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Stock shelf bins

Small Parts Bins.

Better picking, organisation & efficiency

Correx® shelf bins (also commonly referred to as K Bins or Lin-Bins) can vastly improve order picking, part protection and organisation of your inventory.

Besides this, parts bins manufactured from Correx® are the perfect alternative to cardboard. With a vastly increased lifespan and surprisingly low prices, the lifetime costs to your business are much lower due to their enhanced longevity. Besides this, plastic shelf bins are also resistant to moisture, oil, grease and easily cleaned.

01: Key Benefits.

Custom Correx® shelf bins to improve inventory management...

There are a number of benefits to your business of using Correx® shelf bins.

Firstly, using this material ensures greater protection for your parts during storage and retrieval, means that the bins last longer (reducing overall costs) and are resistant to moisture and other liquids. They are also much easier to clean than other material such as corrugated K Bins.

Regardless of the material being used however, small parts bins provide a number of inherent benefits. They allow for organisation of your stock, parts or components, aid quick visual stock checks, and can help make more efficient use of space in your racking or workshop.

Advantages of Correx® Parts Bins

  • Tougher and longer lasting than cardboard
  • Cheaper than moulded plastic
  • Stock sizes that will fit most racking and shelving
  • Custom sizes / designs available on request
  • Large material stock holding, guaranteeing short lead times
  • Designed by expert design team with over twenty years Correx® experience

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02: Improve Efficiency.

Improve the efficiency & speed of your stock picking and fulfilment

One of the key reasons for using shelf bins to improve your business efficiency and productivity. But how do they help to achieve this?

The main benefit is the reduced time it takes to find parts, components or products. This can be actually be achieved in a number of ways.

Firstly, by segmenting your inventory, it makes parts much easier to find (rather than rummaging through various parts / ranges to find a specific item). This is further enhanced by using different coloured bins which allow for even quicker identification of where a specific item is likely to be.

Secondly, and by using space more efficiently, parts are generally kept closer together. Whilst this minimises storage costs, it also means staff have less distance to travel to get the parts or products they require.

Order picking bins
Shelf bins are also often referred to as order picking bins, due to their widespread use in ecommerce and order fulfilment applications

There are a number of other benefits too however.

This includes quicker stock takes (which even applies to quick, visual stock checks), and aids employee safety through the lightweight bins being easy to handle.

Ultimately, using parts storage bins will improve the organisation of your inventory, allowing easier, quicker retrieval which effectively means improved productivity.

Engineered to aid your efficiency

  • Improve picking times or manufacturing productivity through quicker retrieval of items
  • Add print or labels etc. to further increases picking efficiency
  • Segment ranges, parts or stock using different coloured bins (or match your brand)
  • Aid handling by employees due to lightweight Correx® material
  • Reduce storage requirements, making parts more accessible
  • Available on short lead times, perfect for coping with sudden peaks in demand
What GWP Correx customers say about us

With the ubiquity of e-commerce, consumers expect products ordered online to be with them in 48 hours – or even less. Whilst this puts pressure on couriers, it also has an impact on the time your business has to pick and pack orders. Correx® bins can help…

03: Part Protection.

Maximise the cost effectiveness of your picking bins / system

Besides the gains in efficiency you are likely to see by using parts bins, there is another very important benefit you can take advantage of – that of part / product protection.

Keeping your parts or products in bins can help to protect them from moistures, liquids and dust / debris that may be present in your warehouse or picking location (if the bins have closed tops / lids this can be improved further.

This is one of the key benefits of using Correx® shelf bins over cardboard K bins, in that they are resistant to oil, grease and most chemicals as well as moisture / liquids.

Plastic shelf bins
Plastic shelf bins offer excellent protection for your inventory when kept in storage

Besides this however, using Correx® shelf bins can actually keep spills and leaks in the bin. Whilst this might sound counter intuitive, what this actually does is contain the leaked product, keeping the parts or products in adjacent locations safe and dry / clean. This also minimises clean up times too.

What’s more, Correx® shelf bins are easy to clean, so if they do get dirty they can be wiped clean using most standard cleaning products. This is in contrast to corrugated cardboard, whereby if the bin gets dirty or damp (or worse), it is simply discarded.

These properties inherent in Correx® also make this type of storage bin perfect for medical and clean room applications. This is suitability is further enhanced due their compatibility with refrigeration and cold store applications.

Protection for your parts, products and components in storage

  • Resistant to moisture, liquids, oil and grease
  • Also resistant to most chemicals, allowing for storage of specialist products / stock
  • Can contain spillages / leaks within the bin, protecting adjacent stock and reducing clear up times
  • Easily cleaned (unlike corrugated), further enhancing longevity
  • Ideal for medical applications and clean room
  • Can be used in applications such as refrigeration / cold storage

04: Low Cost Picking Bins.

Cost effective storage and picking solutions tailored to your business

Investing in picking bins or racking containers of any kind is a big decision.

Obviously the price varies, depending on what material type and design you decide to use, but whichever you look at it, Correx® parts bins offer the best combination of performance, longevity and lifetime cost.

Correx® bins can be manufactured to have comparable strength to moulded plastic bins, but at considerably lower costs.

And even at their most basic, they last far longer than cardboard bins as well as being easy to clean. What this means is that due to the enhanced lifespan, their overall cost – although higher at point of purchase – is lower over the course of their lifespan.

Correx small parts bins
Correx® small parts bins offer improved longevity over cardboard K Bin type options, meaning their overall "lifetime" cost tends to be lower

There are other cost benefits too however.

This includes custom sized shelf bins – tailored to your products, available space or both – maximising your storage space. Not only does this mean you are not paying to store fresh air, but your staff have to travel less distance to retrieval l the parts they need.

Using custom sizes to fit your existing racking also eliminates the need for further investment to ensure everything is compatible.

Finally, Correx® bins (and admittedly cardboard) can be supplied and stored flat. This can minimise they space required when not in use, and provide flexibility if your storage requirement changes at different points in the year.

A long lasting solution to minimise lifetime costs

  • Standard structural designs optimise material usage and costs
  • Maximise storage space using custom sizes tailored to your product / workspace
  • Considerably longer lifespan than cardboard K bins, and can be cleaned
  • Significantly lower cost than moulded plastic, but with comparable strength / lifespan
  • Can be supplied assembled to save labour time, or flat packed to reduce storage / transit costs
GWP Correx picking bins guide

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…picking bins are costing you money. Get your free guide detailing all 11 ways you could be losing money, and what to do about it. Click below to download now.

05: Uses / Applications.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for Correx® Shelf Bins

View a selection of the custom Correx® picking, parts and shelf bins manufactured and supplied by GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view

06: Custom Shelf Bin Options.

Options and further customisation for Correx® parts bins

Whilst GWP Correx® can supply shelf bins in the common, industry standard sizes, we find a much better solution is to design and manufacture picking bins which are bespoke to your requirements.

As mentioned previously, this has a number of benefits including space efficiency, compatibility with any existing setup, and having them tailored towards resolving and particular challenges you may be facing.

What it also means is that you can choose from a wide range of specific options at the outset, which can further improve the performance of your shelf bins.

For example, you can choose the colour of your picking bins from a wide range of colours. This means that you can match your brand appearance, or perhaps even better, choose different coloured to bins to segment different parts of your product range.

Correx pick face wall
Besides the wide range of custom options for shelf bins, you can also specific bespoke stacking pick boxes to create a "pick face wall"

Printing can also be added to Correx® bins (something which is difficult to do with moulded plastic) which again can feature your brand, or specific instructions or product info as required. Labelling is also an option here, and can be more cost effective you would like specific part numbers on your bins, or your inventory is frequently being updated.

The final main option for your bins is to make them even more space efficient.

This can be through the use of internal dividers, further segmenting parts within an outer bin, or through designing stacking features into the bin. Plus, if using dividers, these can be manufactured from specialist materials such as Bubble-board, which offers anti scuff properties to protect the surface finishes of the parts kept within.

GWP Correx pick bin guide

Free Guide

11 Reasons You Should Be Using Correx® Pick Bins

Get your free guide highlighting the 7 often overlooked ways in which using Correx® Pick Bins can have a positive impact on your business. Download it now…

07: About GWP Correx®.

A Correx® stacking pick bin specialist

Put simply, GWP Correx® is the leading independent designers and manufacturers of Correx® products.

This covers everything from picking and parts containers, to supply chain totes, dividers, trays and even retail packaging.

We employee an in house team of designers each of whom have very specific knowledge of the characteristics of Correx®, ensuring that whatever product you source from GWP, you can be certain it is of the highest quality and tailored to your specific requirement.

Picking bin manufacturers
As well as being picking bin manufacturers, GWP also offer a wide range of additional plastic handling and storage products

Besides this, you can benefit from short lead times, no MOQs, the highest levels of customer support and a range of services such as just in time inventory management, cost reduction strategies and even full packaging audits.

Further Reading...

Find Out More.

Get advice from a Correx® picking bin specialist

if your warehouse, production line or even workshop isn’t as organised as it could be, or you are finding cardboard parts bins just aren’t robust enough, then get in touch to see how Correx® shelf bins could help.

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