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If you are struggling to find suitable packaging, have a requirement outside of the ordinary, or have a specific problem, a range of specialist packaging products can help.

Specialist packaging is that which has been developed for a very specific purpose. Specialist packaging includes spools for wound products (such as cabling), boxes designed for transporting hazardous goods, and packs that utilise a range of different materials (composite packaging). Specialist packaging is custom-designed to provide a precise level of performance for a specific task or application.

With more than 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing specialist packaging products for a vast range of industries, GWP allows you to source packaging that provides the performance you need and is unique to your business.

Specialist corrugated packaging

Composite packaging

Composite packaging

Custom sizes
Multi-material packs

Corrugated cardboard spools

Cardboard spools

Custom Sizes
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UN approved packaging

Custom sizes
Dangerous goods certified

Fibreboard boxes

Fibreboard boxes

Custom sizes
Def Stan 81-15

Timber frame wraps

Timber frame packaging

Custom sizes
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Cardboard pallets

Cardboard pallets

Custom Sizes
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Crash lock boxes

Crash lock boxes

Custom Sizes
Easy assemble

Tamper proof packaging

Tamper-proof packaging

Custom Sizes
Easy assemble

Tri-Mite boxes

Tri-Mite system

Custom sizes
Taped joints

FSC cardboard bottle boxes with dividers

Bottle packaging

Custom sizes
Various options

Sealed Air Tempguard

Temperature controlled

Custom sizes
Various options

Foam alternative


Custom sizes
Foam alternative

Other specialist packaging

Ammo tins

Ammo boxes

Standard sizes
UN part nos.

Correx gable box

Correx® boxes

Custom sizes
Various designs

Liquiguard waterproof cardboard coating applied to corrugated material

Corrugated coatings

5 x options
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Fibrease® wood foam

Custom sizes/designs
Various applications

Corstat chip box containing a small PCB

Anti-static packaging

Stock range
500+ options

What types of specialist packaging are available?

Specialist packaging comes in many forms. Options include composite packs that utilise more than one type of material, boxes tested per specific regulations (such as UN-approved packaging) or even paper-based alternatives to plastic packaging products.

What is composite packaging?

Composite packaging uses more than one type of material in its construction. Composite packaging is typically produced to meet the specific requirements of a single product or application, offering a tailored level of protection.

Can I use specialist packaging to replace plastics?

Many specialist packaging products can replace plastics. For example, corrugated cardboard spools are an alternative to plastic reels. You can also use specialist fittings to replace foams and other difficult-to-recycle void fill.

Can I get pre-production samples of specialist packaging for testing?

All products and packaging designed and manufactured by GWP can have pre-production samples produced before full manufacturing. This approach allows for testing and helps to ensure complete satisfaction before committing to a finished design.

Are NDAs available for new projects?

GWP Group are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for any project you would like to work with us on. Doing so is a process GWP has followed many times when helping companies with bespoke items or bringing new products to market.

Expertise in specialist packaging

Although the focus of GWP’s business has been creating traditional transit, industrial, eCommerce and retail packaging, the expertise and knowledge of the materials used make it possible to create a wide range of specialist packaging products. These include those completely bespoke and not commercially produced before.

With free advice and guidance on the suitability and performance of specific material grades and types, GWP can ensure new requirements are a commercial success thanks to an established, award-winning design team.

Plus, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are available to protect new designs and products, ensuring full confidentiality at every stage of the process.

Sustainability focus

With a pressing need to become sustainable (as well as meeting increased consumer demand for environmentally sound solutions), many organisations are looking to move away from plastics and other similar materials.

Specialist packaging products from GWP can replace plastic bins, cable reels, pallets, and even void-fill packaging such as foams and polystyrene.

Switching to paper-based versions of these products can frequently reduce costs alongside the environmental benefits while maintaining performance levels.

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