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7 Reasons to Use Correx® Picking Bins.

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7 ways that using Correx® picking bins can enhance your business

Whilst traditionally businesses have turned to cheap solutions such as corrugated cardboard, or very expensive options such as moulded plastics, for their picking bins, these are two extreme ends of the scale that do not suit many operations.

Having exponentially grown in popularity over the last few years, Correx® picking bins provide not only a suitable solution for businesses of all sizes and types, but can also reduce costs too.

This 13 page guide highlights all of the benefits you can expect to see if you source (or switch to) using Correx® picking bins at your company.

GWP Correx picking bin guide
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How will you make sure you maximise the efficiency of you staff? How will you ensure you have the storage capacity necessary? Will your stock be protected well enough? Will your budget cover what you need? Correx® can help with all of this and more.

Download your guide to learn the following

  • Achieve the best balance between upfront and “lifetime” cost
  • Enhanced protection for your inventory
  • Ease of handling and storage
  • Strategies for aiding your order fulfilment team
  • Increased lifespan and longevity

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