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Choosing Your SKB Case

Compare all of the SKB MR Case options quickly & easily

Although the SKB MR Series has a fairly limited number of case sizes (certainly when compared with R Series and the Pelican Single Lid / ISP2 cases), it is still helpful to be able to compare and contrast the different sizes and options.

This is why the below table has been created – in order to help you decide which of this range of cases would be best for your specific requirements.

It covers dimensions (internal / external), weights, colours, and various other useful specifications. The tabular format allows you to compare these at a glance too.

And if you still cannot find what you need? Then please speak with one of the dedicated protective case advisers at GWP Protective.

SKB MR Case Size Table

View all SKB MR Series case dimensions, weights, colours etc.

Product Ref. Internal (L x W x H) External (L x W x H) Base / Lid Weight Wheels Colours
SKB MR Series 3SKB-1413MR 359 x 333 x 171 mm 413 x 356 x 222 mm 57 / 114 mm 4 kg Yes SKB MR Colours
SKB MR Series 3SKB-1812MR 476 x 305 x 162 mm 530 x 356 x 219 mm 64 / 98 mm 4.8 kg Yes SKB MR Colours
SKB MR Series 3SKB-1818MR 457 x 454 x 302 mm 521 x 521 x 368 mm 127 / 175 mm 6 kg Yes SKB MR Colours
SKB MR Series 3SKB-1913MR 476 x 337 x 187 mm 533 x 381 x 260 mm 79 / 108 mm 5 kg Yes SKB MR Colours
SKB MR Series 3SKB-1914MR 483 x 356 x 226 mm 546 x 406 x 289 mm 102 / 124 mm 5.3 kg Yes SKB MR Colours
SKB MR Series 3SKB-1916MR 483 x 400 x 232 mm 546 x 457 x 292 mm 105 / 127 mm 5.6 kg Yes SKB MR Colours
SKB MR Series 3SKB-2114MR 533 x 356 x 181 mm 591 x 413 x 248 mm 79 / 102 mm 5.4 kg Yes SKB MR Colours
SKB MR Series 3SKB-2417MR 606 x 432 x 362 mm 673 x 498 x 413 mm 133 / 229 mm 8.8 kg Yes SKB MR Colours
SKB MR Series 3SKB-2523MR 629 x 584 x 359 mm 699 x 648 x 400 mm 156 / 203 mm 10.1 kg Yes SKB MR Colours
SKB MR Series 3SKB-2921MR 724 x 540 x 438 mm 787 x 616 x 483 mm 206 / 232 mm 10.3 kg Yes SKB MR Colours
SKB MR Series 3SKB-3025MR 756 x 632 x 375 mm 819 x 699 x 419 mm 191 / 184 mm 11.4 kg Yes SKB MR Colours
SKB MR Series 3SKB-3426MR 864 x 660 x 464 mm 914 x 711 x 508 mm 191 / 273 mm 13.8 kg Yes SKB MR Colours
SKB MR Series 3SKB-3621MR 911 x 533 x 485 mm 984 x 603 x 527 mm 206 / 279 mm 13.3 kg Yes SKB MR Colours
Product Ref. Internal (L x W x H) External (L x W x H) Base / Lid Weight Wheels Colours


Tips on using the SKB MR Series Case Size Table

The table above has been designed to include all of the info that you could potentially need if you are considering using SKB MR Series cases. The case image to the right of / below this text can also help in terms of highlighting the way in which the dimensions are recorded in the table too.

However, if you are not able to find exactly what you are looking for then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the GWP team. We’ll be happy to help however we can.

SKB MR Series Case Size Guide

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Let’s get straight to the point – GWP Protective are the leading independent suppliers of plastic rotomolded and waterproof cases – including all of the SKB MR case sizes – in the UK.

Being independent means not only can you source a much wider range of cases (and foam inserts) from a single supplier, but that you can also get genuinely unbiased advice about which case would be best for your business. In short, advice you can rely on.

All quotes are also free and no obligation so, whatever SKB or other branded protective case you require, GWP will be happy to help.

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