support and a wide choice of standard product lines means that, whatever your requirement, you can find the perfect conductive handling or packaging product for your business.

Similar Insert Options

Other options for enhancing your conductive handling totes

Besides these conductive plastic dividers, there are a number of other ways you can customise your ESD safe totes (and other forms of Corstat® / anti-static packaging). Please see below for further details.

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Corriplast tote dividers

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Corriplast colour

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Vac formed tray

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Corriplast layer pads

Layer Pads

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A Q Grip conductive tote

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