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Bulk Shipping / Movement of Goods

Cardboard pallet boxes manufactured to custom requirements

Bespoke corrugated cardboard pallet boxes – being easy to manoeuvre and able to handle weights of up to 1,000kg – are perfect for bulk shipping of multiple items.

Unlike sellers of stock items, GWP will manufacture your pallet boxes to bespoke requirements – strength, size, height, external print or adding specialist coatings (to protect from abrasion, corrosion & moisture). Pallet boxes can also be supplied / stored flat when not in use to reduce your warehouse storage requirement. Read More

Available Colours:

Brown Kraft Cardboard
Single Colour Print
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FSC Packaging manufactured by GWP (certificate FSC_C161914)

This product
can be
FSC® certified
on request


More information on Cardboard Pallet boxes

If your business already bulk ships products, or even exports to Europe or beyond, you will understand the challenges this poses. Preventing transit damage, keeping products together and maintaining cost effectiveness, are all of critical importance.

Fortunately, pallet boxes (and pallet optimised boxes) can help with this, plus offer additional benefits.

Cardboard pallet boxes are, effectively, a large, double walled carton that is attached to a timber pallet.

Made from double wall stitched corrugated board for strength, pallet boxes are perfect for shipping both multiple items in a fewer, large consignments, as well as heavy and / or bulky products.

The double wall corrugated board typically used offers excellent durability and strength, so that you can be confident that your products will be fully protected during storage and transportation.

There are also various options for surface coating – adding resistance to moisture, protecting metal contents against rust (VCI) and even reducing the risk of items surfaces becoming marked or scuffed.  This is in addition to the ability to include printed branding and / or handling instructions too.

Custom pallet box manufacturers

However, the way GWP typically approach the design / manufacture of your pallet boxes (and any industrial packaging you require)is to have a team of expert packaging designers to analyse your products and operations. They will then design your corrugated packaging with the specific strength, durability, and using the most cost-effective material for your specific requirements.

This approach will almost always result in minimised transit damage, less stock written off as un-sellable, fewer returns and, ultimately, enhanced satisfaction for your customers.

Regardless of your chosen size, design or requirement, cardboard pallet boxes are usually supplied as a composite pack with a cap, sleeve and tray.

As such, the boxes come with the bottom tray mounted on an integral wooden pallet. Whilst a standard sized four-way entry pallet is commonly specified, pallet boxes can be tailored to fit the specific pallets that are used throughout your operations and supply chain.

Whatever pallet is chosen, they will be heat treated and conform to export standards, giving you further peace of mind. In fact, you can either ask GWP to source the pallets you require or supply them yourselves for use as part of your pallet boxes.

Key Benefits of Custom Pallet Boxes at a glance

  • Double (or triple) wall construction ensures excellent strength & protection during transit
  • Calculated strength and performance help to eliminate costly transit damage
  • Minimises the costs associated with damaged stock / customer returns
  • Easy for forklift trucks to manoeuvre, ensuring efficient warehousing and logistics
  • Wide range of surface finishes and branding potential
  • Custom designed to suit commonly used pallets or your specific products
  • Engineered to hold weights of up to 1,000kg
  • Ideal for the shipping of multiple smaller items, or large bulky products
  • Can be folded flat when not in use to minimise storage and return shipping costs


Pallet size data

Quarter Pallet (typical footprint): 600mm x 500mm or 600mm x 400mm

Half / Full Pallet (typical footprint): 1200mm x 1000mm

Please note – sizes can be tailored to specific pallet sizes as required


Questions about Pallet Boxes

The below section covers some of the most commonly asked questions when discussing pallet boxes.

However, if you still require further details or information, please speak with one of the product advisers at GWP who will be happy to help.

What is a pallet box?

Also commonly referred to as bulk packaging or export packaging, pallet boxes are as the name would suggest – a large box attached to a pallet. Typically made from corrugated cardboard, pallet boxes can be collapsible to reduce when in storage, but when assembled allow for easy packing of items for shipping.

What are the standard pallet sizes?

Standard pallet sizes tend to be 600mm x 500mm (quarter pallet), 1200mm x 1000mm (full) or 1200mm x 800mm (CHEP / Euro pallet). Whilst GWP can obviously make pallet boxes to suit these sizes, this still provides scope for custom heights, strengths, printing etc.

Are pallet boxes different from pallet displays?

Pallet boxes are typically used for bulk shipping of products (which means they are often used as export packaging). This shouldn’t be confused with Pallet Displays, which are a form of POS where cardboard display stands are constructed on a pallet for the sale of items in supermarkets and other retail spaces.

Can I print on my pallet boxes?

Any pallet box that you source from GWP can be fully customised with a number of printing and branding options. Typically, a one- or two-colour flexographic print is used to add branding, instructions etc. in a cost-effective manner during manufacture.

Can I source plastic pallet boxes?

If a corrugated cardboard pallet box is not exactly right for your requirement, you can also source Correx® plastic equivalents from GWP. However, it is also possible to coat corrugated cardboard pallet boxes with various coatings (waterproof, corrosion inhibiting etc.) to improve performance if required.

Tailored Pricing / Specification

Source cardboard pallet boxes for your business

As part of a larger group of companies, by working with GWP Packaging your company can also source a much broader range of industrial packaging than just corrugated cardboard pallet boxes.

From engineered foam to multi trip Correx® handling products, anti static packaging to waterproof plastic cases, you can source your entire packaging requirement from a genuine single source supplier.

This is in addition to a range of packaging services designed to reduce your company’s ongoing costs and streamline your operations.

What’s more, you can get free, no obligation quotes for any packaging requirement, as well as receiving expert, impartial advice on the best packaging solution for your specific application.

Custom Pallet Boxes

Options for enhancing your Pallet caps / sleeves

As well as benefitting from custom designed pallet boxes, you can also enhance any bulk packaging you source from GWP in a number of ways. Please see below for the most commonly requested options.

Image coming soon

Custom Printed Pallet Boxes

Add branding, instructions and other info

Waterproof cardboard packaging

Liquiguard Water Proof Cardboard

Add resistance to moisture, oil and grease

Anti abrasion cardboard coating

Anti Abrasion Coating

Protect items from surface scuffs / marking

Anti corrosion cardboard coating

VCI Corrosion Inhibitor

Protection for ferrous metal items against rust

Alternative Industrial Packaging

Similar industrial / transit packaging options available

pallet optimised boxes

Pallet Optimised Boxes

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Cardboard pallets

Corrugated Cardboard Pallets

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Double wall cardboard boxes

Double Wall Boxes / Cartons

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Triwall Boxes

Triple Wall (Tri-wall) Boxes

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Correx totes

Correx® Handling Totes

Correx packaging colours

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details


Rapitainer™ Multi Trip

Correx packaging colours

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

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