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All ProTec Sizes at a Glance

The easiest way to find your perfect Rose Plastic case

Although the Rose Plastic ProTec collection of cases has only around half the number of sizes when compared to the Ergoline range, choosing the right one could still be problematic.

To make this process as simple possible however, the below size table has been created. This not only allows you to see all of the crucial details quickly and easily (sizes, weights, colours etc.) but also compare the different carry cases within the range.

We understand however that you may still not be able to find the information that you require and, if that is the case, you can contact a member of the GWP Protective team who will be happy to help.

Size Table

RoseCase ProTec – every size, colour, feature, and option

Product Ref. Internal (L x W x H) External (L x W x H) Lid / Base Weight Colours
ProTec RCPT 105 M 175 x 105 x 35 mm 187 x 143 x 42 mm - - ProTec case colours
ProTec RCPT 136 M 228 x 136 x 42 mm 240 x 183 x 48 mm - - ProTec case colours
ProTec RCPT 161 L 244 x 161 x 66 mm 262 x 210 x 72 mm - - ProTec case colours
ProTec RCPT 175 M 261 x 175 x 77 mm 275 x 225 x 84 mm - - ProTec case colours
ProTec RCPT 222 S 326 x 222 x 77 mm 338 x 273 x 84 mm - - ProTec case colours
ProTec RCPT 222 SM 326 x 222 x 116 mm 338 x 273 x 123 mm - - ProTec case colours
ProTec RCPT 222 M 326 x 222 x 156 mm 338 x 273 x 163 mm - - ProTec case colours
ProTec RCPT 237 M 382 x 237 x 100 mm 395 x 295 x 107 mm - - ProTec case colours
ProTec RCPT 296 M 434 x 296 x 132 mm 456 x 357 x 140 mm - - ProTec case colours
Product Ref. Internal (L x W x H) External (L x W x H) Lid / Base Weight Colours


Tips on using the table

Although simply seeing the list of case sizes and options in a tabulated format can help massively when assessing which case to select, the diagram to the right of / below this text (depending on what type of device you are reading this on) also highlights the way in which the case dimensions are recorded.

As always though, if you are having difficulties or cannot find the plastic case you require, please contact GWP for help. You can reach a team member on 01722 416 440 or email

Rosecase Protec Size Guide

Alternative Carry Cases

Other plastic transport case options available

Hofbauer Quantum T cases

Hofbauer Quantum T

Popular carry cases with wide range of benefits

Hofbauer Megabag cases

Hofbauer Megabag

Classic appearance with modern protection / features

WAG Jazz cases

WAG Jazz

Tough and long lasting carry case with striking ribbed design

WAG Tekno cases

WAG Tekno

German engineered since 1997 providing high quality

Maxado Excellent Cases

Maxado Excellent

Durable plastic cases that live up to their name

Smart Case

Smart Case

The leading custom built sample cases available

WAG Heavy case

WAG Heavy

Double walled cases for high levels of protection

All sample cases

All Carry Cases

Click here to see the full range of carry case options

Get In Touch

Speak with a Rose Plastic case expert

Although Rose Plastic manufacture a number of popular cases, there are very few experts that can provide truly impartial advice on which of their cases (or indeed any of the other options from Hofbauer, WAG etc.) that you should use.

GWP Protective are that company.

We can provide all of the information you need to make an informed decision and, being independent, means you can trust us for unbiased advice and guidance. We can also offer information on enhancing your ProTec cases, including with foam inserts and exterior printing.

So, if you are looking for a no obligation quote, free advice or details of customisation options, please get in touch.

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