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Pallet box with fittings

If you transport larger items of specialist equipment, products or other high-value items, pallet boxes with fittings are a great option.

Pallet boxes with fittings commonly include foam inserts, cardboard dividers and cradles, and other dunnage. The fittings improve protection by bracing and cushioning the contents and can also aid in packing and unpacking. Combined with custom-sized outer pallet boxes, they are suitable for a vast range of industrial applications. Read more


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Recyclable packaging
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Packaging manufactured in the UK
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Biodegradable packaging
Recyclable packaging
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About pallet boxes with fittings

Any pallet box you source from GWP – either standard sizes or fully bespoke – is compatible with various custom fittings.

Options include custom-designed cardboard cradles and fittings that brace your equipment or products within the outer pallet box. These inserts help to prevent damage by eliminating movement of your items within the outer box. Clever design can also create a void around the product, helping to cushion from mishandling.

However, you can add foam end caps, inserts and linings to your pallet boxes to transport more fragile or expensive items. Pallet boxes with foam inserts add a high level of cushioning protection, preventing damage caused by shocks, vibration and impact during transit.

The protection of the fittings is, of course, in addition to that provided by the outer pallet box itself.

Regardless of the material, an expert team of packaging designers create your pallet boxes with fittings. Your fittings are tailored precisely to the requirements of your product or equipment, being the perfect size and shape to provide the optimum level of protection.

Besides transit protection, pallet boxes with fittings can be easier and quicker to pack and unpack. We can even include features such as ramps that allow you to easily manoeuvre heavy items out of the pallet box. As well as improving usability, this can reduce your labour costs through greater efficiency.

Pallet boxes with fittings also offer all of the benefits of standard pallet boxes. Features include two or four-way pallets for ease of movement between factory, transport and warehousing facilities. Pallets can be ISPM 15 treated, making them suitable for export. All wood-based materials can be FSC-certified on request.

As such, pallet boxes with fittings are ideal for large medical equipment, specialist machinery, large industrial parts such as engines or aerospace components, and many other parts and products.

Key benefits of pallet boxes with fittings

The main features and benefits of pallet boxes with fittings include:

  • Range of insert options, from cardboard cradles to foam lining and inserts.
  • Tailored precisely to your products or equipment by a team of experienced designers.
  • Fittings eliminate transit damage by bracing and cushioning contents.
  • Fittings can also aid in packing and unpacking.
  • A durable outer corrugated box provides additional protection.
  • Including timber pallets allows for easy handling in warehouse and production environments.
  • ISPM heat-treated wood for suitability for export.
  • Ideal for industrial applications, large medical equipment and specialist items.
Recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging

Cardboard pallet boxes are recyclable at appropriate recycling facilities.

Biodegradable packaging


The corrugated cardboard and timber used in the manufacture of this packaging is biodegradable.

Packaging with recycled content

Recycled content

Corrugated cardboard typically contains between 50 to 70% recycled material.

Packaging printed with water-based inks

Water based inks

GWP use water based inks when printing your pallet boxes in-house.

Packaging manufactured in the UK

UK manufactured

GWP manufacture your pallet packaging in the UK, reducing emissions from transport.

Reusable packaging product


The durable nature of pallet boxes means they can often be reused over multiple trips.

PAP 20 corrugated packaging symbol

Paper/Corrugated cardboard

The box element of your pallet boxes uses paper-based materials (corrugated cardboard).

50 FOR wood packaging symbol


The pallet element of your pallet boxes is made using wood (typically plywood).

FSC logo as used on FSC certified packaging

FSC® certified

You can choose to have your pallet boxes made using FSC certified materials.

What type of fittings can you include in pallet boxes?

You can choose a wide range of fittings to add to standard or custom pallet boxes. Most commonly used are bespoke cardboard fittings and various foam end caps, inserts and linings.

Can fittings be added to any pallet box?

You can choose to add fittings to any pallet box. For standard-size options (such as Euro pallet boxes), fittings can fill any empty space around your product or equipment, helping to prevent damage. Fittings can also be produced alongside custom-sized pallet boxes to provide a fully bespoke solution.

Do fittings prevent damage in transit?

Both cardboard and foam fittings can help to prevent damage in transit. They achieve this by preventing the movement of your equipment or product within the outer box and bracing it against shock and impact. Foam inserts take this a step further by adding cushioning protection too.

Can pallet box fittings be recycled?

Any corrugated cardboard cradles or inserts in your pallet boxes are fully recyclable. Whilst foam is also recyclable, you must take any inserts of this type to a specialist recycling facility.

Prices for pallet boxes with fittings

As GWP designs and manufactures pallet box fittings to be perfectly compatible with your specific product or equipment, it is impossible to list prices on this website. The material types and strengths, the weight and fragility of your items, the conditions it is likely to face during transit, and even the pallet box size influence the fittings we will create for you.

Free quotes and advice

So that you can ascertain the costs of your custom pallet boxes with fittings, our team will be able to supply no-obligation quotes on your proposed solution.

Besides this, a team of designers and knowledgeable support staff provide impartial advice on the best solution for your specific application. This approach ensures you get not only a tailored solution but a tailored price, too.