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Fold-Flat Plastic Tote.

Award winning Corriplast Collapsible Tote

Corriplast totes are durable and provide excellent ESD protection, with performance comparable with moulded plastic. Plus, being able to collapse completely flat, they reduce transport costs and minimise storage.

Besides enhanced lifespan, the smooth surfaces are easy to clean, allowing for a  increased longevity plus clean room use too. 6 standard sizes, hand holes and stacking tabs enable ease of handling for the end user.

01: Collapsible Tote Size Chart

Summary of technical data / sizes

Please see below for the specific sizes / options available in the Collapsible Tote range.

Model No.



Collapsible Tote

Internals (LxWxD)

378 x 276 x 102mm

Externals (LxWxD)

400 x 300 x 110mm

Model No.



Collapsible Tote

Internals (LxWxD)

378 x 276 x 212mm

Externals (LxWxD)

400 x 300 x 220mm

Model No.



Collapsible Tote

Internals (LxWxD)

378 x 276 x 283mm

Externals (LxWxD)

400 x 300 x 300mm

Model No.



Collapsible Tote Lid

Internals (LxWxD)

400 x 300 x 50mm

Externals (LxWxD)


Model No.



Collapsible Tote

Internals (LxWxD)

578 x 378 x 102mm

Externals (LxWxD)

600 x 400 x 110mm

Model No.



Collapsible Tote

Internals (LxWxD)

578 x 378 x 212mm

Externals (LxWxD)

600 x 400 x 220mm

Model No.



Collapsible Tote

Internals (LxWxD)

578 x 378 x 283mm

Externals (LxWxD)

600 x 400 x 300mm

Model No.



Collapsible Tote Lid

Internals (LxWxD)

600 x 400 x 50mm

Externals (LxWxD)


02: Technical Specification & Features.

Performance data for Corriplast material

Please see below for the specific performance/properties of Corriplast material, or download the product datasheet below for a full list of sizes and details.


  • Conductive Corriplast is a type of Corrugated Plastic Board based on Polypropylene / Ethylene copolymers
  • Corriplast is volume conductive, surface resistivity is less then 105 ohms squared (Method 5.0 KV charge for 5 minutes at 40 RH = V)
  • Units seconds V = 1/10 V=0
  • Conductive Black 0.27 0.53


  • Conductive Corriplast is chemically unreactive and is generally regarded as being biologically inert.
  • There is no release of any noxious fumes from ambient temperatures.
  • Although Conductive Corriplast is inert and can be regarded as harmless, certain boards do contain additives which could be harmful and any ingestion should be avoided.
Corriplast collapsible tote datasheet

Summary Info / Datasheet

Download the PDF Datasheet to view detailed information on the various features and applications, or see a full list of sizes & model details.

03: Product Protection.

Guaranteed physical and static protection Conductive Totes provide

As the winner of the National Packaging Councils “Gold Award” in 2007 in the category of Plastic Packaging, you can be certain that the conductive plastic tote will be of benefit to your business.

Essentially, the collapsible tote bin provides you with a perfect solution where storage space is an issue, or reusability is required. Being manufactured from Corriplast (conductive Correx®), the collapsible plastic tote is a lightweight, robust and ESD safe storage medium.

As a result, the conductive plastic tote provides exceptional physical and static protection for your products, parts or components.

Anti static plastic tote boxes
The anti static plastic tote boxes, manufactured from Corriplast, provide excellent protection from electro static discharge (ESD)

The sturdy, robust construction and hard wearing Corriplast material provides performance and strength comparable to moulded plastic totes, at a lower unit cost.

However, although there are 6 standard sizes available from stock, the advantage of using Corriplast is that you can source custom sizes and designs cost effectively. This tailoring of the conductive plastic totes can improve protection for your items (by preventing movement during handling/transit) and save space too.

Regardless of the design or size you pick, each collapsible tote will provide a “Specific Volume Resistance” of <10³ Ohm x cm and “Specific Surface Resistance” of <104³ Ohm. This ensures that any static sensitive items will be given the highest levels of protection during storage or transit.

Ensure protection for your components and products

  • Optimum levels of protection for electronics, electrical and ESD sensitive items
  • Robust, rigid design protects contents during handling operations and transit
  • Bespoke sizes / designs available on request, including customised exterior print
  • Specific Volume Resistance” of <10³ Ohm x cm and “Specific Surface Resistance” of <104³ Ohm

04: Efficiency & Productivity.

Improve the efficiency of your handling and storage

Besides the protection offered to your products or components, another key benefit of the Corriplast collapsible tote is the improvements in efficiency that you can realise.

There are six standard sizes, each of which has been designed to work seamlessly with industry standard racking, conveyors and work areas. However, you can specify custom sizes if your application requires it.

The standard sizes can also be enhanced further with the use of compatible divider sets. These allow for various cells to be portioned within the tote, which allows the efficient movement of multiple items at once. It also helps to protect the parts/components, by minimising movement and preventing them from damaging each other.

Conductive Correx tote
Being manufactured from a durable corrugated plastic, the conductive Correx® totes are both hard-wearing and long-lasting

Other features that the totes possess are inset handles for easy lifting and carrying, reinforced stacking lugs to aid stability when stacked, plus the option of lids to offer further protection when in storage.

Exterior print can also be specified (at additional cost) to add your company branding and instructions, part or batch numbers or even health and safety instructions.

Finally – and as the name would suggest – each of the Corriplast totes is completely collapsible. This means that delivery costs are minimised, but also vastly reduces the storage space you require when the totes are not in use (or are being returned empty from your customers/suppliers etc.).

Key ways in which Conductive Totes aid your efficiency

  • Compatible divider sets allow for efficient handling of multiple items
  • Can be supplied flat packed for simple transportation and space savings during storage
  • Six standard sizes are available from stock for instant dispatch
  • Inset handles to allow for easy handling
  • Exterior print to add instructions, part numbers etc.
Happy customers

Winner of the National Packaging Councils “Gold Award” in 2007 in the category of Plastic Packaging, this collapsible tote bin offers a perfect solution where storage space is an issue, or re-usability is required. It is also light weight, robust and ESD safe.

05: Cost Savings.

Reduce the ongoing costs to your business

Whilst protection (through minimised damage/returns) and efficiency (through greater productivity) can both impact your costs, there are other ways in which conductive collapsible totes can save your business money.

For example, the durable nature of the material increases the lifespan of the totes, which in turn minimises the lifetime cost of your investment.

The material is also easy to clean. This means that rather than discarding dirty/wet totes (as would be the case with corrugated cardboard based products), you can simply clean them off and use them again. This also makes them suitable for clean room use.

The light weight of the material (in comparison with the moulded plastic equivalents) can also reduce your transit costs (especially if calculated by weight rather than volumetrically).

And if you are transporting a high volume of products (and therefore totes) custom sizes can also reduce your transit costs. Whilst you have an initial tooling cost to absorb, by eliminating the shipping of empty space within the totes (as their size will be perfectly tailored) you can ship more in one load, reducing the number of journeys and overall costs.

Additional features

  • Durable material ensures multiple uses, minimising lifetime costs
  • Easy clean surfaces further enhances lifespan and makes totes suitable for clean room
  • A cost effective alternative to injection moulded packaging products
  • Minimised damages reduces returns, replacements and written off stock
  • Prevention of transit or storage damage also improves customer/end user satisfaction

06: Uses / Applications.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for ESD safe totes

Please see below to view a selection of Conductive plastic totes by GWP Conductive. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

07: About GWP Conductive.

Your trusted ESD partner

Whilst many companies offer anti static packaging and handling products within their range, many of these do not offer adequate protection for the items stored within. This is frequently due to the nuances associated with the control of static charges, and the damage it can cause.

GWP Conductive are different.

Our entire business and focus is on creating packaging, handling and storage products that offer both physical and static protection to your items.

GWP Conductive totes
GWP Conductive supply a full range of ESD safe totes, including moulded plastic, corrugated Correx® and even cardboard material options

This, when coupled with a dedicated design team, knowledgeable support staff and a huge range of products that can be ordered from stock in under 48 hours, has seen GWP obtain more than 85% market share within the conductive packaging market in the UK.

So if you think your business can benefit from the highest levels of ESD protection for your parts, components or products, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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