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W.AG Twist Case Buying Guide

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Choosing your Sample Case(s)

Full product details on W.AG Twist cases

If you consider all of the different brands, sizes, colours and other options, there are literally thousands of plastic sample cases to choose from. This can understandably be somewhat daunting.

Twist cases are one the various options provided by the German manufacturer W.AG alone (alongside Tekno, Jazz, Beat and others).

The following guide looks to set out the key criteria that can help you make an informed decision on whether they are right for your business.

WAG Twist detailed buying guide

What are WAG Twist Cases?

Plastic carry cases ideal for presenting samples

With the plastic carry case market being flooded with options, it is difficult for an individual case range to stand out.

However, that is exactly what WAG have manged with their Twist cases.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the case is their “twisted” design (hence the name). This isn’t just to create an interesting aesthetic however, with the different sides of the case aligning to create a stable stacking function as well.

Twist plastic cases
WAG Twist cases offer a wide selection of both colours and sizes, alongside their unique "twisted" design

Available in 18 sizes and 8 standard colours (when counting the transparent lids that can be specified) the stock range provides ample options.

However, add in a further 12 colours (subject to order volumes) and the option for branding including print and in mould labelling, and Twist cases are clearly a compelling choice for your sales team.

The cases are injection moulded using a high quality Polypropylene, which is also available in a more environmentally friendly “ Green Line” option too. Using this material means the cases provide good strength relative to their light weight, are easy to clean, long lasting and provide a good surface finish / appearance.

All in all, this makes a Twist case a superb option if you want your sales reps to stand out from the crowd.

Twist Case Features

Key features and usability of Twist sample cases

All of the WAG cases available through GWP boast an array of features to enhance both the overall usability and the aesthetic quality too. Please see below for further details.

WAG Twist Case Features

Ergonomic Handle: The handles of the Twist cases are particularly comfortable, making them great for frequent use. Being moulded into the case itself also improves longevity and helps keep the costs of the case down too.


Contrasting Catches: The catches on Twist cases are durable, robust, and long lasting as you would expect. However, they can also be “mixed and matched” with different colours (e.g. a red case with black handles – or vice versa). This opens up a number of additional branding options.


Lockable Section: The moulded handles of the Twist cases also have a space cut away which can be used to lock the cases. This can be achieved using a standard combination lock and allows for greatly improved security of the contents.


Rounded Corners: The design of the case eliminates all square edges, instead boasting sweeping, curved lines. This not only gives the case a contemporary appearance, but can also make the cases easier to handle (and even prevent injury)


Large Branding Area: The smooth surfaces of the case provide great opportunity for branding. This can be as simple as affixing labels or vinyl graphics, all the way through to screen / digital printing and even in mould labelling.


Stacking Feature: The unequal protrusions of the case body – which gives the case its twisted look (and its name) also doubles up as a stacking feature. This makes Twist cases suitable to house larger ranges of tools or samples which can then be stored easily together.


Sturdy Feet: The moulded in feet are larger than many other cases, meaning the Twist range is particularly stable when stood up vertically.

Standard Options

List of standard options for W.AG Twist

WAG Twist case transparent lid

Translucent Lids

Translucent case lids
Visibility of products
Subject to MOQ

Tekno case catches

Catch Colours

Bespoke colours
Subject to MOQ

Customisation & Inserts

Bespoke options, including custom designed foam

Printed WAG Twist cases

Case Printing

Screen printing
Low cost option
Simple, bold graphics
Branding opportunity

WAG Twist in mould labelling

In-Mould Labelling

Detailed imagery
Photographic quality
Scuff resistant finish
Subject to MOQ

WAG Twist case foam inserts

Foam Inserts

Fully bespoke
Protects & presents
Plastazote® material
UK design / production


Example uses for Twist Cases

Although largely suited to use as a sample presentation case, WAG Twist are versatile enough to be a great option for numerous other applications too.

Please see below for an overview of these.

Sales Meetings

The attractive appearance of Twist cases can help gain your sales team a competitive advantage is pitches and presentations.

Bold colours and various branding options can help capture attention, aid brand recall, and project a professional appearance.

This is enhanced further with the inclusion of foam inserts, which also protect and organise samples, helping sales meetings flow more smoothly.

WAG Twist sample cases
WAG Twist cases are a perfect option for use by your sales team during meetings / pitches (i.e. as a sample case)

Retail / Added Value

Supply products – particularly those that come in sets – within an outer case can be a great way to add value and boost sales in retail environments.

This is particularly true of items including DIY equipment (e.g. drill bits, socket sets), collectibles, games, stationary and so on.

The clear lid option of Twist cases makes it a good choice for this, with consumers able to see the products before purchase.

Service / Field Engineers

Although a lightweight plastic case, Twist can be used in certain scenarios for engineers or service staff taking equipment out onto site.

Providing a degree of protection, improved organisation and easier handling, Twist cases can also carry company branding – effectively providing free advertising when out on site.

However, for very expensive kit, the heavier duty plastic cases (or even fully waterproof cases) may be more suitable.

Twist service engineer cases
WAG Twist cases are commonly used by service engineers for transporting kit / equipment

Medical Devices

Twist cases can be – and are frequently – used for the same storage and transit of specialist medical devices.

Carry cases of this type can help keep the devices safe (particularly with custom foam inserts adding cushioning protection too), but being able to add instructions and messages directly to the case can be extremely useful too.

The Polypropylene material also makes the cases easy to clean if required.

Plastic medical cases
Twist cases are a great option for medical devices / items, due to their easy clean material

Small Parts Storage

Finally, any collection of small parts or products – anything from tools, specialist components or even hobby equipment – can be safely stored within a Twist Case. In fact, this versatility makes them a great option for a huge range of industries and use cases.

Alternative Sample Cases

Other plastic presentation case options available

WAG Tekno cases

WAG Tekno

German engineered since 1997 providing high quality

Hofbauer Minibag cases

Hofbauer Minibag

Hofbauer’s modern case with clean visual style

Hofbauer Xtrabag cases

Hofbauer Xtrabag

A popular collection of cases for sales meetings

Rose Plastic Ergoline

Rose Plastic Ergoline

Durable case range from the plastic specialists

SPI Cases

Maxado SPI

High quality Maxado cases with fun appearance

Smart Case

Smart Case

The leading custom built sample cases available

Shell case Hybrid 300

Shell Case

Soft shell cases with a unique, striking appearance

All sample cases

All Sample Cases

Click here to see the full range of sample cases


Are WAG Twist cases the right option for your application?

Please see below for the key benefits and information regarding the WAG Twist case range.

  • 18 standard sizes from stock
  • 7 standard colours, plus 12 available on request
  • Unique “Twist” design to allow stacking and provide distinct appearance
  • Ability to mix and match lids / bases with different colours and transparent
  • Good levels of durability and high-quality finish
  • High quality injection moulded polypropylene construction
  • Easy to use catches / clasp, plus ergonomic handle integrated into the case
  • Sturdy hinge with metal linchpin enhances longevity
  • Screen or digital printing, plus in mould labelling options, for exceptional branding potential
  • Custom foam inserts available for any WAG Twist case
  • Suitable for various applications, including sales meetings, retail, and service engineers

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Finding yourself stuck when choosing a sample case? Just too many options? Well, GWP Protective can help.

Not only can your business source the widest range of sample and protective cases from us, but being independent of any manufacturer means we are able to provide completely impartial and unbiased advice on the case that will perform best for your intended application.

Add in the fact that GWP Protective are also one of the UK’s largest foam converters, and it means you can source your WAG Twist cases with foam inserts from a single supplier.

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