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Rack Mount Cases

Custom 19” rack mount cases and units available to almost any specification

Understanding that computer and electronics equipment can be critical to our clients’ operations, at GWP Protective we offer rugged, custom rack mount cases and 19” racks that offer exceptional protection and reliability.


Having been in military use since the mid-1960s, when they were created from moulded plastic, and originally used for mounting signal relays, rack mount cases have been developed over many years to become the market leading solutions now available.


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Electronics and communications equipment are usually vital to your business or operation. In extreme situations, their successful operation could be the difference between life and death. This is why choosing the correct rack mount case is of the utmost importance...

Rack Mount Cases uses

Often referred to as 19 inch racks, due to the standard size of the equipment to be mounted, this standardised size is commonly used across a number of industries including computing and IT, broadcasting, audio and visual and entertainment sectors.


Telecommunications, however, tend to use the larger format 23 inch racks. Regardless of the size, the primary purpose of rack mount cases is to house electronics and computing equipment.


As the name suggests, 19” racks are created to house equipment that is 19 inches, or 482mm in width, but they also use standardised height increments (these units are referred to as either U or HE dependent on the equipment and industry).


These units have a height of 1¾ inches (44.5mm), and by calculating the total height of the equipment to be mounted, this, in turn, gives the unit size of the case that you require.


For example, 3.5 inches of equipment would equate to a 2U rack mount case, whilst 7 inches would be 4U and so on.


The electronics equipment is bolted directly to a set of standardised rails that are within the rackmount case. Depending on the U or HE of the case, further equipment modules can then be added above or below.


The depths (i.e. front to back) can be the standard 219mm, 350mm, 480mm and 610mm, or can be tailored to the equipment being mounted with depths up to approximately 1,000mm being achievable.

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Advantages of GWP Rack Mount Units

  • “Off the shelf” or completely custom solutions available
  • Roto-moulded rack mount cases available in standard sizes
  • EXOCase rack mount units available to any dimensions/specification
  • Zarges Mitraset EMC housing for electro magnetic compatibility
  • IP rated solutions for exceptional water and dust protection
  • Compliance with MIL-STD 810F
  • Rugged, hardwearing and sturdy
  • Anti-vibration and special mounting options available

Applications and uses of Rack Mounts

We are pleased to be official distributors for 2 “off the shelf” Rack Mount solutions – from leading brands Hardigg and Zarges. Please see below for typical examples and applications of Rack Mount Units. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Additional advantages of GWP Protective flight cases

As flight case manufacturers, GWP Protective have no minimum order quantities so our clients can order anything from one-off, completely bespoke flight cases to several thousand per year.


To enable short manufacturing lead times, we also carry a wide range of materials in stock, including catches, handles, hinges and various styles of panel materials.


Another of the major benefits of GWP Protective’s service is that with both flight case and foam insert being manufactured under one roof, we provide a genuine “One-stop-shop” for customers with any form of protective case or packaging requirement.


As such, our flight cases with foam inserts offer a truly bespoke level of performance. We are also able to manufacture flight cases with mechanisms for the housing of 19” rack-mounted electronic components.

Hardigg Rack Mount Cases Datasheet

Summary Info / Datasheet

For further information on the the range of Hardigg Rack Mount Cases available, including the customisation options, enhancements and a full list of dimensions for each model, please download the datasheet by following the link below.

Branded 19” Rack Mount Case Options

The Hardigg rotationally moulded cases have long been used in the military and supporting industries thanks to their IP67 rating, rugged and tough exterior, plus range of standardised 19” rack options.


Created using a rotationally moulded shell of Polyethylene, making them watertight and dustproof plus resistant to extremes of heat and chemicals, their small footprint casing and built in sway space offers excellent protection against shock, impact and vibration.


This makes them many industries’ rack mount case of choice.


The Zarges Mitraset EMC Cases / Racks offer a number of additional benefits, including the elimination of electromagnetic coupling between the mounted equipment and the exterior case, superb thermal conductivity and a wide range of customisable features.


They have also been tested (and adhere) to a huge range of standards, including IP65 rating to DIN40050 & ICE34-5/529, plus VG95446.


However, if neither of these options are perfect for your specific application, our expert design team and in-house production facility will be able to create a completely custom 19” rack mount case.


This includes using traditional, flight case materials and construction, or utilising the revolutionary EXOCase system.


Due to the dimensional flexibility it offers, racks can be made to exact specifications, making it perfect for equipment that is outside of the standard 19” and 23” equipment frequently used.

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Need a Rack Mount case?

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