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Flexi-Hex bottle packaging sleeves

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Flexi-hex bottle packaging sleeves and postal box
Flex-Hex bottle pack
Close up of Flexi-Hex honeycomb structure
Flexi-Hex postal sleeves with boxes and a wine bottle
Flexi-Hex bottle packaging components
Flexi-Hex sleeve around a bottle

If you send significant volumes of glass bottles via post or courier services, Flexi-Hex bottle packaging sleeves offer you a sustainable alternative to polystyrene and other plastic-based packs.

The Flexi-Hex bottle packaging sleeve is an innovative honeycomb structure that protects bottles during shipping. Quick and easy to use, the unique design means Flexi-Hex sleeves can expand to accommodate various bottle sizes. Flexi-Hex is made entirely from paper and thus recyclable and biodegradable. Read more


Plastic free packaging
Biodegradable packaging
Recyclable packaging
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Plastic free packaging
Plastic free
Biodegradable packaging
Recyclable packaging
PAP 22 paper packaging symbol

About Flexi-Hex bottle packaging

Flexi-Hex bottle packaging sleeves utilise a unique, paper-based honeycomb structure to protect bottles during shipping.

The design of these sleeves allows them to provide protection similar to polystyrene and polyethylene inserts. This performance can help prevent breakages when sending glass bottles via couriers and postal services.

Their efficient use of material also means that Flexi Hex bottle packaging is considerably more cost-effective than similar pulp-moulded packaging.

Fulfilment and staff efficiency

Besides protecting your wine bottles or other drinks during transit, Flexi-Hex can also improve your business productivity.

Firstly, Flexi-Hex is supplied flat, minimising storage requirements before use. Secondly, the sleeves are easy to assemble, with staff simply opening them before placing them over the bottles you are sending. Thirdly, the expanding design accommodates most bottle sizes and designs.

This final point is particularly advantageous if you ship spirits or other decorative bottles. It also allows you to use Hexi-Flex bottle packaging to send your entire range of different products, minimising your packaging inventory.

Flexi-Hex bottle packaging is ideal if you send bottles from your vineyard, brewery, distillery or eCommerce store. They are compatible with single-bottle boxes and multi-bottle boxes with dividers.

Environmental benefits of Flexi-Hex

Flexi Hex is entirely plastic-free and typically uses up to 85% recycled materials.

Flexi Hex, being paper-based, is also fully recyclable. The material allows for easy disposal by your customers in kerbside collections along with the outer corrugated box.

And finally, as well as ease of use, the attractive and unique appearance of Flexi Hex bottle packaging sleeves provides a memorable unboxing experience for your customers.

Advantages of Flexi-Hex bottle sleeves

  • Innovative hexagonal cell structure prevents damage and breakages.
  • It provides protection comparable to polystyrene and similar inserts.
  • Cost-effective compared with pulp moulded packs and other similar inserts.
  • Quick and easy for your staff to assemble.
  • Flat-packed to minimise storage.
  • Standard sleeves work with a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes.
  • Compatible with multi and single-bottle postal boxes.
  • Suitable for vineyards, distilleries, micro-breweries and eCommerce sellers.
  • Manufactured using 85% recycled material.
  • 100% recyclable in kerbside collections.
  • Also plastic-free and biodegradable.
  • Attractive appearance and ease of use for your customers.
Plastic free packaging

Plastic free packaging

Flexi-Hex is fully paper based, using no plastics or other materials.

Biodegradable packaging


The paper material used in the manufacture of Flex-Hex bottle sleeves is biodegradable.

Recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging

End users can recycle Flexi-Hex bottle sleeves and outer packs in kerbside bins.

Packaging with recycled content

Recycled content

Flexi Hex inserts typically contain around 85% recycled material content.

Lightweight material

Lightweight material

The structure of Flexi-Hex ensures it is lightweight, helping reduce CO2 transport emissions.

Packaging manufactured in the UK

UK manufactured

Flexi-Hex is manufactured and sourced within the UK, minimising transport emissions.

PAP 22 paper packaging symbol

Paper/Corrugated cardboard

Your Flexi-Hex sleeves use only paper materials in their manufacture.

FSC® certified

Flex-Hex bottle packaging sleeves use FSC® certified materials.

What material is Flexi-Hex?

Flexi Hex is a fully paper-based solution using around 85% recycled material. The paper forms an expandable hexagonal structure to provide strength and durability when protecting items in transit. Being completely plastic-free, Flexi-Hex is easy to recycle in appropriate kerbside bins.

How do you use Flexi-Hex bottle sleeves?

Flexi hex bottle sleeves are incredibly easy to use. You simply stretch open the sleeve and place it over the bottle you are sending. Then, place the bottle and Flexi-Hex sleeve in a standard outer shipping carton before despatch.

Is Flexi-Hex recyclable?

Flexi-Hex sleeves are both recyclable and biodegradable, using only paper in their manufacture. Your customers can recycle Flexi-Hex in the same recycling bin as cardboard and paper.

Does Flexi-Hex provide adequate protection for bottles?

Flexi-Hex bottle packaging sleeves provide high compression resistance. Its honeycomb structure also means it has a comparable level of protection as polystyrene inserts and pulp moulded packaging. It is, however, considerably lower in cost than both alternatives and is fully recyclable (unlike polystyrene).

Tailored Flexi-Hex pricing

Although Flexi-Hex is available in standard sizes, there are several factors why you cannot find pricing on this website.

The amount you require, whether you also need outer bottle packaging boxes, any printing requirements and even where you are based can all influence your price.

Free quotes and advice

However, treating each business as an individual allows GWP to tailor any quote to your specific requirements. It also ensures that your business’s specific criteria or needs are considered and provided for. All quotes are free and have no obligation, too.

You can also source all your bottle packaging from GWP, including single-bottle boxes and bottle boxes with dividers.

If you would like to see how cost-effective this approach can be, please contact a GWP packaging specialist today.

Please note: Minimum order quantities (MOQs) apply to these Flexi-Hex bottle packaging sleeves. The exact number is dependent on the size and options you select. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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