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B&W Outdoor Case Buying Guide

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Selecting a Budget Waterproof Case

Full product details / overview of B&W cases

One of the newer options in the waterproof segment, B&W cases are widely seen as a low cost, almost budget solution.

But that would be doing these cases a disservice. They are in fact packed with a huge range of features, comparable to the more premium case options from Peli, Explorer etc. Combined with extensive testing and accreditation to varying standards, B&W Outdoor Cases are a great choice regardless of your budget or intended use.

This B&W Outdoor Case buying guide looks to collate all of the information you could need regarding these protective cases, enabling you to ascertain whether they are suitable for your business / application.

B&W case detailed buying guide

What are B&W Cases?

Cost effective, hard shell equipment cases

One of the newer waterproof cases available – being developed in 1998 – these German designed cases are one of (if not the most) cost effective ways to protect your important tools, products, or equipment.

Despite their competitive price points however, the real benefit of B&W cases is the sheer amount of features and benefits that have been incorporated into them.

Using an exceptionally tough polypropylene material (PP) and advanced manufacturing techniques, B&W cases are available in a range of 15 standard sizes. However, there are also specialist cases for audio equipment, for use as toolboxes, and even a unique case that is effectively a portable source of power.

B&W cases

Furthermore, B&W cases are one of the very few options available if you need to safely transport hazardous goods, including lithium batteries. The cases can be supplied with the relevant UN certification (UN3480 / 3090) for this purpose and have also been tested to a wide range of military standards.

B&W Cases are also IP67 rated (making them completely water and dust resistant) and are provided with a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty / guarantee.

And finally, any B&W case can be enhanced and customised for increased suitability to a specific application. This includes custom foam inserts., bezel kits, lid organisers, print and labelling, and even a kit that allows the cases to be wall mounted or worn as a back pack!

B&W Outdoor Case Video

Brief overview of B&W Outdoor cases

Please watch the brief video below (approx. 3 minutes) of B&W cases in use.

Please note that this video is provided by B&W / Berg & Ocean.

B&W Case Features

Cost effective without sacrificing performance

Many users of tough cases such as those offered by Peli, SKB etc, may overlook B&W cases due to their low price points – and the assumption that there must be some compromise in terms of features or protection.

That would be a mistake, however.

As the diagram and accompanying notes below highlight, B&W cases boast all of the features (and some extra) that you would expect of a high end, premium case solution.

B&W Case Features

Polypropylene outer shell: The tough polypropylene material used for the construction of the case ensures that they are dimensionally stable, extremely tough, and particularly long-lasting / durable. Besides this, it means they have an operating temperature of between -30 °C and +80 °C.


Stackable: The moulded, interlocking patterns on the case exterior allow for B&W cases to be more easily stacked than many of the alternative options. This improves safety and efficiency (in terms of space requirements) when the cases are in storage or transit.


Pressure release valve: The integrated pressure relief valve will equalise the pressure between the inside and outside of the case. This not only makes it ideal for the cases to be placed in the hold of an aircraft (stopping the case from “popping” open), but also helps if the case is submerged underwater for a prolonged period of time.


Padlocks: Moulded eyelets allow for all of the B&W cases to be secured using standard padlocks (sold separately).


Rubberized handles: The rubberised handles provide excellent levels of comfort, aiding usability for the end user (particularly on the larger / heavier cases).


Hinges (including quick release): Whilst the standard hinges are robust, long lasting and easy to use, there is also the option of detachable / quick release hinges. These allow the lid of the case to be completely removed if required.


Easy to use latches: The latches have been designed to be easy to operate, and to last across many thousands of uses.


Inline wheels: The larger cases in the B&W range feature inline wheels to improve the handling / movement of the case.


Telescopic handle: Larger cases (i.e. those that feature wheels) also include a telescopic handle as standard. Again, this allows for easier movement and handling of the cases, which when fully loaded, can be relatively heavy.


Seal: An all-round seal ensures that the cases are fully water and dust tight (with an IP67 rating). This ensures that contents of any B&W case are kept safe and dry.


Guarantee: Finally, all of the B&W cases are backed with a 30 year, manufacturers guarantee. This warranty means that should you somehow damage the case, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

B&W Outdoor Case Testing / Certification

Testing and accreditation to exacting standards

Besides the wide range of features packed into the B&W outdoor cases, they have also undergone extensive testing.

This means that, in addition to their 30-year guarantee, you can be certain they will provide an exceptional level of protection / performance.

Please see below for the full list of accreditations:

  • STANAG 4280
  • DEF STAN 81-41
  • ATA 300
  • IP67 Rated
  • UN approval certificates UN 3480/81 & UN 3090/91 available on request

Standard Options

List of standard options for B&W Outdoor Cases

B&W case organisers

Lid Organiser

Improve organisation
Ideal for documents
Laptop strap
Various configurations

B&W case dividers

Padded Dividers

Organise items
Various configurations
Basic protection
Secure contents

B&W bezel kit


Slot in mounting
Plastic or metal
Screw fixings
Remains waterproof

Shoulder Strap

Fits most cases
Min 106 cm
Max 201 cm
Padded section

Pick N Pluck™

Cubed foam inserts
Easy to modify
Lid and base
Basic protection

Ruck-Sack Kit

Back-pack kit
Adjustable straps
Comfort padding
Easy handling

Wall Mount

Slot in mounting
Mount on wall
Screw fixings
Remains waterproof

Customisation & Inserts

Bespoke options, including engineered foam

Peli storm case foam inserts

Custom Foam Inserts

Fully bespoke
Eliminates damage
Plastazote® material
UK design / production

UN approved B&W case

Hazardous Goods

UN Approval
UN3480 / UN3090
Cirrux Inserts
Lithium ion battery use

Print / Branding

Add logos etc.
Include instructions
Digitally printed
Cut vinyl graphics


Uses and industries B&W Cases are suited to

There are a wide range of different industries, markets, products, and applications to which the B&W outdoor case range is well suited.

The combination of performance, features and cost effective price points make them ideal for those on a tight budget and for those whose items simply cannot be damaged alike.

Please see below for further details of typical applications where these cases are used.

Service Engineers

Service engineers typically fall in to one of two camps. Either they use fairly low cost, generic tools and equipment (and would likely transport these using a lighter weight carrying case), or they have expensive, specialist items that could cost thousands of pounds.

In the latter scenario, these tools are typically carried in a durable, waterproof case. Whilst traditionally this would be one of the more well-known brands – such as Peli, SKB, Storm or Explorer – the use of B&W cases is increasing fast.

Custom foam inserts are also typically included, as they can not only enhance protection further, but also aid usability (i.e. helping to identify tools etc.).

B&W tough case
The B&W Tough case range is widely used by service engineers and technicians across a broad range of industries

Military / Defence

B&W cases are widely used by the Dutch military, as well as numerous other armed forces around the world.

Their durability and reliability have seen them used in mission critical applications where damage to kit or equipment (such as specialised comms gear) could prove potentially threatening to life.

The fact that the cases are also accredited to varying military standards also means that their performance levels can be relied on, as well as protecting items in all environments (including those which are particularly wet, or especially dry / dusty). Further benefits include the “backpack” kit, as well as bezels for mounting specialist electronics within the case.

Emergency Services

In a similar vein to military use, B&W cases are also often used by paramedics and other emergency services.

The reasoning here is similar to the widespread use by military forces, in that certain material becoming damaged simply cannot be countenanced. Safely transporting equipment such as defibrillators can literally be the difference between life and death in some circumstances.

Offshore / Oil & Gas

Whilst typical service engineers will face varying challenges, for those working in the offshore / oil and gas industry the extremes faced will make a suitable case all but essential.

With very specialised kit and tools – not to mention the harsh conditions – B&W cases are perfect for ensuring equipment does not become damaged and there are no delays to projects or deadlines.

B&W Waterproof cases
Although Offshore / Oil & Gas employees will not encounter conditions such as the above (hopefully!), B&W cases do provide a fully waterproof, IP67 rated solution

Photography / Broadcasting

With more and more documentaries and even YouTube videos being shot on location, getting often expensive photographic or audio / visual equipment there and back safely is becoming increasingly important.

B&W cases not only allow for efficient transit of such items, but will also ensure the highest levels of protection for any kit too.

B&W pro-audio cases
B&W Pro-Audio cases (which can be supplied with pre-configured foam for popular equipment) are being used more and more in broadcasting applications

Extreme Sports & Expeditions

Finally, B&W cases are being used increasingly for extreme sports and expeditions. Whilst this includes the media teams covering such events, the wide operating temperature range has also seen them starting to be used for journeys into extreme conditions (such as deserts, polar regions etc.).

B&W outdoor cases
B&W Outdoor cases are excellent for extreme supports and travelling to harsh environments, thanks to their wide operating temperature range

Alternative Waterproof Cases

Other protective case options available

Peli Storm case

Peli™ Storm Case™

GWP Protective’s recommended waterproof case

Peli Protector Cases

Peli™ Protector

The world’s most popular waterproof case option

Explorer 4419 Case

Explorer Cases

Cost effective, durable cases with Italian design

SKB cases

SKB Cases

Durable, widely used protective cases for all applications

EXOCase waterproof flight case


Innovative waterproof flight cases made to any size

Hardigg rota mould


Heaviest duty, rotationally moulded waterproof cases

Nanuk cases

Nanuk Cases

Newest case option, packed with standard features

Protective cases

All Waterproof Cases

Click here to see the full range of waterproof cases


Should you consider B&W cases for your business?

Although facing tough competition from other waterproof cases, B&W make a compelling “case” for using theirs.

Please see below for the key features and benefits of these cases.

  • IP67 rated to prevent damage caused by water, dust, or moisture
  • Durable polypropylene outer which protects against mishandling
  • Automatic pressure relief valve to equalise pressure in and outside the case
  • Pad-lockable eyelets to help prevent theft of contents
  • Specific bezels and mounting kits to house delicate / expensive electronics safely
  • Wide range of standard options (straps, bezels, labels, pick and pluck foam etc.)
  • Comfortable rubberised handles and inline wheels on larger cases to aid manual handling
  • Extensive testing and accreditation
  • Can be used for safe transit of hazardous goods / lithium batteries (UN3480 / UN3090)
  • Manufacturer’s (B&W) 30-year warranty

Official B&W Case distributors

GWP Protective are proud to be amongst the few official distributors of B&W cases in the UK.

This means that you can source the full range of Outdoor cases from us, alongside any customisation that you may require (including branding and foam inserts, for example).

However, GWP Protective are an independent supplier. This means that, unlike many other UK based case companies, we are able to provide not only a wider range but also completely impartial advice on the best protective case for your application, industry or budget.

B&W cases with foam inserts
Any B&W Outdoor case that you source from GWP Protective can be further enhanced with custom foam inserts

Put simply, you can rely on a team of experienced case experts to help you choose the optimum case for your specific requirements, with no bias or hidden agendas (just trustworthy advice).

Alongside this, with more than 25 years’ experience in the manufacture of high performance foam inserts, GWP can enhance any case you require and provide precise levels of protection whatever tools, equipment or products you need to protect (or present).

All of this is complemented by free quotes and advice on any case / foam combo that you may need.

So, if any or all of this sounds as though it could help you at your business, please get in touch with a GWP adviser today.

Buying Info

All Waterproof Cases

Alternative Case Options

Foam Inserts

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