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SKB cases

Tough Plastic Cases.

The most cost effective waterproof case

Amongst the newest waterproof cases on the market, SKB Cases have quickly forged a reputation for high levels of performance & competitive pricing. The level of protection afforded to your tools and equipment can, of course, be further enhanced through the use of customised foam inserts.

Increasingly being used in military and marine sectors, SKB Cases are a great choice for a huge range of applications where there is a need to keep expensive, delicate or important items safe from damage.

01: Key Benefits of SKB Cases.

Why should you use SKB Cases?

Although amongst the newest of the waterproof case brands available SKB have already been adopted in a huge number of industries. Particularly popular as instrument and drone cases, SKB case have a number of features and benefits you can take advantage of.

Features and benefits of Explorer Cases at a glance

  • Completely watertight – IP67 rated
  • Competitively priced
  • High levels of protection from impact, shock, water and dust
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Additional bespoke foam inserts provide extra levels of protection
  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Suitable for an extensive range of uses
  • Excellent reputation

Free Advice / Quotes.

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    What GWP Protective customers say

    I need to carry all sorts of fragile and sensitive equipment, from comms gear to cameras to medicines. Without GWP’s case, I would not only have risked damaging important kit, I could imperil an entire expedition. The cases were light, strong & reliable, a must-carry on any expedition.

    C. Downey | Polar Guide

    02: Why Use SKB Cases?

    Waterproof cases offering the highest level of performance

    SKB cases are recognised within the market as being one of the most popular waterproof cases available today. As a challenger to the more established Peli™ and Storm Case™, SKB cases demonstrate a variety of features and benefits although one that they are renowned for is offering high levels of protection against impact, shock, dust and water.

    Predominantly used as dust and waterproof cases, SKB cases are suitable for an unlimited range of uses and are the ideal choice if you have delicate or expensive equipment that needs to be kept safe.

    Available from GWP Protective in a wide range of sizes and with additional customised foam engineered inserts, you can carefully select the protective case that suits your individual requirements.

    Free Guide: GWP Protective 15 considerations for protection

    Download: 15 Crucial Considerations...

    …when protecting your high value, fragile or business critical tools, products or equipment. Find out how you can eliminate transit damage and reduce costs too

    03: SKB Case Features.

    Equipment cases that also offer exceptional usability

    The SKB range is recognised within the market as a hardwearing, high-quality solution for any application.

    Carefully engineered by an experienced team, SKB cases provide uncompromising quality and extremely high levels of protection ensuring that they are waterproof and resistant to impact, shock and dust.

    This attention to detail is also reflected in the handle, catch and hinge designs, all of which have been created to be not only durable and long-lasting, but also to be incredibly easy to use as well.

    There are also a number of specialist case types in the range, including those suitable for musical instruments, sports equipment, fire-arms and even drones!

    Besides this, SKB has built up a reputation as being one of the best waterproof case manufacturers on the market whilst demonstrating exceptional protection in any situation.

    04: Custom SKB Case Options.

    Custom foam inserts, electronics bezel kits, branding and more

    SKB cases offer a number of potential customisation options straight out of the box.

    This includes bezel kits for mounting electronics within the case, shoulder straps on smaller cases, divider sets and cubed foam inserts (whereby you can easily modify the foam yourself).

    However, a key benefit of working with GWP Protective is that you can source custom foam inserts for SKB cases that are tailored specifically to your product, and can also provide a very specific (calcultaed) level of cushioning protection during transit.

    From an aesthetic point of view, it is possible of course to select from the different standard case colours available, but also a completely bespoke hue if your order volume is high enough.

    Your foam inserts can also be tailored to match your brand colours, and aid with tool / product identification.

    Laser etching on the foam can also add logos and instructions, whilst the cases exterior can be enhanced with screen or digital printing, or labelling (including vinyl wraps) as a cheaper option.

    SKB case datasheet

    Summary Info / Datasheet

    Download the PDF Datasheet to view detailed information on the various certification / quality standards etc., plus see a full list of sizes & model details.

    05: SKB Case Size Chart.

    A table of sizes, weights, part numbers and colour options

    Please see below for a full list of model numbers, sizes and additional information, or alternatively download the datasheet above for the information in PDF format

    3i Range Size Guide

    SKU / Case Ref. Internal Size (mm) External Size (mm)
    SKB 3i-0907-4 241 x 188 x 105 273 x 246 x 122
    SKB 3i-0907-6 241 x 188 x 156 271 x 246 x 173
    SKB 3i-1209-4 305 x 229 x 114 335 x 282 x 132
    SKB 3i-1309-6 343 x 241 x 165 374 x 303 x 196
    SKB 3i-1510-6 381 x 264 x 152 413 x 329 x 172
    SKB 3i-1610-5 406 x 254 x 140 436 x 309 x 158
    SKB 3i-1711-6 432 x 292 x 152 464 x 350 x 173
    SKB 3i-1813-5 470 x 330 x 121 500 x 389 x 139
    SKB 3i-1813-7 470 x 330 x 178 503 x 394 x 200
    SKB 3i-1914-8 483 x 365 x 203 540 x 426 x 250
    SKB 3i-2011-7 518 x 291 x 191 556 x 355 x 229
    SKB 3i-2011-8 518 x 291 x 210 557 x 355 x 229
    SKB 3i-2015-7 521 x 394 x 191 566 x 457 x 211
    SKB 3i-2015-10 521 x 394 x 254 582 x 457 x 293
    SKB 3i-2217-8 559 x 432 x 203 618 x 495 x 225
    SKB 3i-2217-10 559 x 432 x 267 622 x 492 x 310
    SKB 3i-2217-12 559 x 432 x 324 618 x 495 x 365
    SKB 3i-2222-12 572 x 572 x 318 630 x 635 x 359
    SKB 3i-2317-14 584 x 432 x 356 651 x 495 x 397
    SKB 3i-2617-12 662 x 432 x 305 726 x 508 x 347
    SKB 3i-2918-10 737 x 457 x 276 801 x 529 x 318
    SKB 3i-2918-14 737 x 457 x 356 803 x 521 x 400
    SKB 3i-3026-15 781 x 660 x 394 856 x 725 x 416
    SKB 3i-3614-6 927 x 368 x 152 992 x 427 x 174
    SKB 3i-4214-5 1080 x 368 x 140 1142 x 431 x 161
    SKB 3i-4217-7 1080 x 432 x 178 1146 x 494 x 212
    SKB 3i-4909-5 1245 x 229 x 127 1279 x 293 x 148
    SKB 3i-5014-6 1283 x 368 x 152 1347 x 431 x 174

    3R Range Size Guide

    SKU / Case Ref. Internal Size (mm) External Size (mm)
    SKB 3R1919-14B 483 x 483 x 368 572 x 572 x 429
    SKB 3R2216-15B 559 x 406 x 381 634 x 482 x 425
    SKB 3R2217-10B 559 x 432 x 267 648 x 521 x 305
    SKB 3R2222-12B 559 x 559 x 305 646 x 645 x 346
    SKB 3R2222-20B 559 x 559 x 508 648 x 648 x 584
    SKB 3R2423-17B 620 x 584 x 432 451 x 675 x 476
    SKB 3R2424-24B 610 x 610 x 610 708 x 708 x 676
    SKB 3R2727-18B 686 x 686 x 457 787 x 781 x 521
    SKB 3R2727-27B 686 x 686 x 686 787 x 781 x 750
    SKB 3R2817-10B 730 x 445 x 270 805 x 539 x 308
    SKB 3R3025-15B 762 x 635 x 381 855 x 730 x 425
    SKB 3R3214-15B 813 x 368 x 400 895 x 447 x 454
    SKB 3R4024-18B 1016 x 610 x 457 1111 x 711 x 521
    SKB 3R4024-24B 1016 x 610 x 610 1109 x 709 x 667
    SKB 3R4417-8B-EW 1118 x 432 x 203 1168 x 533 x 244
    SKB 3R4530-24B 1143 x 762 x 610 1245 x 864 x 667
    SKB 3R4909-5B-E 1257 x 229 x 140 1295 x 318 x 178
    SKB 3R5030-24B 1270 x 762 x 610 1353 x 864 x 667
    SKB 3R5212-7B-EW 1334 x 308 x 203 1372 x 394 x 232
    SKB 3R6218-10B-EW 1575 x 457 x 254 1657 x 559 x 330
    SKB 3R6223-10B-EW 1575 x 584 x 254 1696 x 679 x 330

    Summary Info / Datasheet

    Sizes, weights, part numbers and more

    Download the PDF Datasheet to view detailed information on the various controlled tests/results conducted to military specifications, or see a full list of sizes & model details.

    06: SKB Case Alternatives.

    Wide range of additional options, including Peli & Explorer

    Being one of the newer waterproof cases on the market – alongside the Nanuk range – means there are actually a number of alternative brands available.

    Unlike many case suppliers, by being independent GWP protective can actually allow you to source the widest range of protective cases from a single source. This isn’t limited to waterproof cases however, and covers aluminium, lightweight plastic, flight cases and other custom built options.

    What’s more, GWP can provide you with genuinely impartial advice on the best protective case solution for your specific project, application or market.

    EXOcase logo
    Explore case logo
    Hardigg case logo
    Nanuk case logo
    Peli case logo
    Peli Storm case logo
    Free Guide: GWP Protective 15 considerations for protection

    Free Guide

    15 crucial considerations for protecting your items

    Get your free guide highlighting the 15 critical points to consider when protecting high value tools, products or equipment.

    07: GWP Protective.

    More than just a waterproof case supplier

    Any company could sell you a waterproof case. So why get yours from GWP Protective?

    Well, there are a number of compelling reasons.

    First of these is that GWP has been in business for over 25 years. In this time we have helped literally thousands of companies just like yours in sourcing the most suitable protective case for their application, product or industry.

    Further to this, being an independent company means that we can offer you a wider range of cases than you can find elsewhere, and can give honest, impartial (and free) advice on the best option for your specific requirement.s

    Waterproof case with foam
    Waterproof cases with foam offer not only protection from water, but from shock, impact and mishandling too.

    Perhaps even more important than this though, is the you having the ability to source case and foam inserts from a single supplier.

    But why is this important?

    Crucially, it means the fit and compatibility between case and foam is greatly improved compared with sourcing them separately. Buying together also reduces costs, minimises admin and lowers lead times.

    Add this to an experienced design team, services such as just in time supply and a dedicated customer support team, and the choice of where to get your cases from seems obvious…


    Free, no obligation advice…

    Click below to discuss your upcoming requirements, difficulties you are facing or to simply get advice from one our experts.


    More information on SKB Cases with foam inserts

    Find out more about how SKB cases can protect your equipment, or get a free, tailored quote, by speaking with a member of our team.

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