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Hofbauer Megabag Buying Guide

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Choosing a Plastic Briefcase

Full info on Hofbauer Megabag cases

Whilst there a literally thousands of plastic case options (when taking into account ranges, sizes and colours), some, such as the Hofbauer Megabag, stand out because of their unique looks, features, or both.

But does that make them a suitable choice for your business when sourcing carry cases?

This Hofbauer Megabag buying guide has been created with providing all of the information you could require when considering these cases.

Megabag detailed buying guide

What are Hofbauer Megabag Cases?

Plastic briefcase style option

Many people will say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or that aesthetics are a very subjective topic. This is certainly true of the Hofbauer Megabag range.

With a style that is reminiscent of briefcases or attaches, some people may feel that they look too traditional (or even old fashioned) in design. To others, they offer a timeless appearance that makes them stand out from a crowded market of what can often be fairly bland plastic cases.

What Megabags offer is a still popular – and different – appearance, that retains all of the features and performance that you would expect from a modern plastic case.

Megabag double wall cases
Besides their more traditional appearance, Megabag can also boast an extremely durable double wall construction

Perhaps surprisingly, Megabag are also one of the most durable plastic carry cases available too.

They boast a double walled construction that provides durability, longevity, and enhanced protection of their contents. It also means that cases can carry up to 40Kg with no issues.

The 4 sizes and 2 colours (although grey is subject to minimum order quantities) means that there are not a huge amount of standard options. However, this is more than made up for in terms of extremely competitive price points and the aforementioned appearance, that lends itself perfectly to specific markets and applications.

Megabag Case Features

Beneficial features improving aesthetics and user friendliness

Besides the unique appearance, Hofbauer Megabag cases provide a number of useful and well-engineered features too (something inherent on all Hofbauer cases).

Please see the illustration and notes below for further details.

Hofbauer Megabag Case Features

Catches: The durable, easy to use latches are in keeping with the rest of the cases’ design, whilst also remaining easy to use and long lasting.


Double Wall Construction: The cases boast a unique double wall construction. This provides enhanced strength, as well as protection of the contents within the cases (as the air “pocket” can help to absorb shock caused by mishandling).


Handle: The separate, recessed handle is not only comfortable to use, but also folds flat to minimise space in storage / transit.


Scratch Resistant Surface: The high quality, blow moulded polypropylene is extremely resistant to scratches and scuffs, ensuring that the cases look newer for longer (even if used for heavier duty applications such as equipment cases for service engineers). The pattern on the case surfaces also helps to reduce marking on the main body of the case too.


Moulded Feet: The moulded feet are durable and stable, allowing the cases to be stood upright with ease. The bottom section of the case also incorporates a large, living hinge for added stability.


Lockable: Hofbauer Megabag cases are lockable using a standard padlock (available separately).

Customisation & Inserts

Bespoke options, including custom designed foam

Printed Megabag cases

Case Printing

Screen printing
Low cost option
Simple, bold graphics
Branding opportunity

Hofbauer-Megabag with foam inserts

Foam Inserts

Fully bespoke
Protects & presents
Plastazote® material
UK design / production

Megabag moulded plastic inserts

Moulded Inserts

Moulded internal walls
Tailored to products
Protects & presents
Subject to MOQ


Typical uses for Hofbauer Megabag cases

Despite the size range being (relatively) small, Megabag cases can be used for a wide range of diverse applications.

Please see below for some of the most common of these.

Equipment Cases

Due to their double wall construction, Megabag cases are a good option for use as equipment cases for service engineers / field operatives.

Although they do not offer the full waterproof protection of the tougher moulded options (such as Storm or Explorer cases), these can sometimes be over specified (and therefore cost significantly more) than Megabags. This makes Megabag perfect for mid – heavy duty uses.

Professionals that could use cases such as this include surveyors, engineers, service personnel, installation crews and many others.

Plastic briefcases
Although looking like plastic briefcases, Hofbauer Megabag are a good choice for use in transporting / protecting equipment


The subtle appearance of Megabag cases means that they are often used by forensics and crime teams when attending sites. The fact that the cases can also be locked is also another huge plus for uses of this nature (where security of equipment or samples taken can be of extreme importance).

Solicitors / Surveyors / Management

The more traditional appearance of Megabag cases also means that they can sometimes be used by professionals that typically only carry items such as paperwork, hard drives, laptops and so on, but who may need an added level of security.

Again, the lockable feature of the cases proves useful here, but the subtle appearance can also make the cases less likely to be stolen.

Sample Cases

Certain industries will respond better to products and presentations that provide a certain appearance. And this is true of the sample cases used to present product too.

As such, Megabags can be a good choice for use a sales rep sample case when presenting products into organisations such as museums, libraries and traditional industries.

Megabag equipment cases
Besides use as equipment cases, Hofbauer Megabag are equally suited for use as sample cases (particularly so for specific industries)

Alternative Carry Cases

Other plastic case options available

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All sample cases

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Should you consider using Hofbauer Megabag cases?

The below offer a brief overview of the key points associated with the Hofbauer Megabag cases, allowing you to make an informed decision on the suitability for your business:

  • 4 size options and 2 standard colours
  • Unique, more traditional appearance suited to many applications
  • Double walled construction provides high levels of protection
  • Scratch resistant surfaces to preserve appearance
  • Manufactured using blow moulded Polypropylene
  • Ergonomic handle and strong integrated hinges
  • Ideal for medium – heavy duty applications
  • Competitive price points (particularly compared with waterproof cases)
  • Suitable for a vast range of applications
  • Customisation options available, including engineered foam inserts

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