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Maxibag presentation cases

Sales Demo Cases.

Showcase your products’ potential

Maxibags, available from GWP Protective, are incredibly lightweight yet hard-wearing and durable. Being both visually attractive and extremely versatile, Maxibag sample cases are suitable for any presentation purposes. Maxibag cases are also available in a wide range of standard sizes and colours on minimal lead times.

Manufactured by Hofbauer using injection moulded polypropylene, these presentation cases can be further enhanced by exterior printing & labelling or the inclusion of bespoke foam inserts.

01: Key Benefits of Maxibag Cases.

Impress in sales pitches and sales demos with Maxibag presentation cases

Sales pitches and demonstrations can make or break your new product lines. Get it right, and your products will be adopted by major retailers and / or your target customers, leading to considerable sales. Get it wrong, and you’ll struggle to hit sales targets. This is where the Maxibag range of cases can help…

Benefits of Maxibag presentation cases

  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Enhance product presentation
  • Injection moulded from recyclable polypropylene
  • Streamlined design
  • Snap-shut ABS catches and durable hinges
  • Available from GWP Protective in 3 different colours
  • 26 standard sizes available
  • Fully customisable with exterior print / labelling
  • Foam inserts for enhanced protection/presentation

Free Advice / Quotes.

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What GWP Protective customers say

GWP were quick, responsive, patient, eager to help and incredibly tolerant of gaps in our knowledge when working with us to create our presentation case solution. I would absolutely recommend GWP to other companies looking for a similar service.

J. Gossling | Creative Director, 270 Vision

02: Why Use Maxibag Cases?

The perfect solution for any presentation purposes

As distributors of Maxibag presentation cases, GWP Protective go one step beyond the majority of suppliers by offering you a full range of customisation options. In particular, custom engineered foam inserts.

Maxibags also boast an aesthetically striking design and are manufactured with snap-shut catches and durable hinges to ensure that your products or devices are kept safe whilst in storage or transit.

Available in a range of different sizes, Maxibags are also available in various colours to suit each individual application or your specific branding requirements.

This level of choice, when combined with customised foam inserts and exterior print and labelling options, ensures that Maxibags are the perfect choice when aesthetics are imperative. Whilst eradicating movement within the case, foam inserts are also ideal for displaying products or devices.

Free Guide: 3 hacks to improve your sample cases

Download: 3 Psychological Hacks...

…to enhance any sample case! Discover the hacks you can use to grab attention, drive sales and out-perform your competition. Download it for free now!

03: Applications / Images.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for Maxibag sample cases

Please see below for examples and typical applications for Maxibag sample cases. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

04: Features.

Additional features of Maxibag cases

Maxibags cases are also a great choice for storing small tools, components and parts if a medium level of protection is required (making them ideal for site visits, maintenance teams and mobile engineers, amongst others).

Maxibag catch details
The Maxibag catches, as well providing a secure snap close fastening, are also in an accented colour to improve visual appearance

The list of advantages provided by Maxibag sample cases means that they are predominantly used for showcasing products, samples and components to prospective clients, buyers or customers.

With an attractive design, Maxibags are visually appealing whilst remaining extremely practical.

Available from GWP Protective with screen printing and branding, Maxibag (and indeed the other Hofbauer cases, Minibag and Xtrabag) can assist in enhancing your company and brand identity, which can be crucial during sales meetings, presentations and conferences.

Maxibag datasheet

Summary Info / Datasheet

Download the PDF Datasheet to view detailed information on the various features and applications, or see a full list of sizes & model details.

05: Maxibag Size Chart.

A table of sizes, weights, part numbers and colour options

Please see below for a full list of model numbers, sizes and additional information, or alternatively download the datasheet above for the information in PDF format

SKU / Case Ref.Internal Size (mm)External Size (mm)
Maxibag 0,3-67248 x 176254 x 230 x 72
Maxibag 0,4-79265 x 187271 x 241 x 84
Maxibag 0,5-91283 x 202289 x 256 x 97
Maxibag 0,5-111283 x 202289 x 256 x 117
Maxibag 0,5-131283 x 202289 x 256 x 137
Maxibag 0,8-54339 x 248345 x 308 x 61
Maxibag 0,8-65339 x 248345 x 308 x 72
Maxibag 0,8-76339 x 248345 x 308 x 83
Maxibag 0,8-106339 x 248345 x 308 x 113
Maxibag 0,8-117339 x 248345 x 308 x 124
Maxibag 0,8-158339 x 248345 x 308 x 164
Maxibag 1-81384 x 274390 x 334 x 88
Maxibag 1-96384 x 274390 x 334 x 103
Maxibag 1-111384 x 274390 x 334 x 118
Maxibag 1,5-131425 x 304432 x 363 x 138
Maxibag 1,5-167425 x 304432 x 363 x 174
Maxibag 1,5-202425 x 304432 x 363 x 209
Maxibag 2-81445 x 323452 x 383 x 89
Maxibag 2-102445 x 323452 x 383 x 109
Maxibag 2-122445 x 323452 x 383 x 129
Maxibag 2-137445 x 323452 x 383 x 144
Maxibag 2-157445 x 323452 x 383 x 164
Maxibag 2-192445 x 323452 x 383 x 200
Maxibag 3,5-162531 x 380539 x 450 x 169
Maxibag 3,5-197531 x 380539 x 450 x 205
Maxibag 3,5-232531 x 380539 x 450 x 240

Summary Info / Datasheet

Sizes, weights, part numbers and more

Please see below for a full list of model numbers, sizes and additional information, or alternatively download the datasheet above for the information in PDF format.

Free Guide: 3 hacks to improve your sample cases

Free Guide

3 Psychological Hacks to Enhance Your Sample Cases

Get your free guide to discover 3 psychological hacks to grab attention and out-perform your competition

06: GWP Protective.

An independent sales demo case supplier / manufacturer

It may seem like a good idea to deal directly with a case manufacturer. After all, if they make the sales demo cases you are interested in, they should be experts, right?

Well, this isn’t always the best approach, for one simple reason. They are likely (and understandably) going to be biased towards their own products.

GWP Protective are different. Being independent means that not only can you source a much wider range of cases, including those from all the major brands, but you can genuinely honest and impartial advice on the best case for your specific applications. No agendas, no bias.

Maxibag sales demo cases
Maxibag sales demo cases are available in a wide range of colours in order to match your company's branding

There’s more however.

As well as being able to source Hofbauer, W.Ag, Shell Case, Rose Plastic and other sample case brands from GWP at better than competitive prices, you can also take advantage of a number of additional services.

This includes the design and manufacture of custom foam inserts, exterior print and labelling options, a selection of other custom features and a level of customer support that will exceed your expectations.

So if you are looking for sales demo cases, why not work with a company that can supply everything you need with one PO, and can offer you unbiased advice and experience accrued over more than 25 years of business?


Free, no obligation advice…

Click below to discuss your upcoming requirements, difficulties you are facing or to simply get advice from one our experts.


Find out more about Maxibag presentation cases

Maxibag sales demo cases are a great choice for presenting samples and products in important sales meetings and pitches – find out juts how much impact they could have on your success by speaking with us at GWP today.

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If you are looking to highlight your products to potential clients, why not use Maxibag presentation cases?

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