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Cost effective, durable picking / shelf bins in a range of industry standard sizes

Your business can now benefit from a number of the most commonly ordered sizes of Correx® parts bins being in stock at GWP. This allows you to order and take delivery of standard sized of picking bins (also commonly referred to as K Bins or LinBins) within forty-eight hours of an order being placed.


These stock shelf bins are the perfect alternative to traditional cardboard parts bins. With a vastly increased lifespan and surprisingly low prices, the lifetime costs to your business will be considerably lower due to their enhanced longevity. Besides this, plastic shelf bins are also resistant to moisture, oil, grease and can be easily cleaned.

With the ubiquity of e-commerce, consumers expect products ordered online to be with them in 48 hours - or even less. Whilst this puts pressure on couriers, it also has an impact on the time your business has to pick and pack orders. Correx® bins can help...

A cost effective and durable solution for your stock picking requirements

The stock Correx®  Shelf Bins range is an extremely cost effective solution. The most popular sizes of bin are held in stock at an extensive warehouse/manufacturing site in Cricklade, Wiltshire. This means there are no upfront design or tooling costs to be covered (as with custom sizes).


The Correx® material construction also ensures the shelf bins cost considerably less than moulded plastic bin options. In fact, the pricing is comparable to cardboard parts bins, whilst offering greater strength and durability.


Every Correx® Parts Bin held in stock is robust, durable and hardwearing. This means that your shelf bins will be a long-lasting solution to any storage or stock picking application.

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Benefits of Correx® Stock Shelf Bins

  • Forty-eight-hour despatch
  • Tougher and longer lasting than cardboard
  • Cheaper than moulded plastic
  • Stock sizes that will fit most racking and shelving
  • Large stock range, guaranteeing short lead times
  • Designed by expert design team with over twenty years Correx® experience
  • Custom sizes / designs available on request

Applications and Uses

View a selection of the stock sizes of Correx® Shelf bins available from GWP within 24 hours. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

Versatility and Performance

The stock range of plastic bins fit most common racking and shelving. As such, they are the perfect solution for practically any application, in any industry sector.


From manufacturing operations to workshops, e-commerce fulfilment to mail order distribution, Correx® plastic shelf bins come in a range of sizes to suit. This ensures they are designed to fit a wide range of contents.

stock shelf bin data

Plastic Bin Dimensions & Technical Info

For a summary of information, key benefits and customisation options available with Correx® totes, please click below to download a PDF datasheet.

Prices and Size Guide Table

Stock Shelf Bins


Part No.

Size (LxWxD)

Up to 100




Picking Bin QB6100


620 x 100 x 190mm





Picking Bin QB6150


620 x 150 x 190mm





Picking Bin QB1300


150 x 300 x 190mm





Picking Bin QB2300


200 x 300 x 190mm





Picking Bin QB3300


310 x 300 x 190mm





Picking Bin QB3100


310 x 100 x 190mm





Picking Bin QB3150


310 x 150 x 190mm





Picking Bin QB6300


645 x 315 x 200mm





Please Note:


  • All bins are manufactured from 3mm Correx® (fluted polypropylene) material.
  • All bins are supplied in black. Custom colours available on request (subject to order volume)
  • All prices are ex works / ex VAT

Compatibility with Q Pick system

GWP Correx® bins are fully compatible with the Q Pick system. This is arguably the easiest way to organise and store your stock.


Q Pick can benefit your business in many ways from reducing the time it takes to find an item to lower the effort of picking orders for dispatch.


In simple terms, Q Pick allows your business to work quicker, smarter and more effectively. Correx® stock bins can be fitted into the Q Pick system in a variety of configurations. This enables your storage and stock picking needs to be precisely met.

Free Guide: 10 ways the wrong picking bins are costing you money

More Information – custom sizes, designs & options

Should you not the see the exact size/shape of K Bin that you are looking for above, then you can specify a custom pick box/bin to your exact requirements.


These can be tailored to suit your specific products, your existing warehouse space or racking, or to any size that will aid the productivity and efficiency of your operations.


Please click the links at the bottom of the page to get further details on the custom picking bin options available, or to send your requirements to a member of the GWP team.

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