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Finding the Perfect Plastic Case

Quick and easy comparison between all W.AG Tekno case sizes / options

With the Tekno case range having a relatively large number of case sizes – 15 in all – it can be difficult to select the right one for your specific application. Add in 7 standard colours and a further 12 that are subject to minimum order volumes, and the range of options soon becomes daunting.

As such, the below table has been created to assist you in deciding on the perfect sample case for your sales team, service engineers, product, market, or business application.

It covers full dimensions, weights, colours, and various other options quickly and easily, allowing you to see and compare this information at a glance.

And if you still can’t find what you need? Then this Tekno case buying guide and / or a member of the GWP team will be able to help.

Size Table

Complete list of Tekno Case sizes, weights, colours etc.

Model No.Int. LengthInt. WidthInt. DepthLid / BaseWeightExt. LengthExt. WidthExt. DepthMaterialColours
TEKNO 2002227 mm138 mm41 mm24 / 24 mm-235 mm185 mm48 mmPolypropyleneTekno case colours
TEKNO 2003S243 mm159 mm42 mm24 / 24 mm-255 mm210 mm48 mmPolypropyleneTekno case colours
TEKNO 2003M243 mm159 mm54 mm24 / 36 mm-255 mm210 mm60 mmPolypropyleneTekno case colours
TEKNO 2003243 mm159 mm66 mm36 / 36 mm-255 mm210 mm72 mmPolypropyleneTekno case colours
TEKNO 2004261 mm171 mm76 mm42 / 42 mm-275 mm230 mm83 mmPolypropyleneTekno case colours
TEKNO 2007S324 mm221 mm50 mm28 / 28 mm-340 mm275 mm56 mmPolypropyleneTekno case colours
TEKNO 2007M324 mm221 mm63 mm28 / 42 mm-340 mm275 mm70 mmPolypropyleneTekno case colours
TEKNO 2007324 mm221 mm77 mm42 / 42 mm-340 mm275 mm83 mmPolypropyleneTekno case colours
TEKNO 2008S320 mm216 mm104 mm28 / 81 mm-340 mm275 mm109 mmPolypropyleneTekno case colours
TEKNO 2008320 mm216 mm117 mm42 / 81 mm-340 mm275 mm123 mmPolypropyleneTekno case colours
TEKNO 2009320 mm216 mm157 mm81 / 81 mm-340 mm275 mm162 mmPolypropyleneTekno case colours
TEKNO 2011379 mm234 mm100 mm53 / 53 mm-395 mm295 mm106 mmPolypropyleneTekno case colours
TEKNO 2017433 mm288 mm100 mm53 / 53 mm-450 mm360 mm106 mmPolypropyleneTekno case colours
TEKNO 2018433 mm288 mm115 mm53 / 70 mm-450 mm360 mm123 mmPolypropyleneTekno case colours
TEKNO 2019433 mm288 mm129 mm70 / 70 mm-450 mm360 mm140 mmPolypropyleneTekno case colours
Model No.Int. LengthInt. WidthInt. DepthLid / BaseWeightExt. LengthExt. WidthExt. DepthMaterialColours


Tips on using the table

Having difficulties using the table? Or can’t find the Tekno case sizes info that you need? The below tips and hints may help you get the most out of the information available.

However, if you are not able to find exactly what you are looking for then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the GWP team who will be happy to help.

  • Clicking the + symbol reveals additional details
  • You can use the search box (above the table) to find specific model numbers, sizes etc.
  • You can use the column headers to sort the data.
  • The image to the right / below this text provides an illustration of the key dimensions
Tekno case sizes guide

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All sample cases

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Get In Touch

Free quotes and advice you can rely on

To put it simply, GWP Protective are the leading independent suppliers of plastic sample cases – including all of the W.AG Tekno case sizes – in the UK.

Being independent means not only can you source a much wider range of cases (and foam inserts) from a single supplier, but that you can also get genuinely impartial advice about which case would be best for your business.

All quotes are also free and no obligation, so whatever protective or sample case you require, GWP will be happy to help.

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All Sample Cases

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GWP Protective Sample Case guide

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