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Free Guide: 3 Psychological Hacks For Your Sample Cases

How lessons learnt from visual merchandising can impact the success of your sample cases and sales pitches

What’s in the guide?


Visual merchandising has been used for many years, in some of the most competitive retail and sales environments. But did you know you can apply these tactics to your sales demo cases?


This 11 page guide focuses on how psychological factors, and by taking advantage of unconscious thought processes, you can capture attention, highlight your most important products and steal a march on your competition.

You’ll learn how you can:

  1. How to use tiered products to guide your customer to making choices you want them to
  2. Ways you can create focal points for your key products to iad their sales
  3. Why you need to group products in threes, and how this grabs and holds attention
  4. Discover what a “Lagniappe” is, and why pigs in a window can define your presentation

3 Hacks for sample cases

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