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Peli™ Storm Case™ Buying Guide

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Choosing a Hard Equipment Case

Full product details & info on Peli™ Storm Case™

For a huge range of applications, Peli Storm™ is GWP Protective’s recommended case.

Peli Storm Case™ are virtually indestructible, water tight, boast a huge range of features and are supplied with a manufacturers lifetime guarantee. Besides this, these rugged equipment cases can be further enhanced with custom foam inserts.

This Peli Storm case buying guide covers all of the information you will need when deciding whether these protective cases are the best option for your business.

Please use the links to the left or continue reading below for details. Alternatively, click here for a full Storm Case size chart.

Peli Storm case detailed buying guide

What are Peli Storm Cases?

Market leading waterproof equipment cases

Originally developed and manufactured by Hardigg™ (who were purchased by and incorporated into the larger Pelican Products in 2009), Storm Case now sits as the premium option within the range of Peli cases (with Protector being marketed as the “original” waterproof case, and Peli Air being a lighter weight option).

Manufactured using a unique, high performance material (dubbed HPX resin), Storm cases not only offer exceptional protection but also an arguably more attractive appearance than the other cases in the Peli range.

Available in 23 sizes – including a number of specialist options specifically for guns and rifle – you can also specify Peli Storm cases in 4 colours.

Hardigg storm case
Peli Storm Case (formerly Hardigg Storm Cases) are incredibly durable, hard wearing, and packed with features

All of the models within the range are fully waterproof (IP67 rated), have undergone extensive testing, and are provided with a manufacturers lifetime guarantee.

Larger cases also include inline wheels and telescopic handles for easier handling, meaning they are widely used in industries including military, emergency services, medical, engineering, specialist manufacturing and many others.

And finally, whilst providing high levels of protection as standard, Storm Cases are often enhanced with the inclusion of custom foam inserts manufactured from Plastazote® polyethylene foam. This allows for the optimum level of protection for your tools, equipment and / or products.

Peli Storm Case Video

Key details and features in under 2 minutes

Please watch the brief video below for a quick overview of the Peli Storm Case range. You can also watch this video (and others) on the GWP Group YouTube channel.

Peli Storm Case Features

Ultimate protection plus exceptional usability

Storm case are amongst the leading waterproof case brands when it comes to the number of features offered as standard.

These can generally be split into 3 areas; features that help to protect your items, those that help to improve the usability of the case, and a range of more intangible benefits that can contribute to a more successful operation / business.

Please see the diagram below and accompanying notes for this most prominent of these features.

Peli Storm Case Features

HPX Resin Shell: Arguably the most important feature of the Peli Storm Case range is the exterior HPX™ resin outer shell. This offers protection not only from shock and impact – being exceptionally durable and tough – but when combined with the O Ring seal means that the cases are also completely watertight too.


Press and Pull Latches: The “press and pull” latches, unique to Storm Case, are both exceptionally easy and comfortable to use, but will not become brittle or snap at low temperatures either.


Vortex Pressure Relief Valve: The vortex pressure relief valve automatically adjusts the pressure between the inside and outside of the case. This is ideal if the case is to be transported in the hold of an aircraft (or submerged for a prolonged period) and prevents damage to the contents or the case “popping” open.


Soft Grip Handles: Storm cases boast double layered, soft grip handle(s), providing durability whilst also maintaining comfort during use.


Inline Wheels: The inline wheels on larger cases improve manual handling of the case, even when fully loaded. The wheels, whilst exceptionally durable, can also be replaced if they become damaged.


Pad-lockable Hasps: All Peli Storm cases feature padlock-able “hasps” which allows for a range of locks to be used to secure the case. This can be particularly important for protecting expensive, sensitive or even dangerous items, or for larger cases which may be placed in the hold of aircraft (and can be used with TSA locks).


Telescopic Handle: Larger cases that feature inline wheels will also typically come with a built-in telescopic handle (in addition to the other standard handles). This allows for the cases to be pulled along more easily and makes transporting heavy kit much easier.


O Ring Seal: The O ring seal – when combined with the HPX resin shell – means that the entire Storm Case range is completely dust and watertight. In fact, being IP 67 rated, means that any tools, products, and equipment will be protected not only from water / moisture, but also from dust and fine particles too.


Lifetime Guarantee: All of these features are complemented by a full manufacturers’ lifetime guarantee (as found on all Peli™ Cases too). This means that should the case be damaged in any way – a feat in itself – it will be replaced or repaired free of charge. So besides reducing the costs incurred through transit damage, the free repairs / replacements also ensure minimised “lifetime” costs when purchasing these cases.

Peli Storm Case Performance / Testing

Military standard testing results and accreditations

View detailed information on the various controlled tests / results conducted to military specifications in the section below.

Drop Test

Description: A series of 26 drops, one on each corner, edge, and face, from 19” to 30”, depending on the gross weight of the case, with loads of 15 lbs to 70 lbs., (depending on the case size).

Specification met: Fed-Std-101C, Method 5007.1, Paragraph 6.3, Procedure A, Level A. Procedure A

Falling Dart Impact

Description: A dart weighing 13.22 lbs. with a 1.25” hemispherical end was dropped on each case from 19.68”

Specification met: ATA 300, Category I, “General Requirements for Category I and II Reusable Containers”

extra tough equipment cases
The extensive testing of Peli Storm cases - including falling dart impact - ensures the cases are incredibly tough and hard wearing

Vibration (loose cargo)

Description: Each case was vibrated for 20 minutes per axis. 1-inch peak to peak at around 4.75 Hz

Specification met: FED-STD-101C, Method 5019

Vibration (sweep)

Description: “Vibration Test for Category I containers – Vibration tests shall be conducted on Category I containers in accordance with ASTM Designation D-999, Procedure B, within the range of 5 to 50 cycles per second for a period of not less than two (2) hours”

Specification met: ATA 300, (Jan 15/96), which states in Appendix II, B.4

This test also exceeds the specifications listed in MIL-std-648C and may also fulfil ISO 8318 and ISO 2247

Simulated Rainfall

Description: Four inches of rain per hour for 20 minutes each side. This was followed by a 4-hour test at 4” per hour on the top. Both tests saw the case heated to 18°F higher than the water temp

Specification met: MIL-STD-810F, method 506.4, Procedure II of 4.1.2 and Fed-Std-101C Method 5009.1, Sec 6.7.1


Description: A 1-meter immersion for 1-hour with the case being heated to 40°F higher than the water temperature.

Specification met: Mil-STD-810F, method 512.4 Fed-Std-101C

waterproof equipment cases
The extensive testing has also shown that Peli Storm are completely watertight (rated to IP67)

Standard Options

List of standard options for Storm Cases

Peli storm lid organiser

Lid Organiser

Improve organisation
Ideal for documents
Laptop strap
Various configurations

Peli storm padded dividers

Padded Dividers

Organise items
Various configurations
Basic protection
Secure contents

Peli Storm bezel kit


Slot in mounting
Plastic or metal
Screw fixings
Remains waterproof

Peli storm case strap

Shoulder Strap

Fits most cases
Min 106 cm
Max 201 cm
Padded section

Peli storm pick pluck foam inserts

Pick N Pluck™

Cubed foam inserts
Easy to modify
Lid and base
Basic protection

Customisation & Inserts

Bespoke options, including engineered foam

Peli storm case foam inserts

Custom Foam Inserts

Fully bespoke
Eliminates damage
Plastazote® material
UK design / production

Printed peli storm cases

Print / Branding

Add logos etc.
Include instructions
Digitally printed
Cut vinyl graphics


Example uses, industries and applications for Peli Storm case

Due to their strength and durability, Storm Case™, whether with foam or bezel kits, are ideal for use in a wide range of industries.

These include Electronics, Video Broadcast, Aerospace, Chemical / Petroleum, Marine, Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Services, Military / Government, Sports and Recreation, Public Safety, Photography, and many others.

Please see below for further details of key industries where these cases are utilised.

Maintenance / Service Engineers

Perhaps the most common and widespread use for Peli Storm is use as rugged / waterproof equipment case.

Modified with custom foam inserts, Peli Storm cases can provide the highest levels of protection for important, expensive, highly calibrated and / or specialist equipment. This in turn minimises the costs associated with damage, replacing kit, and the potential for project delays.

Foam inserts can also help to prevent the loss of tools on site, with foam shadow boards quickly highlighting if an items is missing from the case.

Peli storm case service engineers
Peli Storm Case is ideal for service and maintenance engineers that need to take specialist tools / equipment on site


Whilst Peli Protector cases are commonly cited as the original military case, Peli Storm are now widely used by defence forces throughout the world too.

Being ideal to protect a huge range of items (everything from weaponry to medical equipment, electronics and comms devices, and much else besides), providing reliable protection from moisture, dust, impact and mishandling can literally be the difference between life and death.

Peli storm military cases
Peli Storm cases are widely used by military and defence forces throughout the world

Emergency Services

Peli Storm cases are also widely used by emergency services. Many of the features that make these cases suitable for military applications also lend themselves to use by police forces and security teams, for example.

However, medical responders and firefighting units will also commonly use these cases for the protection of important, life saving equipment that needs to be transported and used on location.

Offshore / Marine

One of the key benefits of Peli Storm cases is their IP67 rating (meaning it is completely resistant to water and dust entering the case).

For this reason, industries including offshore oil and gas, naval forces, surveying, diving, recovery and many others in and around bodies of water will use Peli Storm Cases to protect important items.

Another benefit to note here is that these cases will also keep water in – meaning they can be used to transport wet equipment without leaking into dry vehicles or storage areas.

storm waterproof equipment cases
Due to being completely waterproof (IP67 rated), Storm Case is frequently used in marine / offshore environments

Extreme Sports

With the popularity of extreme sports increasing (and many competitors turning professional), participants and support teams in such competitions are increasingly using waterproof cases such as Peli Storm to protect important gear. This often includes the media teams covering the events).

Photography / Broadcasting

Although traditionally flight cases were used for broadcasting and performance (and still are in many cases), the increasing coverage of remote locations and environments means they are too heavy and unwieldy for these types of applications.

The answer – Peli Storm Cases!

cases for broadcast
Peli Storm cases offer a great balance between usability and protection, making them a popular alternative to traditional flight cases

Expedition / Remote Travel

There is perhaps no environment more unforgiving than the sub-zero temperatures of the Antarctic.

But this is exactly what twelve wounded servicemen – accompanied by Prince Harry – faced when they took part in Walking with The Wounded’s Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge last December.

The expedition saw three teams of wounded servicemen and women race 335km to the South Pole.

All participants needed to carry with them valuable possessions and equipment such as personal cameras and satellite phones, which had the potential to be damaged through shock, impact, moisture ingress and general mishandling, not to mention the extreme temperatures.

GWP Protective donated 30 Storm Cases to the charity, which raises funds to train the wounded, injured and sick, assisting them to find a career outside the Military.

Alternative Waterproof Cases

Other protective case options available

Peli Protector Cases

Peli™ Protector

The world’s most popular waterproof case option

Explorer 4419 Case

Explorer Cases

Cost effective, durable cases with Italian design

Nanuk cases

Nanuk Cases

Newest case option, packed with standard features

SKB cases

SKB Cases

Durable, widely used protective cases for all applications

EXOCase waterproof flight case


Innovative waterproof flight cases made to any size

Hardigg rota mould

Hardigg Roto Mould

Heaviest duty, rotationally moulded waterproof cases

Protective cases

All Waterproof Cases

Click here to see the full range of waterproof cases


Are Peli Storm Cases suited to your business / application?

Although sharing a number of features and design elements with competing hard shell equipment cases, Peli Storm Case offer a number of unique benefits to your business.

As such, the key features and benefits of the Storm Case range is as follows:

  • IP67 rated to prevent damage caused by water, dust or moisture
  • Ultra tough HPX resin exterior shell which protects against mishandling
  • Vortex pressure relief valve to equalise pressure in and outside the case
  • Pad-lockable mouldings to also eliminate theft of contents
  • Specific bezels and mounting kits to house delicate/expensive electronics safely
  • Carry on approved for security/safety during international travel
  • Press and pull catches that will not become brittle or snap at low temperatures
  • Comfortable soft grip handles and inline wheels on larger cases to aid manual handling
  • Manufacturer’s (Peli / Hardigg) unconditional lifetime guarantee

Official (yet independent) Storm Case distributors

If you need Peli Storm cases for your business, GWP Protective can help. As official distributors, it allows you to source and customise the full range from an experienced, UK based supplier.

However, GWP can also offer you the widest range of branded protective cases in the UK, being able to source practically any case you require.

Being independent means that not only can you select from a much wider range of transit products, but it also means you can receive genuinely impartial advice on the best case for your specific products, application and budget.

In short, an experienced team will ensure that you always select the best option.

Durable travel cases
Regardless of your industry or application, GWP will be able to help you select and source the optimum protective case

Besides this, with over twenty-five years’ experience in the successful design and manufacture of custom engineered foam – particularly for the transit of high value items – you can be certain that any solution supplied by GWP Protective will guarantee specific levels of protection for your items.

Your business also will see tangible benefits from working with an experienced case and foam design team, a well invested and modern production facility, and being able to source both case and foam from a single supplier (reducing costs, admin and improving compatibility).

And finally, you can ask for free, unbiased advice – and no obligation quotes – on any job, large or small. Please get in touch today to see how we can help.

Buying Info

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Alternative Case Options

Foam Inserts

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