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Shell Case Buying Guide

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Selecting a Soft Equipment Case

Full product information on Shell Cases

Thinking about using the Shell Case range of soft equipment cases for your business? This detailed buying guide can help you to decide whether these are the best option for your specific industry, product, equipment and / or application.

It covers the range of options available to you – in terms of standard and bespoke ranges, customisation, features and so on – and also details alternatives that may be more suitable depending on your specific requirements.

Please continue reading below or use the table of contents to jump to your specific area of interest.

Shell case detailed buying guide

What are Shell Cases?

Premium plastic cases for presenting samples

Put simply, Shell Cases are a “soft shell” carry case that provide both a unique appearance and excellent level of usability.

Manufactured from tactile material and a semi rigid EVA foam core, these cases are equally suited to use for field engineers and service staff as they are for sales teams during range meetings and sales pitches.

Soft carrying cases
Shell cases are fairly unique in terms of materials and aesthetics when compared with other plastic sample cases

They are also lightweight, easy to handle and comfortable to use.

They also offer a wide range of features, customisation options, and are available in 7 standard sizes. Besides this stock range however, it is possible to create completely bespoke Shell Cases, including integration of specialist equipment directly into the body of the case.

Please continue reading below for full details of both the stock range and custom design service available when specifying Shell cases.

Hybrid 300 Range

Stock range of cases for low volumes / short lead times

The Hybrid 300 range of shell cases is a collection of cases in predetermined sizes and colours.

Whilst there are still a number of ways to personalise and brand the case to your company’s identity, the main benefit of utilising this stock range is the cost.

However, as well as low unit prices (thanks to no tooling or design requirements), they are also available in low volumes and on short lead times.

This provides the benefits of being responsive to urgent requirements or increased seasonal demands for your products, as well as potentially reducing storage space (and costs) required to accommodate surplus stock.

It also means that, should you have a relatively small requirement, the exact amount of cases can be specified without a commitment to a minimum order volume or prohibitive upfront cost.

Shell case sales demo cases
The Hybrid 300 range of Shell cases allow for short lead times and lower volumes than fully bespoke options

The stock products – previously named the Standard 300 range – also provide a number of branding options and can also be customised with a range of modular inserts, dividers, and pouches.

These can allow for easy segmentation of samples and products – improving the ease of their presentation – as well as safely storing a range of peripherals and accessories as required.

Besides this, any Shell Case can be further enhanced with custom foam inserts designed and manufactured to your exact specification.

This can improve the visual appearance of your cases’ interior, as well as offering a level of transit protection, which can help to reduce the number of returns and replacements attributable to damaged items.

Custom OEM Cases

Completely bespoke options to satisfy any requirement

As well as the Hybrid 300 range, you can specify an entirely bespoke Shell Case that will offer unrivalled branding potential as well as numerous special features.

Dependent on order volumes, custom Shell Cases can be designed and manufactured in practically any size, shape, and colour.

Basic options include being able to enhance the look of each case with complementary coloured zips, various handle designs, carrying straps and to take advantage of the standard branding options available on the Standard 300 range (tags, labels etc.).

Custom Shell Cases
Custom Shell Cases can be designed and manufactured to almost any shape or design - the only limit is your imagination

However, there is the potential for custom logos to be moulded directly into the Shell Case construction (replacing the shell case logo on stock cases), as well as vacuum formed sections and integrated internal supports and divisions.

It is even possible for electronics and devices to be integrated into the case design, effectively creating a stand-alone product.

These options are all designed to provide an appearance that is completely tailored to your brand identity.

This ensures that consumer items act as a constant reminder for your users about your business (aiding repeat sales), provide advertising of your services when used by field engineers or service providers (enhancing awareness), and ensure sales pitches and sample presentations wow even the most sceptical of potential clients.

Shell Case Video

Key details in less than 2 minutes

Please watch the brief video below for details of the stock range of Shell Cases (Hybrid 300 – formerly known as Standard 300). Please note this video content is provided by the manufacturers of Shell Case.

Shell Case Features

A range of unique features for ease of use and differentiation from other case options

Shell case soft equipment cases have a surprisingly wide range useful and clever features, created to not only improve usability but to enhance appearance and make them genuinely unique too.

The image / diagram below highlights the key features, with further details and explanation below.

Shell case features

Ergonomic Carry Handle: The majority of the Hybrid 300 Shell cases have an integral, ergonomic carry handle for ease of use. It allows for comfortable use and transportation of the soft padded cases.


Built in business card holder: The larger Shell cases have an integrated business card holder on the top of the case.


D Ring (for attaching carry strap): The moulded plastic “D Rings” allow for the shoulder strap accessory to be easily attached and removed, allowing for even easier handling of the case (particularly useful for heavier contents).


Water repellent coating: Although the material used for the construction of shell cases is not waterproof, a special water repellent coating is added to the exterior of the cases. This makes them suitable for most everyday applications (for fully waterproof case requirements, please speak with a GWP adviser).


Plastic Feet: these feet allow the cases to be stood up vertically (as well as led horizontally). This feature is perfect when using shell cases for sample presentation in sales meetings / pitches.


Heavy Duty Zipper: The zipper used on Shell cases is durable, robust, and long lasting. It is also possible to customise the zipper pulls with Gel logo stickers or even fully moulded options. The fabric section of the zipper can also be changed to your brand colours (subject to order volumes).


Integrated Logo Plate: The logo plate allows for your company branding to be easily added to any Shell case, personalising your equipment cases, and further enhancing the professional appearance.


Moulded logo area: By default, the cases have a subtle, generic logo moulded onto the surface of the case to enhance appearance. However, subject to order volume (and design), your own company branding can be moulded into the case body.


Multi Layered Construction: The multi layered construction of the case – polyester textile exterior, closed cell EVA foam interior and brushed nylon interior – not only offer durability and shock absorption properties, but also creates a genuinely unique aesthetic appearance.

Standard Options

List of standard options for Shell Case Hybrid 300 range

Shell Case Hybrid 300 Standard Pouch

Standard Pouch

Modular size
Velcro fixings
Easy open

Shell Case Hybrid 300 Transparent Pouch

Transparent Pouch

Fits most cases
Transparent top
Velcro fixings

Shell Case Hybrid 300 Double Pouch

Double Pouch

Ideal for larger items
Strong velcro fixing
Easy open

Shell Case Hybrid 300 Standard Foam Set

Standard Foam

Tailored to case
“Pick and Pluck”
Added protection

Shell Case Hybrid 300 Padded Dividers

Padded Dividers

Modular design
Easy removal / fitting
Soft surfaces

Shell case Hybrid 300 Shoulder Strap

Shoulder Strap

Easily removable
Comfort fit
Durable material

Customisation & Inserts

Bespoke options, including custom designed foam

Shell Case custom colours

Custom Colours

Match your brand
Striking appearance
Subject to MOQ

Shell Case with foam inserts

Custom Foam

Tailored to products
High protection levels
Enhanced presentation

Custom moulded logos

Moulded Logos

Custom logos
Integral to case
Quality branding

Shell Case zipper material

Zipper Material

Contrasting colours
Match branding
Subject to MOQ

Fully bespoke Shell Cases

Fully Bespoke

Sizes, shapes, styles
Integrated electronics
Full design service


Example uses for Shell Cases

Although there are a huge range of scenarios where Shell cases are a great option, there are various specific applications and industry sectors where they are particularly suited.

The below section provides a brief overview of these.

Field Engineers / Maintenance

If you have teams of employees going out on to site to take measurements, fix issues or service equipment, the chances are they will need certain pieces of equipment to their job properly. Regardless of whether this is specialist kit or commonly used tools, Shell Cases are frequently used as equipment cases for doing this.

Their lightweight nature means they are easy to transport and handle, whilst the inclusion of bespoke case inserts can also aid protection and even help with quick identification of specific tools / equipment.

Please note however that more durable cases may be required depending on the specific environment / application.

Medical Devices

Shell cases are already widely used in medical markets. They are a great choice for storing and transporting specialist devices, with their light weight making them easy to handle by medical professionals (particularly when compared with bulky moulded plastic cases).

As with specialist electronics, the devices can also be fully incorporated into the case (e.g. portable defibrillators).

Medical device cases
Medical devices can be kept safe and well organised through the use of Shell Cases and various dividers

Multimeter Cases / Specialist Electronics

Similarly to general equipment cases, Shell cases are often used for specialist electronics., This can be anything from being used as a simple multimeter case, all the way through to having complex electronics full integrated in the case itself.

The material construction also allows for heat generated by the equipment to dissipate easily and can help cushion devices from impact or shock caused by mishandling.

Sales Meetings / Sample Presentation

Besides the storage and handling of equipment, the other main use for these cases is for sample presentation.

Perfect for displaying new products in sales pitches and range meetings, the professional appearance of shell cases – particularly when coupled with custom foam inserts – can help to impress your potential clients whilst also keeping important samples organised and safe from damage.

Shell case sample cases
Shell cases are particularly suited to sales meetings, presentations and pitches

Retail & Added Value

Finally, shell cases are also versatile enough that they can be used as valued added packaging for retail applications.

Products such as camera lenses, consumer electronics, power tools and even gift sets / collections of products can be housed in a shell case, which the consumer will then retain to keep the bought products in post purchase.

Not only does this add value (and profit margin) to your product, but also means your branding is retained in your consumers homes / workshops etc.

Alternative Sample Cases

Other plastic presentation case options available

Hofbauer Maxibag cases

Hofbauer Maxibag

Wide range of case colours and sizes for any application

Hofbauer Xtrabag cases

Hofbauer Xtrabag

A popular collection of cases for sales meetings

Hofbauer Minibag cases

Hofbauer Minibag

Hofbauer’s modern case with clean visual style

Rose Plastic Ergoline

Rose Plastic Ergoline

Durable case range from the plastic specialists

WAG Tekno cases

W.AG Tekno

German engineered since 1997 providing high quality

N Case

N Case

Custom built sample cases to your exact requirements

Smart Case

Smart Case

The leading custom built sample cases available

All sample cases

All Sample Cases

Click here to see the full range of sample cases


Are Shell case soft equipment cases right for your business? / application?

The following points cover the key features and benefits of Shell Cases, enabling you to make a quick judgement as to how suitable these cases will be for your business.

  • Range of 7 standard sizes and colours, all with custom options, eliminating tooling / design costs
  • Hybrid 300 stock range available in low order volumes, reducing costs associated with storage
  • Standard internal pouches, dividers and foam sets provide flexible storage options
  • Presentation can be enhanced with precision foam inserts in a range of colours and finishes
  • All cases – both standard or custom – can be customised with branded zips, labels, tags and more
  • Completely bespoke versions available to match any brief / application
  • Competitive pricing compared with injection moulded plastic cases
  • Less prone than plastic cases to scuffs and scratches, ensuring longer presentable lifespan
  • Professional and unique appearance in sales pitches and presentations
  • Provides “added value” in retail applications (e.g. compared with disposal packaging)
  • Striking & different aesthetic appearance to stand-out in crowded retail environments
  • Lightweight construction and ergonomic handles ensure comfortable use
  • Exterior case construction absorbs shock and impact caused by mishandling, protecting items

Independent carry case suppliers

GWP Protective have been supplying a huge range of protective and presentation cases to UK businesses for almost 30 years.

As the leading independent supplier of sample cases in the UK (including those from Hofbauer, Rose Plastic, W.AG, Protechnic and more), it not only means you can choose from the widest range from a single supplier, but get truly impartial advice on which is actually the best option for your specific application.

Customised Shell Cases
GWP Protective are one of very few official Shell Case distributors in the UK - supplying (and modifying) the Hybrid 300 range and offering fully custom options too

Besides this free, impartial advice, GWP can also offer a huge range of customisation options too. This includes engineered, high quality foam conversion for both protection and presentation, as well external printing, labelling and much more besides.

Therefore, regardless of whether you need to source soft carry cases for your field / service engineers, sales team for use in sales pitches, or even to act as added value packaging in retail applications, GWP can help.

Get your free, no obligation quote and advice on any case and foam requirement today.

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