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Presentation foam inserts & packaging that boosts sales & enhances your brand through aesthetic appearance

First impressions can be crucial. It is very easy to get lost amongst the huge number of brands and businesses vying for attention.


Poor presentation of product samples can seriously hamper even the best of sales pitches to potential clients. If competing in competitive retail markets, bland or unoriginal packaging that doesn’t add value leads to products being overlooked in favour of your competition.


And all of this is before considering the longer term objective of building a well known, respected brand.

We really enjoyed the experience of working with GWP Protective, and it was a learning curve for us with this being a new product launch. GWP were very creative with regards to ideas for the inserts. They were quick, responsive, patient and eager to help. I would absolutely recommend GWP to other companies looking for a similar service

Jane Gossling | 270 Vision Creative Director

So how can foam help?

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies you can employ to not only boost the awareness and perception of your products, but provide tangible results too.


From differentiating your luxury retail goods through high quality foam packaging, to sample cases that provide a striking, professional image in sales presentations. Regardless of your goals, you can boost sales and improve your business reputation through custom designed foam inserts and packaging that can both protect and present.

5 ways presentation foam can positively impact your profitability:

  • Provides a more professional appearance in sales presentations and pitches
  • Provides product differentiation and gains attention when used in retail packs
  • Can also be used to “add value” to consumer packaging (e.g. inside gift or presentation boxes)
  • Use of colour / laser-etched branding allows for consistent brand appearance, boosting recognition
  • Inherent foam protection minimises damage, reducing returns & enhancing customer satisfaction

Wow potential clients during your next sales pitch…

A critical part of getting your new products into both new and existing customers, is the initial sales presentation.


So how does foam help with this?


Well, you can enhance the presentation of your new product samples during sales presentations by specifying a custom built or branded presentation case.


When coupled with custom foam inserts that not only protect and present your products but also match your brand and can feature your logo, it will help ensure your products look their best at a critical moment in the sales cycle.

Presentation foam for sample cases

As well as custom presentation foam, you can also choose from a huge range of cases. These can be further tailored for use during product presentations, at conferences, trade shows and for your direct sales team out on the road.


Practically any exterior protective case – regardless of whether it is your service engineers or sales team using them – can be enhanced with printing or labelling to further your brand awareness.


The foam inserts themselves can also be branded through laser etching, adding a further branding opportunity.

Free Guide: 3 Psychological hacks to enhance any sample case

Other considerations for using foam and cases to present samples

It could be argued that there are 3 main considerations when creating presentation foam.


Firstly, from an aesthetic point of view the foam must be of the highest quality and present your product perfectly. Secondly, it must compliment the protective outer case whilst reflecting the branding of your business. Thirdly, it must offer excellent protection from being mishandled in transit.


Any presentation case that you source from GWP Protective will tick all of these boxes.

Presentation foam examples and applications

View a selection of presentation foam inserts, retail packaging and sample cases, plus their typical applications. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

What about retail and luxury packaging?

Besides being used to protect valuable items, foam packaging is increasingly being used to enhance the sales of high value consumer goods in the retail environment.


To help position your brand in the luxury sector, or to differentiate your product in a saturated market, value added packaging can help to gain shelf space, catch consumers’ attention and ultimately improve your sales and profitability.

Added value foam packaging

As a result, the use of luxury presentation foam is growing in popularity. It is increasingly being specified in “value added” packaging for products such as perfumes and fragrances, jewellery, watches, consumer electronics and limited edition gift packs.

Design & Manufacture of Luxury Foam Packaging

Using Plastazote and a range other high quality foams (dependent on the specific requirements of the project), your foam will be manufactured using the latest in CNC routing technology.


Ultimately, this allows you to benefit from foam packaging and inserts of exceptionally high quality.


Clean and well defined edges are possible for even the most intricate of profiles. Very tight tolerances are also achieved in order to ensure a perfect fit between product, foam and the outer retail packaging, whilst also offering a high level of protection.

Sample case foam inserts

You can also choose from a range of different coloured foams and laser etching that can create a range of visual effects that look stunning in any retail environment.


When combined with the foam’s consistency, durability and lightness, it ensures suitability for a huge range of applications.

The complete solution

As with transit cases and packaging, another key benefit to your business is the ability to source the exterior case, box or carton from GWP too.


As well as reducing costs, it also ensures that each element of your packaging compliments each other perfectly, providing a truly premium appearance. It also allows for some innovative design concepts that simply wouldn’t be available otherwise


Covering everything from custom built presentation cases all the way through to full colour printed retail boxes, presentation foam can be used to enhance your products at any stage in the buying cycle.

Free Guide: 3 Psychological hacks to enhance any sample case

Why use GWP Protective for your presentation foam?

For over 25 years, the sole focus of GWP Protective has been the creation of fabricated foam products. Over this time, the skills, knowledge and expertise built up ensures that virtually any foam product you need can be expertly designed and manufactured for practically any application.


Operating a clean, well equipped production facility equipped with the latest CAD software ensures the perfect environment for creating foam for retail and consumer applications where appearance is paramount.

Case and foam design

By working with GWP Protective, you will be allocated a dedicated advisor and designer that will be able to offer impartial guidance and advice at every stage of the process.


From concept through to prototype and finished product, your expectations will be exceeded while a commercial focus is maintained to ensure the maximum possible impact for your business.

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