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Foam for Sample Cases

Impress clients in sales pitches with custom foam presentation

Using cases with foam for sample presentation can have a significant impact on the success of your sales pitches and meetings.

Enabling you and your sales team to organise new ranges and sample products whilst also providing an impressive visual appearance, foam used for presenting samples within sales cases can mean the difference between winning orders or being overlooked for your competitors. Read More

Available Colours:

Black foam
Grey foam
White foam
Yellow foam
Lime foam
Olive foam
Light blue foam
Blue foam
Purple foam
Pink foam
Red foam
Orange foam
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More info on Foam Sample Presentation

Typically used within product sample display cases, presentation foam boards or inserts can add a professional, impressive feel to any sales pitch or meeting you or sales team take part in.

With high quality finishes and accurately cut recesses for your product range, using foam inserts of this type will not only help your business stand out when compared with competitors, but also show your potential clients that you genuinely care about your products and their success.

Available in a wide range of colours to match your brand and / or presentation cases – and create a striking visual impact – it is also possible to add branding, logos, graphics and even product names or part numbers directly to the surface of the foam. This is achieved using an advanced laser engraving system.

The presentation foam inserts can also be manufactured to be fixed in to the external case, to be used a standalone item (i.e. a presentation foam board / sheet) or a combination of the two – in that different layers of foam / or samples can be removed from your chosen protective case to be handed to your customers and meeting attendees.

Improving your sales pitches

But improving presentation is surprisingly not the only way this foam can help you enhance your customer meetings.

By organising your samples in a logical manner, it allows presentations to flow much more smoothly (no more hunting around for a specific item).

Using different colours of foam can also highlight quickly when a sample is missing (i.e. a brighter colour foam underneath provides an instant, visual indication of the missing item – similar to shadow boards). This not only means that you do not leave samples behind accidentally, but also that you do not turn up to important pitches with specific products missing.

Due to the nature of the Plastazote® polyethylene foam material from which these are manufactured, sample presentation foam also helps to protect items during transit and handling.
The foam will absorb shocks and impact, whilst also protecting any surfaces from scratching or marring as well.

Put this all together and not only does your business look more professional, but it also helps sales meetings to run as efficiently and successfully as possible.

Key Benefits of sales rep sample cases at a glance

  • Enhances presentation during sales pitches
  • Organises samples within the foam
  • Can be used with a range of sample cases, or as standalone item
  • Wide range of colours to match your branding
  • Logos, graphics and text added directly to the foam surface with laser etching
  • Provides a level of protection for samples during handling / transit
  • Can quickly identify is specific samples are missing
  • Helps to differentiate your business and win sales


Common questions about sample case foam

Need foam inserts for sample cases, but have questions you need answering first? The below sets out the information related to the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

Still have queries? Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’ll be happy to help!

Is sample presentation foam different from usual case inserts?

In many ways, sample presentation foam is the same as the foam inserts used in protective cases. The material, manufacturing (foam conversion) processes and overall aesthetic are all very similar. However, the differences are subtle. Sample case foam is designed in such a way to enhance presentation (rather than purely focusing on protection) and to enhance sales pitches and meetings.

Can my sample foam match my brand colours?

Whilst it is no possible to exactly match pantone colours or other specific shades, there is a choice of more than 20 colours to choose from when specifying your sample presentation foam. This means that there is a suitable option for almost any business / brand.

Can I get external sample case and foam from the same source?

GWP Protective supply both external sample cases and the presentation foam to go inside them. Sourcing both elements from a single supplier means improved compatibility and fit, shorter lead times and is usually more cost effective.

What sample case options are available?

GWP Protective supplies the largest range of sample cases available from a single source. This includes Maxibag, Minibag and Xtrabag from Hofbauer, Ergoline from Rose Plastic, Tekno from W.Ag, plus many others. And being independent, this also means you can get truly impartial advice on the best option for your specific application.

Will this foam help my sales team in sales pitches?

Using case inserts in sales presentations can help in a number of ways. It organises samples for easy retrieval, provides a professional appearance, can be used to create an impactful visual style, and also protects items during usual handling and transit.

Can presentation foam have logos / branding printed on them?

Rather than printing onto foam, a more successful and longer lasting method of branding is to use laser etching / engraving. This provides a much more permanent marking (i.e. it can’t be rubbed off) and also a much sharper, crisper finish than printing directly onto a foam surface. This method is often used on gift box foam and retail foam packs as well.

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Find the perfect case presentation foam for your sales team

GWP Protective are one of the largest independent suppliers of sample cases within the UK market, offering options from Hofbauer, W.AG, Rose Plastic and a full range of custom-built options.

But, more so than other case suppliers, the main focus of GWP’s business is creating high quality foam case inserts.

What this means is that you can source presentation case and foam together for a perfect fit, get genuinely impartial advice on the best option for your specific application, and benefit from fully tailored, no obligation quotes as well.

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