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Hofbauer Quantum T Buying Guide

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Selecting a Plastic Briefcase

Full info on Hofbauer Quantum T cases

There are surprisingly few carry cases that combine a more traditional appearance with the high performance expected of a modern plastic case. But, along with its sister range – Hofbauer Megabag – that is exactly what the Quantum T cases provide.

But even though this may satisfy your specific performance and appearance requirements, you should still ask; is the case the right option for your business?

Please read below for a detailed buying guide that aims to answer that very question.

Quantum T detailed buying guide

What are Hofbauer Quantum T Cases?

Tough plastic cases in a traditional style

Quantum T Cases could be described as something of a contradiction.

On the one hand, they offer an appearance that is not a million miles away from traditional carry cases, halfway between a briefcase and the more modern designs seen in cases by WAG, Maxado and even others in the Hofbauer case range.

On the other, the cases are manufactured by blow moulding, to allow for a double wall structure that puts it towards the top end of performance associated with cases of this type.

In fact, Hofbauer Quantum T cases are amongst the toughest plastic cases available today, until you get to the ultra-durable, waterproof cases that include brands such as Peli™, Storm Case™, and Explorer.

Plastic briefcase with foam
Due to their more traditional appearance (when compared with other carry cases), Quantum T are often referred to as plastic briefcases

This unique combination proves appealing to many businesses that require carry cases, but are reluctant to pay for over specified, fully waterproof cases that offer performance way in excess of what is often be required.

Available in a range of 8 sizes and 2 colours, the double walled construction provides an “air cushion” between the case exterior and the contents, helping to improve protection and minimise damage. This can of course be enhanced still further with bespoke foam inserts.

And whilst Quantum T cases may have more limited branding opportunities than some of the other Hofbauer cases, they still provide enough options to make this viable for use as a sales demo case too (particularly when selling to industrial clients).

Quantum T Case Features

Wide range of clever features and engineering

Beyond the headline feature of the double walled construction, there are a range of carefully thought through inclusions which make the Hofbauer Quantum T a well-regarded, versatile case choice.

The below diagram and annotations highlight these key features.

Quantum T Case Features

Catches: The catches are designed to “snap shut”, providing a very secure, easy to use closing mechanism. The catches will ensure that the contents of the case remain safe during transit and storage.


Ribbed Area: On most cases, including a ribbed area on the cases body can actually help to improve the strength and performance of the case. However, due to the double walled construction of the Quantum T cases, this section is almost purely decorative, providing the cases with a distinct appearance.


Handle: The ergonomically designed handle is remarkably small, so as not to detract from the usability or sleek appearance of the cases. It also folds flat when not in use in order that it minimises space requirements (i.e. for storage / transit).


Label Area: Although the Quantum T cases have a high-quality finish, they are not ideal for printing on. As a result of this, a smooth label area has been incorporated to apply branding as required. Many businesses prefer this more subtle approach to branding their sample cases, which can be applicable to specific industries or markets.


Moulded Feet: Moulded feet are included to allow the Quantum T cases to stand upright independently. This allows for the easier retrieval of the cases when out on site (it is much easier to grab them in this position).


Hinge: Long lasting hinge design ensures that the case remains functional over many thousands of uses.

Customisation & Inserts

Bespoke options, including custom designed foam

Quantum T Foam Inserts

Foam Inserts

Fully bespoke
Protects & presents
Plastazote® material
UK design / production

Quantum T Moulded Inserts

Moulded Inserts

Moulded internal walls
Tailored to products
Protects & presents
Subject to MOQ


Example use for Quantum T Cases

The Quantum T range of cases sits in a particular niche in the protective case market, being stronger than most plastic carry cases but less so than the moulded waterproof (IP rated) case options.

This does however make it particularly suited to a number of applications, which have been listed below.

Service Engineers

Equipment – from white goods to air conditioning, vehicles to communications devices – are prone to break at some point in their lives. And even if they are robust, they frequently need servicing to remain at peak operation.

What this means in practice is that many businesses need to send service engineers out to perform such repairs, updates or maintenance, and this involves taking tools and equipment out onto site.

Choosing a suitable protective case to do this can be critical to their efficiency and success.

Quantum T cases not only provide high levels of performance in terms of protection, but also allow for improved efficiency too (particularly with foam inserts).

Quantum T Equipment Cases
Quantum T cases are a wise choice for service engineers and similar applications due to their durable construction


Similarly to the above, surveyors and any other professions are constantly using metrological equipment.

Quantum T cases can again provide a durable, long lasting solution to the same transit of such equipment. The subtle branding arguably suits this type of application better (by not advertising the fact of potentially high value equipment to be stolen), whilst the usability and price points makes this ideal if only a low volume of cases are required too.

Added Value Retail

Although Quantum T cases could arguably over specified for this type of application (typically a lightweight plastic case is used, such as WAG Beat or Swing), the double walled construction can offer an advantage here.

The internal wall can be moulded to specific recesses, which can then house higher end products (such as expensive drills or tools for the DIY market) and be retained by the customer after purchase.

Alternative Carry Cases

Other plastic case options available

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Smart Case

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Double walled cases for high levels of protection

All sample cases

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Are Quantum T cases a good option for your business?

Please see below for a brief summary of the key features / benefits provided by Hofbauer Quantum T cases

  • 8 size options and 2 standard colours
  • Unique double walled construction for added strength / protection
  • Manufactured using blow moulded Polypropylene
  • Classic appearance, in contrast to other similar case options
  • Small label area for adding branding of required
  • Lightweight and hard-wearing
  • Fold flat handle, snap shut catches and strong integrated hinges
  • Ideal, lower cost alternative to Peli type cases
  • Cost efficient solution
  • Suitable for a vast range of products including tools, components, and parts
  • Customisation options available, including engineered foam inserts

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