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Long cardboard boxes
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End or Side Opening Shipping Boxes

Supplier of corrugated postal packaging to UK businesses

Manufactured from either single or double wall material, these long cardboard boxes feature either an end or side opening for efficient packing and sealing, and are manufactured to bespoke sizes.

Rather than supply stock sizes – meaning you have to select the nearest available option – GWP will manufacture your long postal packs to the exact requirements of your business. This saves material, improves protection, and lowers costs too. Read More

Available Colours:

Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
White cardboard material swatch
Cardboard with single colour print swatch
Full colour printed cardboard swatch
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Detailed information on Long Cardboard Boxes

Standard cardboard packaging can, on occasions, be completely unsuitable for specific products. Items such as rolls of material, posters, pipes, sports equipment and other long products are simply not compatible with the standard dimensions people think of when looking for corrugated postal boxes.

As such, if your business needs to send any items such as those detailed above, making use of custom sized, long cardboard boxes, could dramatically improve the efficiency (and costs) of shipping your products.

There are 2 main types of long cardboard box that you can choose from. The first of these, known as “end opening” boxes, are quick to seal and provide strong ends when glued or taped. Side or top opening boxes take slightly longer to assemble, are more difficult to seal, but provide much better presentation for end users and are easier / quicker to pack.

A third option to consider is using a “lid”. With end opening boxes, a lid can transform your packaging into a telescopic box. This allows you to slide the lid over the main box to different amounts, which in turns means you can alter the length of the boxes (depending on the contents).

Bespoke Sized Cardboard Boxes

Saying that, all long cardboard boxes provided by GWP Packaging are designed and manufactured to your specific requirements. This means you do not have to select the nearest available stock size, but can have a box which is a perfect fit for your products.

This also reduces material usage, improves protection whilst being shipped, maximises available space during transit and reduces the amount of void fill required. All of these can have a significant, positive impact on your business’ costs.

There are other benefits of choosing bespoke long cardboard boxes too. This includes using a cardboard material grade appropriate for your products (either lightweight single wall, or a more durable double wall). It also allows you to add anything from simple logos to detailed branding and graphics. You can also include integrated fittings and inserts to further protect your products and / or enhance appearance.

Key features of long packaging boxes at a glance

  • End opening for quicker sealing, or side opening for presentation / easier assembly
  • Single or double wall material depending on your application / product
  • Manufactured to your specific sizes – no making do with the closest stock size
  • Can use a “lid” with end opening design to create a telescopic box (adjustable length)
  • Excellent protection during transit / shipping
  • Supplied flat to minimise storage requirements
  • Available with simple branding for transit, or striking print for ecommerce orders
  • Ideal for products such as rolls of material, umbrellas, posters, sports equipment etc.


Common questions on long boxes

Please see below for a number of commonly asked questions regarding these styles of long cardboard box.

What does end / side opening mean?

End opening boxes are sealed on the small dimensions of the box. Side or top opening sees the box sealed along the long edge. End opening is easier / quicker to assemble and provides a stronger seal, whilst side opening boxes are easier to pack and offer improved presentation.

What are long cardboard boxes made from?

All long boxes supplied by GWP are manufactured from a corrugated cardboard material that is matched to your specific application / product. So, for light products it would make sense to use a low cost, single wall grade. For heavier items, or those that need more protection in transit, a durable double wall material would be best.

Can long cardboard boxes be printed?

By choosing to use custom manufactured long cardboard boxes, it means you can benefit from additional options as well. This includes a wide range of striking or simple print options, plus inserts that can even be integrated into the box design.

What are telescopic boxes?

Telescopic boxes refer to boxes that have a lid which overlaps the main body of the box. However, these lids can be moved up and down the base box, making the box longer or shorter. This is then a great option of the parts or products you ship can vary in length.

What are long boxes used for?

Long cardboard boxes are great for any long items. This can include sports equipment (e.g., cricket bats, golf clubs etc.), sailing equipment, vehicle parts, posters, rolls of material, pipes and tubing, specialist tools or equipment and much else besides.

Tailored Pricing / Sizes

Bespoke prices to match your bespoke packaging

GWP Packaging do not provide a list of stock size packaging boxes. In fact, virtually all the corrugated packaging that GWP supplies is designed and manufactured bespoke to your specific requirements.

This means that your business can get packaging that not only provides a perfect level of performance, but is also genuinely cost effective in the long run too (and can minimise secondary costs such as void, fill, excess material usage, shipping costs and even reduced storage).

This focus on trade supply has seen GWP work with a huge range of businesses – both large and small – for almost 30 years.

Customisation / Options

Enhancing your long cardboard boxes

You may think that just having long cardboard boxes which are actually a perfect fit for your products is good enough. But there are a number of ways any corrugated packaging you source from GWP can be enhanced further.

This includes print (from single to full colour), specialist coatings, inserts and more.

Cardboard box dividers inside outer corrugated packaging

Adjustable Divider Sets

Enhance space and packing efficiency

Foam end caps

Foam Inserts / End Caps

Highest levels of protection in transit

Integral fittings

Integral Cardboard Fittings

Protect and present your products

Specialist packaging coatings

Specialist Surface Coatings

Water, static, abrasion & corrosion protection

1, 2 or Full Colour Printing

Add logos, graphics, instructions and more

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