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W.AG Beat Case Buying Guide

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Selecting a Plastic Box / Case

Comprehensive Info on WAG Beat Cases

There are a number of plastic cases that take such a different form from what is considered a traditional “carry case” design, that it opens up a number of new applications / uses.

WAG Beat cases are one such case.

This buying guide looks to not only provide the details of what makes this case unique, but also to help you make an informed decision on whether they are suitable for your business’ requirements.

WAG Beat case detailed buying guide

What are Beat Cases?

Narrow plastic cases / boxes for specialist applications

Most plastic cases – such as the majority of those offered by WAG, Hofbauer, Maxado and others – take the form of what would be usually described as a carry case.

WAG Beat cases offer a strikingly different appearance to this, however. In fact, out of the many plastic case options available today, the only two which could be considered similar are WAGs own Swing range, as well as the RoseCase RCS range.

The narrow design of the case however makes them perfect for use in transporting tools, equipment or samples that are unusual in shape (i.e. particularly long and thin). This means they are frequently used in the same manner as other sample cases or equipment case.

Beat cases by WAG
Beat cases provide the usual features of similar cases, but with a range of different sizes

However, their design and range of features also means that it is often widely used for use as retail packaging too.

When combined with transparent lids and various branding options (including print and even in mould labelling) Beat cases offer the perfect balance between affordability, appearance and usability required for these types of applications.

Available in 19 sizes and 8 standard colours (with 12 available subject to MOQs), the range of features designed into the cases ensure that whatever your intended application, these cases will provide a great solution.

WAG Beat Features

Characteristics of the WAG Beat Cases

Despite the key selling point of the WAG Beat cases being their unusual shape and appearance, they still include the majority of features that you would expect from any high end plastic case option.

Beat Case Features

Handle: The handle of the WAG Beat cases are very comfortable to use, but also provide the closure mechanism for the cases. This dual purpose not only streamlines the appearance of the case, but aids usability too. The handle colours can also be mixed and matched with the main case body colour.


Ribbed Design: The interesting, ribbed design on the side of the cases not only enhances the appearance of the cases, but also adds increased strength too.


Stacking Pins: The stacking pins on the front and back of the case means that multiple Beat cases can be easily and safely stacked when not in use. This makes Beat cases a great choice for housing larger ranges of compatible tools or items.


Label Area: The large, smooth area to the front and back of the case is perfect for adding labels or other branding (also being ideal for direct screen or digital printing). They can also have detailed, photographic images applied during manufacturing through the process of “in mould labelling”.


Feet: Beat cases feature moulded feet on 3 sides of the case. This allows the cases to be used in multiple orientations depending on the application and / or products stored within.


Hinges: The durable, moulded in hinges are robust, long lasting yet easy and smooth to operate

Standard Options

List of standard options for W.AG Beat

Beat case foam inserts

Translucent Lids

Translucent case lids
Visibility of products
Subject to MOQ

Customisation & Inserts

Bespoke options, including custom designed foam

Printed Beat Cases

Case Printing

Screen printing
Low cost option
Simple, bold graphics
Branding opportunity

WAG Beat in mould labelling

In-Mould Labelling

Detailed imagery
Photographic quality
Scuff resistant finish
Subject to MOQ

WAG Beat foam inserts

Foam Inserts

Fully bespoke
Protects & presents
Plastazote® material
UK design / production

Beat Case compatible POS

Compatible POS

Custom made
Full print
Corrugated material
UK design / production


Example Uses for Beat Cases

With a distinct shape and a focus on use as retail packaging, it is an easy assumption to make that these cases are not particularly suited to other applications. That would be incorrect however, with the Beat cases versatility seeing it used across many markets and uses.

Please see below for a brief overview of these applications.

Retail Packaging

The predominant use of WAG Beat cases is for use as added value packaging.

The transparent lids and thin design make them ideal for housing sets of products and presenting them in such a way as to encourage impulse purchasing. This can be further enhanced through the various print and branding options too. They can even be used with optional euro hangers (similar to hang tab boxes)

Besides this however, using cases such as this for your retail products can significantly increase the perceived value and achievable RRP. Consumers are then able to benefit by keeping the tools / equipment safe on an ongoing basis – providing real added value.

Plastic cases for retail
Beat cases are a surprisingly good choice for use as "added value" packaging

Sales Presentations

Beat cases can also be used for sales reps that need to present unusually shaped items in sales meetings and presentations. Although the range of Beat case sizes tend toward smaller dimensions, their long narrow design makes them ideal for items such as specialist tools, equipment and components.

Of course, the other inherent benefits – colours, clean appearance, branding options and potential for foam inserts – also means the cases are easily used by your sales team to help sales pitches run smoothly.

WAG Beat Sample cases
With various branding options, Beat cases are also a good choice for sample presentation (particularly irregularly shaped items)

Specialist Equipment Cases

Besides their use for presenting unusually shaped items, Beat cases are equally suited to storing and transporting specialist equipment. They are robust and strong enough to be used as a medium duty protective case for tools, parts and components that are taken out onto site, with features such as the handle and stacking pins making them easy to handle and store.

Small Parts Storage

The sizes available in the Beat case range can make them a good choice for the simple requirement of storing small parts and components. They can also be used for sending these items via courier if they are fragile or particularly valuable too.

WAG Beat small parts storage
WAG Beat cases are perfect for storage of small parts, either in retail or industrial applications

Alternative Plastic Cases

Other plastic sample / carry case options available

WAG Swing cases

WAG Swing

Unusually shaped cases for specific applications

WAG Jazz cases

WAG Jazz

Tough and long lasting carry case with striking ribbed design

WAG Tekno cases

WAG Tekno

German engineered since 1997 providing high quality

Shell case Hybrid 300

Shell Case

Soft shell cases with a unique, striking appearance

WAG Twist cases

WAG Twist

Unique twisted design for high quality appearance

Rose Plastic RoseCase RCS

Rose Plastic RCS

Lightweight plastic case range from Rose Plastic

Correx boxes

Correx® Boxes

Bespoke plastic boxes manufactured from Correx®

All sample cases

All Plastic Cases

Click here to see the full range of plastic case options


Should you consider WAG Beat cases for your business?

The below summary provides a brief overview of the WAG Beat case range, helping you to make an informed decision on whether they may be suitable for your requirements.

  • 19 standard sizes from stock
  • 7 standard colours, plus 12 available on request
  • Ability to mix and match lids / bases with different colours and transparent
  • Unusual dimensions and format allow for varying uses
  • High quality injection moulded polypropylene construction
  • Integrated handle which doubles as case clasp
  • Sturdy hinges enhance lifespan
  • Screen printing or in mould labelling options for exceptional branding potential
  • Custom foam inserts to further enhance any WAG Beat case
  • Suitable for various applications, particularly added value retail

A trustworthy plastic case supplier

With plastic cases being suitable for a huge range of different applications, many different designs have been manufactured to fit the specific niches within this section of the protective case market.

Whilst this level of choice provides many benefits for business such as yours, it also creates a number of challenges. Namely, how to select the best one for your business?

As independent carry case suppliers, GWP Protective can provide unbiased advice on the best case for your specific requirement. In fact, a team of dedicated experts would be happy to do so.

This includes whether – and how – to include branding such as print, alongside custom foam inserts.

Please use the details or form below to get in touch, to see just how good your added value retail boxes or plastic cases can be.

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