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RoseCase Ergoline Buying Guide

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Selecting a Case for Your Business

Full details on Rose Plastic Ergoline

Lightweight plastic cases, such as the Rose Plastic Ergoline range, are a great choice for a wide range of professional applications. In fact, Ergoline cases are widely regarded as amongst the most cost effective yet high quality plastic sample cases available today.

Saying that, this detailed buying guide has been created specifically so that you can ascertain Ergolines’ suitability for your intended use or application.

As such, it covers everything from features, benefits, typical uses, sizes and much else besides

Ergoline detailed buying guide

What are Ergoline Cases?

Plastic carry cases ideal for presenting samples

Being perfect for everything from salesman samples cases all the way through to protecting tools, models, toys and hobby equipment, the Rose Plastic range of Ergoline plastic cases are a good, light to mid duty option for most businesses.

The overwhelming benefit of lightweight plastic cases such as those in the Ergoline range is the cost, however.

Being extremely competitive when compared with the heavy-duty alternatives, it offers a truly cost-effective solution where the level of protection does not need to be quite so high.

Rose Plastic Ergoline Cases
Rose Plastic Ergoline cases are a popular option across many industries

Despite this, the injection moulded polypropylene construction of these carry cases ensures that they are still hardwearing and long lasting, ensuring they remain a long-term solution to a range of storage and transit requirements.

Finally, the attractive aesthetics of these plastic cases means they are ideal for use as sample presentation cases.

Used for salesmen samples and for presenting products either in a business to business or retail environment, their appearance ensures they will not look out of place at any important meeting or presentation.

Ergoline Case Features

Well thought out features to aid usability & improve appearance

It is not for nothing that Rose Plastic and their range of carry cases have developed a strong reputation. The range of features engineered into their cases makes them incredibly easy and convenient to use, whilst maintain a distinct and attractive appearance.

Please view the image below and accompanying notes for further details.

Ergoline Case Features

A Snap Shut Catches: The snap shut catches are well designed and integrated into the case, being very secure yet easy to use even after many operations.


B Surface Finish: The textured surface finish of the Ergoline cases provides a unique, attractive appearance that remains resistant to scuffing and is easy to clean


C Handle: The integrated handle is also ergonomically designed and comfortable to use, even if the case contains heavier items or equipment


D Label Area: There is also a smooth label area (that can be printed onto) which can be used for branding and / or instructions, that when coupled with the striking aesthetics ensures that these plastic cases will not look out of place at any business meeting or sales presentation


E Feet The moulded feet allow for the cases to be stood up vertically if required (please note the cases can also be safely stacked horizontally, i.e. led flat).


F Hinges Ergoline cases boast sturdy hinges which are cleverly integrated into the main body of the case, vastly reducing the possibility of them failing or becoming damaged.

Standard Options

List of standard options for Hofbauer Minibag

Transparent lid Ergoline

Transparent Lids

Translucent case lids
Visibility of products
Subject to MOQ

Tekno case catches

Catch Colours

Bespoke colours
Subject to MOQ

Customisation & Inserts

Bespoke options, including custom designed foam

Printed Ergoline cases

Case Printing

Screen printing
Low cost option
Simple, bold graphics
Branding opportunity

Minibag foam inserts

Foam Inserts

Fully bespoke
Protects & presents
Plastazote® material
UK design / production


Common uses for Ergoline cases

The construction and design of the RoseCase Ergoline means it is suited a number of specific applications, with the following providing a brief overview of the most common.

If you cannot see your intended use listed here however then please get in touch, for free, impartial advice on suitability.

Sales Rep Cases

Selecting a plastic sample case for your sales team can be important decision. The cases must be strong enough to protect the samples, large enough to showcase them well, whilst also carrying branding and projecting a professional appearance.

Ergoline cases are therefore a good option for use in this manner.

The only potential limitation of these case is their fairly narrow range of options in terms of colours, which can make matching some brand identities a little more difficult.

Retail Packaging

If you are intending to sell products in retail markets, then any advantage to be gained can be crucial.

This is why Ergoline cases are frequently used for “added value packaging”. What is meant by this is that your products are sold within a case – such as Ergoline – which can then be retained by the customer for storage of said item(s).

This can not only drive sales but can significantly increase the price consumers are willing to pay (and the perceived value they feel they are getting).

The branding options and transparent lids (great to see the contents before purchase) help this still further.

Ergoline case options
Ergoline cases are versatil enough to be used for a wide range of applications

Field Staff

Many businesses will have staff and operatives that are required to take equipment out on site.

This can be anything from very expensive diagnostic or metrological equipment (which is likely to require a heavier duty plastic case or a specialist waterproof option) to regular tool sets and equipment.

Ergoline cases are perfect for the lower end of this spectrum, where precise levels of protection are not required.

They offer good usability, large choice of size options, and when enhanced with foam inserts can improve productivity through better organisation of tools / parts too.


Ergoline cases are sometimes used for shipping semi fragile items. Typically used within a traditional outer corrugated box, Ergoline cases can be used with foam inserts to provide additional levels of protection for various items (think tools, specialist parts, components etc.) where damage caused by mishandling would cause significant problems.


Although GWP Protective are a B2B seller of cases, Ergoline cases are often used for hobbyist equipment such as models, collectibles, fishing tackle and bait, and many other similar pursuits.

Alternative Sample Cases

Other plastic presentation case options available

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WAG Tekno

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WAG Twist

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Smart Case

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Shell case Hybrid 300

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All sample cases

All Sample Cases

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Should you consider using Rose Plastic Ergoline Cases?

The below bullet points summarise the key points of the Ergoline range of cases:

  • 19 size options and 4 standard colours (plus translucent)
  • Ability to mix and match lids / bases
  • Manufactured using injection moulded Polypropylene
  • Lightweight and hard-wearing construction
  • Ergonomic handles, snap shut catches and strong integrated hinges
  • Ideal for presentation & display applications (e.g. sales pitches)
  • Cost efficient solution
  • Suitable for a vast range of products including tools, components, and parts
  • Customisation options available, including engineered foam inserts and surface printing

A case supplier you can trust

Many suppliers of protective cases in the UK have specialist agreements with the manufacturers of the cases. This means that they will tend to promote and sell these cases over options from other brands, even when this is clearly not the best solution for the end user (your business).

GWP Protective are different.

Being completely independent, you can not only select from the widest range of case options, but benefit from genuinely unbiased advice as well.

Branded plastic cases
GWP Protective are able to supply - and customise with print and foam inserts - the full range of Rose Plastic cases

Add in the option to source the full range of customisation options from GWP  too (we are amongst the largest foam converters in the UK) and you get the exact case you need from a single supplier, with minimal hassle and admin.

Still not sure? Why not get a free, no obligation and competitive quote on the sample cases (including Ergoline) that you require for your business. Simply complete the form below and we’ll do the rest.

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