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Foam dividers

Tote Container Inserts.

Improved handling efficiency & protection

When manufacturing high value goods, the devil is in the detail. Quite often, a small surface scratch can result in a product be rejected or returned. This leads to written off stock, delays in production, missed orders & significant extra costs. As a result, more and more manufacturers are turning to foam dividers and dunnage to protect components during the manufacturing process.

If damaged products reach your customers, the cost of damaged reputation to your hard earned brand must be factored in.

01: Key Benefits of Foam Dividers.

Improve efficiency, protection and staff safety

With handling processes – such as moving components, parts or finished products around your factory – there is usually a focus on efficiency. And rightly so.

But what is often overlooked is that damage caused to these items by mishandling has a serious negative impact on your business’ profitability.

By including foam dividers and dunnage within your handling totes, line-side packaging and supply chain containers, you can not only minimise any damage, but help that all important staff productivity as well.

6 ways foam dunnage can improve your manufacturing processes

  • Helps your staff to quickly identify the correct part required, boosting productivity
  • Allows for quicker visual checks on stock levels, avoiding stock-out situations
  • Protection for delicate parts & surface finishes by cushioning  from drop / vibration damage
  • Stops components damaging each other by colliding in transit
  • Makes more efficient use of space within the outer container
  • Can improve manual handling safety by preventing “over-loading” of components

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What GWP Protective customers say

We have purchased thousands of handling products from GWP, including foam dividers and dunnage as well as boxes, totes, bins and more. Many of these have been bespoke, being expertly produced by GWPs’ in house designers. As a company, GWP are efficient, friendly and easy to deal with.

John Weyman | Bondline Electronics Ltd

02: What is Foam Dunnage?

Inserts, dividers and pads manufactured from Plastazote foam

Foam dunnage can take a number of forms. Usually however, it describes foam inserts used to prevent the movement and damage of components during usual handling operations.

They are often designed to be used within an outer tote bin, tray or box.  Ultimately, they assist in manual or automatic handling within a manufacturing environment.

Foam dividers
Foam dividers not only protect products from scuffs and impact during handling, but also prevent overloading and aid retrieval of parts too

This could be a simple foam lining of the outer container. However, foam dunnage can also take the form of foam dividers, routed channels, pads or even individual pockets.

Free Guide: GWP Protective 15 considerations for protection

Download: 15 Crucial Considerations...

…when protecting your high value, fragile or business critical tools, products or equipment. Find out how you can eliminate transit damage and reduce costs too

03: Applications / Images.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for foam dunnage

View a selection of foam dividers, dunnage, outer containers and typical applications. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

04: Multi Trip Packaging.

A returnable, reusable solution to minimise costs and environmental impact

Whilst the key consideration for the foam dividers is that of protection, there are numerous other factors that must be considered.

One of these is that the tote bins are usually designed and manufactured to be used over multiple trips.

This could be back and forwards between areas of an individual factory, or even across continents if component parts are being shipped for final assembly elsewhere.

Foam handling system
Foam dunnage / dividers can be coupled with Correx® totes to create a highly efficient foam handling system

For this reason, the foam must be resilient enough to withstand repeat uses, whilst also protecting the components from both cosmetic damage and breakage.

Finally, the foam must allow easy access to the components or parts. In competitive industries where there is a drive to shave even seconds off manufacturing times, having fast and easy access to the parts required is essential.

05: Single Source Supply.

A single source foam supplier for your materials handling products

A problem that many companies face is that having specified foam inserts or dividers, they are not perfectly tailored to the outer containers they are to be used with.

This can result in movement within the tote bin, which can lead to the very damage that the foam was supposed to eliminate.

The answer is to source both the foam dividers / dunnage and container from a single source.

Foam in tote
Using foam within your totes can lead to significant reductions - and even eliminate - damage caused by mishandling

By working alongside GWP Group, you can source both outer container and foam from a single source. This includes Correx® totes and trayscorrugated boxes and cartons, moulded containers from manufacturers SSI Schaefer, plus a huge range of protective cases.

Besides the noticeable improvement in fit and compatibility, sourcing from a single supplier also reduces purchasing time and ultimately cost, for your business.

Free Guide: GWP Protective 15 considerations for protection

Free Guide

15 crucial considerations for protecting your items

Get your free guide highlighting the 15 critical points to consider when protecting high value tools, products or equipment.

06: GWP Protective.

Other benefits you can gain by working with GWP

With over 25 years experience in foam materials handling products, your business can draw on a wealth of experience when specifying, renewing or improving your materials handling systems.

Maybe you need to speed up production times and boost productivity. Maybe you need to reduce the amount of items that are being damaged during handling. Perhaps you are lacking in storage space.

Regardless of your challenge, by understanding your business, goals and objectives, a practical, cost effective solution can be found.

Foam dunnage
GWP are able to offer your business a wide range of additional tote insert options - including cell partitions, layer pads, and custom inserts

A dedicated designer, allocated to your project, will be able to offer impartial advice from initial consultation through to sampling and final sign-off.

Your tailored solution will then be manufactured by a highly skilled team in a modern, well invested factory.


Find out more about custom foam dividers and dunnage

If you think foam dividers could help at your manufacturing plant, please speak with us here at GWP. All quotations are free and without obligation and you will be able to choose from the widest range of materials and products available from one supplier.

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Could your handling operations be improved by using foam dividers and dunnage?

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