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GWP supports Cirencester College career ready scheme

GWP supports Cirencester College career ready scheme

GWP Group is proud to support Cirencester College’s Career Ready programme

GWP Group is working with Cirencester College to support a programme that enables students to develop the skills they need to join the world of work.

Cirencester College is participating in Career Ready, a national employability programme that currently has almost three thousand participants across the country.

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What is Career Ready?

Career Ready is a UK wide charity that creates links between employers and schools and colleges in the UK. The charity aims to open up the world of work to young people.

The charity offers a structured programme of study for 16-19 year olds that sits alongside the students’ school or college coursework. The programme is delivered by employer volunteers who provide masterclasses, mentoring, workplace visits and internships to the students in order to help them enter the world of work.

Participating in Career Ready is beneficial for students and employers. The students gain valuable skills that will help them to secure employment after leaving college, whilst the employer volunteers have the opportunity to develop their own management and mentoring skills as well as getting an early glimpse of the next generation of potential employees.

Career Ready at Cirencester College

Cirencester College is participating in the Career Ready programme and offers programmes in Business, IT, Finance, Sport and Engineering. In 2014 the college received a national award for being the top Career Ready provider in the country. The programme enables Cirencester College to focus on raising career awareness and enabling students to reach their career aspirations – two things that can sometimes be lacking from the standard curriculum.

GWP Group’s involvement

GWP Group is involved in the Career Ready programme in two ways – the first being by hosting an intern. Cirencester College student Megan Spencer spent three weeks in the marketing team during the summer. Megan had to apply for the role thorough a competitive recruitment process before being offered the internship. Experiencing the recruitment processes, including a formal interview, gave Megan valuable experience to draw upon when applying and interviewing for jobs once her college studies are completed. Megan got a taste of life in GWP Group’s busy marketing team, learning about marketing and its role within business and providing support to GWP’s Marketing Manager, Matt Dobson during her internship.

GWP Intern

The second way that GWP Group is supporting Cirencester College’s Career Ready programme is through mentoring. Ruth Cook, Managing Director of GWP Packaging will be mentoring students on the business programme, providing support and guidance to them about the world of business.

I am very much looking forward to starting the mentoring programme and supporting the college students in their learning and development. Getting real experience in the world of work is extremely valuable to young people these days and I am happy than I can help by providing guidance to students on the business programme.

Ruth Cook | Managing Director, GWP Packaging

Other ways GWP Group supports learning

GWP Group is committed to providing opportunities through apprenticeships and internships as well as offering development opportunities to staff members.

Chris Ricketts, now an integral part of the GWP Group maintenance team, completed his apprenticeship with GWP Group, passing his mechanical engineering course with flying colours and being named the 2014 Manufacturing Craft Apprentice of the Year by Wiltshire College.

More recently Ryan Webb, an Estimator for GWP Packaging, has completed a level two apprenticeship in Business Administration. GWP Group also has three staff undertaking a leadership development programme and another member of staff about to start a level three apprenticeship in Business Administration.

For further information on the Career Ready programme and Cirencester college please follow the links below.



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