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Complete product info on Rose Plastic ProTec cases

Whilst there is a dizzying array of plastic case options available today, many fall into a particular niche which makes them more suited to specific applications than their competitors. The RoseCase ProTec are one such case.

This buying guide aims to highlight the key areas where these medium duty carry cases excel, and enable you to decide if they are right for your business.

Please continue reading for info on features, benefits, applications, options, and much more.

Pro-Tec case detailed buying guide

What are RoseCase ProTec?

Medium duty plastic case option with clear lids

The RoseCase range of plastic carry cases, manufactured by Rose Plastic, sit in the niche between lightweight plastic sample cases, and the heavy-duty waterproof case options (e.g. Peli™). This makes the WAG Heavy and Jazz, Maxado Excellent and the higher end Hofbauer cases (Megabag, Quantum T etc.) its direct competitors.

Although ProTec does not provide double wall construction as some of the cases listed above, it does however boast a “torsion stiffened” design and construction that makes it less prone twisting or distortion than other similar cases.

And whilst it has all of the features and performance required to give a good account of itself when being compared with these other options, it possesses one feature that these cases do not – transparent lids.

Whilst many of the lighter weight WAG cases provide this option, none of what would be termed the “mid duty” cases offer this. This makes RoseCase Protec an interesting choice for retail applications (such as DIY equipment) where extra protection / durability is required, but being able to see the products remains a big advantage.

Rosecase Protec Cases
Rosecase Protec Cases are suitable for varying applications, including equipment cases and lightweight sample cases

A range of 9 sizes and only 2 colours (black / transparent) does somewhat limit being able to match your brand identity however (although the cases can be enhanced with labels and direct printing onto their smooth surfaces). Saying that, ProTec cases can also be used as traditional sales rep sample cases or as equipment cases for service engineers etc.

They also provide good levels of durability and the level of quality is instantly apparent when using them – something that translates into a case that is easy and comfortable for occasional or everyday use.

RoseCase ProTec Case Features

Range of well-engineered features to enhance usability

Although Rose Plastic only manufacture a range of what would be called traditional plastic cases, their wider expertise in plastic packaging (everything from boxes to tubes) means that a wide range of carefully thought through features tend to be included.

Please view the annotated image below along with the accompanying notes for further details of the Rose Plastic ProTec case features.

Pro Tec Case Features

Durable Catches: The catches on the ProTec cases are easy to use yet durable and long lasting, even with frequent use. They also add considerable visual appeal to the cases, available in matching or contrasting colours (e.g. red as pictured), and also feature an “outline” design with the centre cut-away.


Handle: The handle is moulded into the main body of the Rose Case ProTec, making it considerably stronger as well as keeping the cost of the cases down. It is surprisingly comfortable to use too.


Mix Match Lid / Base: The RoseCase lids and bases can be mixed and matched, with a transparent lid or fully transparent option (or solid colour throughout). This is a particularly interesting feature on these cases, which is not available on the alternatives considered closest to this in performance (e.g. WAG Heavy, Jazz etc.).


Smooth Branding Area: ProTec cases feature a large, smooth area that is perfect for branding. Whilst this area enhances the aesthetics of the case – even if left blank – it makes adding labels or even direct printing for branding and logos considerably easier.


Stacking Pins: ProTec cases feature stacking pins which help the cases remain stable when stacked on top of each other.


Moulded Feet: The integral, moulded feet allows for the case to be stood upright when not in use, allowing for potential space savings in storage / transit.

Standard Options

List of standard options for RoseCase ProTec

A Pro-Tec plastic case with a transparent lid

Transparent Lids

Translucent case lids
Visibility of products
Subject to MOQ

Customisation & Inserts

Bespoke options, including custom designed foam

Printed Ergoline cases

Case Printing

Screen printing
Low cost option
Simple, bold graphics
Branding opportunity

Protec foam inserts

Foam Inserts

Fully bespoke
Protects & presents
Plastazote® material
UK design / production


Uses for RoseCase ProTec

Despite particular suitability for a few specific applications, Rose Plastic ProTec plastic cases are versatile enough for a number of different applications too.

Please continue reading below for a brief overview of these.

Retail (Heavy Duty)

There are a number of applications where plastic cases are included as added value packaging to enhance retail sales. This can include toys, sets of products (such as car polishes / treatments), collectibles and other groups of items.

One area where this is particularly prevalent is for DIY equipment – such as for tools, socket sets, spanners, screwdrivers etc.

Due to the requirement for a slightly heavier duty case for these markets, ProTec is a great option here.

Pro Tec plastic cases can be used for added value retail packaging, with teh transparent lids allowing products to be viewed before purchase

Service Engineers

Many businesses will have staff that take tools out onto site for the purpose of their job (such as installations, servicing of equipment etc.).

This may require the use of very specialist, expensive kit (which is often contained in a waterproof equipment case with foam inserts), but more commonly will just be standard tools and items.

ProTec cases – enhanced with custom foam inserts – are perfect for this application, providing a good balance between protection, durability and ease of use.

Rose Plastic carry cases are a great choice for lightweight transit requirements, as well as for presentation of samples

Medical / Specialist Equipment

Almost all of the plastic carry cases supplied by GWP are ideal for medical applications, and ProTec is no different.

As well as keeping specialist items such as medical devices, electronics or metrological equipment safe, these cases are also easy to clean. The option for printing also means important instructions can be added directly to the cases too.

Sales Meetings

Although not the most attractive cases, there are still certain applications where ProTec can be used for sales meetings and presentations. Due to its more technical / industrial appearance, it can be well suited for presenting to engineers or employees of manufacturing businesses (rather than to retailers or purchasing departments) for example.

Alternative Carry Cases

Other plastic case options available

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Smart Case

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WAG Heavy

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All sample cases

All Carry Cases

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Are RoseCase ProTec Suitable for your application?

The below list covers the key points to consider when thinking about using the Rose Plastic ProTec range.

  • 9 size options and 2 standard colours (black / transparent)
  • Ability to mix and match lids / bases
  • Manufactured using injection moulded Polypropylene
  • Torsion stiffened case design
  • Lightweight and hard-wearing construction
  • Ergonomic handles, snap shut catches and strong integrated hinges
  • Good option for medium duty applications (inc. DIY retail)
  • Cost efficient solution
  • Easy to carry thanks to ergonomically designed handles
  • Customisation options available, including engineered foam inserts and surface printing

A plastic case supplier you can trust

Most people think choosing a plastic carry case for their business or equipment is easy. Until they actually come to do it.

With huge array of protective cases and options, it can initially seem bewildering as to the best option to choose.

This is further exacerbated by certain suppliers being tied into agreements with various case manufacturers. Whilst this means they cannot offer a full range of case options, it also means they can sometimes push customers to using a case that isn’t wholly suitable.

GWP Protective are different.

We are fully independent, offering your business the widest choice and truly unbiased advice (if you need it of course). We can also fully customise your cases with foam inserts (something many other suppliers will outsource – adding to the costs), and all quotes are completely free and no obligation too.

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