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A cost effective solution for custom sample cases without compromising quality

The N Case range of sample cases offers you the flexibility of traditional flight cases, but tailored to presentation applications. With the possibility for you to specify the cases to any size, and with a vast array of configurable options, N Cases can be precisely tailored to your exact requirements.


Besides this, N Cases can be supplied with custom foam inserts that are perfectly tailored to your samples, products or equipment. This not only offers protection in transit, but the use of different coloured foams and laser etching also allows for further “on brand” messaging.

I was very pleased with the quality and appearance of the cases and inserts, and would specifically mention the high quality engineering of the foam inserts. This was far better than anything that we have ever had before. GWP spent many hours designing, re-designing and speaking to us here at Balluff to absolutely nail the requirement, which has been achieved and then some.

A Sorsby | Balluff Field Sales Manager

N Case is the aluminium Presentation Case with aesthetic appeal

The N Case, manufactured in-house by GWP Protective to your exact requirements, is widely regarded as a high quality, low-cost, bespoke option within the almost limitless spectrum of presentation cases currently available.


By utilising a broad range of standard components, GWP Protective can create N Cases to any size and shape, whilst maintaining a consistent, appealing appearance and superb level of protection for your items.


This flexibility also means that the N Case can be created using a number of different panel colours (further enhanced with print if required), a wide range of fittings such as handles, hinges and catches and of course, all with custom engineered foam inserts.


This all adds up to make N-Case one of the most customisable presentation cases available today.


As a result, the benefits that the N Case provides are numerous. It is a lightweight case that, as it is fabricated rather than moulded, provides the same dimensional flexibility as a flight case. This is achieved whilst maintaining a low cost with an attractive design.


It is also durable, lightweight, strong and easy to use – everything you could want in a presentation case.

Free Guide: 3 Psychological hacks to enhance any sample case

Benefits of N Cases

  • Aesthetically superior to other brands
  • Can be manufactured to order and to exact the dimensions required
  • Further customisation and branding via printing of panels and foam inserts
  • Wide range of extrusions, corners, feet and fittings
  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Striking aesthetics at cost-effective price points

Applications and uses for N cases

Please see below for examples and typical applications for N Cases. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Additional features of N Cases

As perhaps the most important aspect of any presentation, you understand that initial visual impact is crucial.


By taking advantage of GWP Protective’s expertise in manufacturing foam inserts, you can ensure that whatever product you are displaying, you case and foam will enhance the overall aesthetic whilst remaining “on brand”.


Through utilising an expert design team and cutting edge software, you can be certain the profiles cut into the foam will be a perfect fit for your products.


This gives a tidy, professional appearance and also provides exceptional protection. You can also choose different colours of foam to match your brand guidelines, whilst also adding logos, part numbers and branding through a laser etching service.

Free Guide: 3 Psychological hacks to enhance any sample case

See how N Case can help your business

If you would like to discover more about how the N Case presentation cases are perfect for your application, then please get in touch.

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