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Fibrease® by Stora Enso – wood foam

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Fibrease wood foam
Recyclable gift box foam
Wood foam packaging
Recyclable foam inserts
Fibrease temperature controlled packaging
Recyclable foam inserts

Switching to recyclable, sustainable foam packaging, such as Fibrease® wood foam, could significantly benefit your business, customers and environment.

Fibrease® is a wood fibre based foam material. Businesses can use it as a range of recyclable foam packaging products, such as inserts for retail applications, that replace plastic polymer-based equivalents. Individuals can easily recycle Fibrease® foam in existing paper streams, including kerbside collections, without separating from the outer corrugated packaging. Read more


Recyclable packaging
Lightweight material
Size optimised packaging
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Recyclable packaging
Lightweight material
Size optimised packaging
Size optimised
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About Fibrease® wood foam

Fibrease® foam is the first foam packaging material made from wood fibres. Using FSC-certified wood, the material is sustainable and a genuinely recyclable foam packaging option.

The benefits of this are significant.

Firstly, it satisfies the growing demand amongst your customers for truly sustainable foam packaging.

Secondly, it lets your customers easily recycle their packaging in household waste streams. End users simply place the outer box, plus foam inserts or lining into the same recycling bin as paper and cardboard.

And thirdly, Fibrease® substantially reduces C02 emissions compared to plastic based foams”.

Fibrease® foam performance

Of course, these environmental benefits would be of little use if Fibrease® foam did not protect your products in transit. Fortunately, the material provides good damping and cushioning properties.

These characteristics mean that items you ship arrive safely with your customers. The material is particularly suited to fragile and lightweight products. Adequate protection in transit also lessens the environmental impact associated with shipping returns and replacements.

The material can be converted in many ways, meaning it is possible to create recesses matched to the specific products you are shipping.

Fibrease® wood foam also offers good levels of thermal insulation. This property suits temperature-controlled packaging for meal kit deliveries, groceries, fresh produce subscriptions and other temperature-sensitive items.

Benefits of Fibrease® wood foam

The benefits of Fibrease® wood foam are:

  • Made using renewable wood sources.
  • FSC-certified wood with a wood fibre content of 80%.
  • Easily recycled in existing paper/cardboard streams, including kerbside collections.
  • Replacing open-cell foams such as polyurethane can reduce or eliminate UK plastic packaging tax fees.
  • Can be sawn, die cut, and waterjet cut as per plastic-based foams.
  • Substantially reduced CO2 emissions compared with plastic-based foams.
  • Good damping, insulative and cushioning properties.
  • Ideal for use as void fill or retail presentation packaging.
  • Also suitable for insulating food and other temperature-controlled deliveries.
Recyclable packaging


Fibrease® wood foam is recyclable alongside outer cardboard boxes in household paper collections.

Lightweight material

Lightweight material

Fibrease® foam is lightweight, minimising CO2 emissions from transportation.

Size optimised packaging

Size optimised

Fibrease® can help minimise outer pack sizes by providing better protection than most void fills.

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Paper + Plastic

Fibrease® foam uses a mix of paper and plastics in its compostition (80% wood fibres).

FSC® material

Fibrease® recyclable foam is made from FSC-certified wood sources.

What is Fibrease® made from?

Fibrease® packaging foam is manufactured by Stora Enso using wood fibres. It consists of wood fibres, along with several binding agents.

Does Fibrease® protect as well as plastic foams?

Fibrease® offers cushioning protection and absorption of vibration and impacts comparable to many polymer-based foams currently available. However, for some high-value applications, where the contents are very fragile, specialist or expensive, plastic foams such as Plastazote may be more suitable.

Can Fibrease® be recycled in kerbside collection bins?

Individuals can place Fibrease® foam into household recycling streams for paper. This includes collections in kerbside recycling bins. As such, recycling for the end user – your customers – is much easier.

Can Fibrease® be used for temperature-controlled packaging?

Fibrease® provides excellent insulative properties, making it a great and sustainable choice for temperature-controlled packaging. It is ideal for home delivery of meal kits, fresh produce and other temperature-sensitive items. Unlike options such as wool cool, household recycling streams accept the outer box and insulation.

Is Fibrease® wood foam sustainable?

Fibrease® wood foam uses Nordic wood from renewable and sustainable sources. All material used to produce the foam is also FSC certified, indicating it comes from well-managed forests.

Fibrease® foam packaging prices

The nature of the recyclable foam packaging and inserts produced using Fibrease® means that fully bespoke options tailored to your specific products provide the optimum presentation and performance.

However, this also means that it is only possible to indicate pricing after considering the design and an estimating process.

However, you can ask for a free, no-obligation quote for any Fibrease® foam packaging you require. Not only will this give you an idea of how it compares with plastic-based foams but is also be as cost-effective as possible (as you will only pay for the exact amount of material required).

Foam conversion experts

As part of Macfarlane Packaging, GWP Protective is amongst the first UK foam converters to offer this material. By working with us, you can significantly improve the sustainability of your foam packaging and satisfy the growing demands of your customers.

GWP are also one of the UK’s most well-established foam converters. Alongside creating foam inserts, end caps and packaging using traditional materials such as Plastazote, Ethafoam and Stratocell, you can now source biodegradable and recyclable foam packaging too.

So if you need the most suitable foam inserts or packaging for your business, please get in touch.

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