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Custom mailing boxes

Bespoke Cardboard Mailers

Trade suppliers of bespoke packaging for 25+ years

If you can’t find the perfect mailing or transit packaging for your business, GWP Packaging can design and manufacture custom postal boxes which are tailored to your exact requirements.

You can specify sizes, designs, material strength, print & more, as well as choosing from a range of inserts / dividers. And if you need advice on the best solution for your specific application, a team of expert designers will be happy to help. Read More

Available Colours:

Brown Kraft Cardboard
Single Colour Print
Full Colour Print
  • No obligation (and no pressure) quotes for any packaging
  • Free and impartial advice from UK based experts
  • Competitive pricing and full customisation options


Detailed information on Custom Postal Boxes

Stock sized postal packaging can often be a good option if you do not send significant volumes of products. They can also be useful if you have to adhere to specific size restrictions – for example large retailers stipulating standard BDCM boxes, or even using PIP boxes to minimise postage costs.

But if your business does send out a significant number of items, using custom postal boxes offers a wide range of advantages.

Firstly, you can specify the exact sizes that you require. This means that you do not have to select the “next size up” to fit your items in, which can immediately reduce your costs through minimising material usage and secondary packaging (i.e. void fill).

You can also specify the style of the box, allowing you to focus on aesthetics, transit protection, ease of assembly or costs (or indeed any combination of these factors). The custom postal boxes GWP manufacture can be supplied flat packed or ready assembled, allowing further consideration of costs vs efficiency / storage.

The strength of material used for bespoke postal boxes can also be tailored to provide the exact levels of protection required for your application. Single wall for a low cost, lightweight option, or a more durable double wall for heavier items or those that need more protection.

Of course print can be added, allowing you to include branding, handling instructions, health and safety info and even parts / model numbers. Print can also be be used to delight your customers as well (if shipping to end users / consumers).

Add in a range of dividers, inserts, integral fittings and even foam, and you can have a postal box which is precisely tailored to your business’  needs.

And finally, GWP can offer completely impartial advice on the best packaging for your requirements, free no obligation quotes and can take your packaging from idea all the way through to manufactured product. We’ve been doing this successfully for well over 25 years…

Key features of bespoke mailing boxes at a glance

  • Designed and manufactured to your exact requirements
  • Choose style, material strength, print and much more
  • Can help to increase protection for goods in transit
  • Usually more cost effective through minimised material usage
  • Fully tailored (and no obligation) quotes based on only what you need
  • Supplied flat or assembled to meet your needs
  • Can be further enhanced with inserts, dividers and integral fittings


Common questions on custom postal boxes

Please see below for a number of frequently asked questions by those considering custom postal packaging.

What options can I pick with custom postal packaging?

You can specify virtually every aspect of a custom postal box. This includes the size, style / design of box, the material thickness (and therefore strength) and even a range of print options. This is in addition to further customising your boxes with internal dividers, fittings and inserts.

Should I stick to specific sizes for my postal boxes?

If you need to adhere to specific sizes of box – for example to meet PiP pricing bands, or if your customer is indicating you must send goods in BDCM cartons – then custom packaging may not be the most cost effective option. However, it is possible to customise even these ranges – a GWP adviser will be happy to offer guidance.

What are custom postal boxes manufactured from?

Custom postal boxes are typically manufactured from corrugated cardboard. However, the grade used can vary significantly depending on your application. Lightweight single wall material is ideal for products / orders that don’t weight much (i.e. clothes, garments), whereas a double wall material may be required for heavier or industrial items.

How are custom postal boxes designed / made?

GWP employs an extensive team of packaging designers with more than 25 years’ experience of producing successful packaging designs. Any custom packaging you purchase will be provided as a sample before production to ensure you are happy, and will then be manufactured at GWP’s modern, well equipped factory.

I want to use custom postal boxes, but don’t know where to start?

If selecting all of the different options seems daunting then no need to worry – a team of designers, engineers and product advisers will all be able to assist in helping you make the right decision for your business (taking into account both performance and cost).

Are custom postal boxes more expensive than stock items?

If you only need low volumes of packaging then yes, custom packaging is likely to be more expensive (due to tooling and setup costs). GWP, with a focus on supplying businesses and trade customers, are unable to help with enquiries of this nature. However, for ongoing, mid to high volume use, custom packaging will actually reduce your costs, through less use of material, more efficient shipping, and minimised damages as well as competitive unit prices.

Tailored Pricing / Sizes

Genuinely cost effective packaging for your business

Virtually all products GWP Packaging manufacture are tailored to your specific requirements. Even stock ranges / sizes of postal boxes – such as BDC cartons – can be tailored to provide additional strength, enhanced branding or even specialist properties.

Taking this approach to supplying businesses with their packaging has seen GWP forge partnerships with a huge range of businesses, of all shapes and sizes.

It also means that, as well as free, impartial advice on the best packaging for your requirement, you can receive completely no obligation quotes too. That way, you only pay for what you need, and packaging that performs exactly as required.

Customisation / Options

Ways to improve any corrugated postal packaging

Even if specifying custom packaging, there are a number of options you can select to enhance your postal boxes further.

This includes numerous fittings and inserts – everything from fixed dividers to custom designed integral fittings and even foam inserts.

Printed postal boxes

1, 2 or Full Colour Printing

Add logos, graphics, instructions and more

Specialist packaging coatings

Specialist Surface Coatings

Water, static, abrasion & corrosion protection

Foam end caps

Foam Inserts / End Caps

Highest levels of protection in transit

Cardboard box dividers

Adjustable Divider Sets

Enhance space and packing efficiency

Integral fittings

Integral Cardboard Fittings

Protect and present your products

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