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Zarges Eurobox Buying Guide

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Guide to Selecting an Aluminium Case

Full product information on Zarges Euroboxes

If you are considering using an aluminium case for your business, then this Zarges Eurobox buying guide can help you decide if this is the right solution for you.

It covers the full list of features of these aluminium cases, the range standard options available, includes a brief “explainer” video and even details how you can further customise your case (including foam inserts).

The aim is to provide you with enough info to make an informed decision on whether to use Zarges Eurobox.

Please continue reading below, or use the options to the right / below to jump to your area of interest.

Zarges Eurobox buying guide

What Are Zarges Eurobox?

Leading range of aluminium protective cases

Zarges Euroboxes are a range of high quality, aluminium cases manufactured in Germany.

They have been designed with a focus on quality and performance, meaning they are amongst the most hard wearing and durable aluminium containers available today.

They provide a wide range of features (please see below) designed to improve usability, and come in 11 different sizes that have been chosen to be compatible with most standard sized pallets.

What are Zarges Euroboxes?
Zarges Eurobox cases are a range of durable, aluminium containers, designed to be compatible with most standard pallet sizes.

Their lightweight nature also makes them easy to handle, and perfect for applications where weight can be an issue (such as air freight). Their use is also widespread amongst professional sports teams to transport kit and equipment.

They are part of a larger collection of aluminium cases manufactured by Zarges, including the K470, Battery Box and Mitraset ranges. All of these are available – with or without  a range of custom options – from GWP Protective.

Zarges Eurobox Video

Key information in less than 2 minutes

Please watch the brief overview video below for all important Zarges Eurobox features and benefits at a glance.

Zarges Eurobox Features

Features to improve durability, usability and lifespan

The Zarges Euroboxes have a wide range of clever features, designed to improve the performance of the case itself, as well as the efficiency of the end user too.

The following diagram shows these, with further explanation provided below.

Zarges Eurobox features

Catch / Fastener: Named by Zarges as the “Comfort fastener”, these catches live up to their name. Not only are they strong to keep the case secured, they are also incredibly easy to use. Their snap shut design also means that they offer a long usable lifespan. Other fastener options (spring, anti-opening) are also available.


Hinges: The hinges, and indeed the other fittings, are manufactured from stainless steel. This makes them tough and long lasting, as well as providing high levels of resistance to corrosion (as per the aluminium body of the case)


Pad Lockable: The small holes in the catches can be used to lock the case with a pad lock (purchased separately). This is particularly important if transporting or shipping high value or sensitive items, or the cases are left unattended for any prolonged period, as it allows you to secure the contents.


Foam lid seal: The polyurethane foam seal in the lid helps to prevent the ingress of dust, particles and water into the case (thus protecting the contents). The cases are IP rated to IP54, although cases with greater resistance (to moisture in particular) can be specified.


Holding straps: The cases feature two lid holding straps in order to prevent the case lid from opening too wide and overbalancing. This also protects the hinges and increases their service life as well.


Comfort Handles: The handles have been ergonomically designed to allow for easy and comfortable handling of the cases. They also spring back to the sides of the case when not in use, preventing damage and minimising required storage / transit space.


Stacking Corners: The blue, moulded plastic stacking corners allow for safe stacking of the cases during storage or transit (and improved space efficiency). They are also impact resistant, which helps provide additional protection for the case if mishandled.


Corner Beading: The corners of the case feature beading in order to provide increased strength and dimensional stability, allowing for greater protection for your tools / equipment.


Welding: The joints between profile sections feature high quality welding, whilst the lid, edge and base profiles are also produced from fully welded aluminium sections (providing high stability / strength).


Sizes: The Eurobox range has been designed to work with the majority of standard pallet dimensions (according to DIN 12 141). This further enhances their suitability for applications such as international shipping.

Aluminium Benefits

Inherent benefits of aluminium cases / containers

Besides the features of the Zarges Eurobox case range, these containers offer a number of additional benefits due to the inherent properties of their aluminium material.

For starters, aluminium itself is very light in weight. This makes them easy to handle, even when fully loaded, and perfect for applications where excess weight can be an issue (such as air freight). Aluminium also has a very good strength to weight ratio, meaning that although the cases are light, they are still strong and durable.

Basically, they are strong enough to protect your items from damage, whilst making handling easier for you and / or your staff.

Lightweight aluminium cases
Aluminium is a light weight material, making it easy to handle cases in applications where excess weight can be an issue

Another specific benefit of aluminium cases when compared with other materials (such as moulded plastics) is that the surfaces are very smooth. In turn, this makes them easy to clean. As a result, they are perfect for transporting wet, dirty or oily items, as it is easy to clean them afterwards.

Similarly, the cases also contain any moisture / dirt etc. inside the case, making it safe and convenient to transport items of this type (e.g. certain tools, worn sports kit etc.).

Another specific benefit over moulded cases is that aluminium has a much higher and lower operational temperature. Whilst plastic cases will melt if they get too hot – or become brittle if too cold – aluminium retains it’s strength and stability across a much greater range of conditions (-80°C to 150°C in fact).

Aluminium case temperature range
Zarges aluminium cases have a very broad operating temperature range, making them ideal for very hot and very cold climates

The main criticisms of metal cases are usually that they are magnetic (rendering them not suitable for specific electronics / tools etc.), and that they will rust.

Perhaps surprisingly, Zarges cases suffer from neither of these issues.

A thin layer of oxidisation will form on the surface of the cases in conditions that would usually promote the formation of rust, which prevents any further corrosion from happening. The cases are also non-magnetic too.

When combined with the wide range of features as previously detailed, Zarges Euroboxes become perfect for a number of specific industries, environments and applications.

Standard Options

List of standard options for Zarges Euroboxes

Zarges dolly trolley

Dolly Trolley

Aluminium chassis
Rubber wheels
High / low variants
Load capacity 150 kg.

Zarges clip on castors

Clip On Castors

100 mm diameter
Fixed / Swivel variants
Fit without using tools
Load capacity 100 kg.

Painted Zarges Eurobox

External Paint

20 RAL colours
Custom colours £POA
Excludes trim
Durable, glossy finish

Zarges toolbox insert trays

Insert Trays

Blue plastic material
2 dividers per tray
40707 & 40708
Various configurations

Zarges Trolley

Trolley / Handle

Telescopic handle
Install without tools
54 mm dia. wheels
Load capacity of 30 kg.

Customisation & Inserts

Bespoke options, including foam inserts

Tool control foam

Custom Foam Inserts

Fully bespoke
Eliminates damage
Plastazote® material
UK design / production

Image coming soon

External Branding

Digital / screen print
Cut vinyl graphics
Complex designs
Branding opportunity

Foam lined Zarges Eurobox

Foam Lining

Low cost option
Protects contents
Various materials
Maintains case volume


Example uses for Zarges Eurobox cases

Whilst there is a huge range of applications and uses for Zarges Euroboxes (and aluminium cases in general), there are certain scenarios and industries where the specific benefits of these containers lend themselves particularly well.

For a brief overview on these, please see below.

Engineers / Maintenance / Mechanics

If your business has field staff that take expensive tools or equipment on to site to carry out their job, it is important to have a case that provides suitable levels of protection for doing this. Zarges Eurobox cases offer a high level of protection for such applications.

If modified with custom foam inserts, it not only provides higher levels of protection, but allows these aluminium cases can also help with productivity too. This is achieved through improved organisation and easier retrieval of specific tools.

The lightweight nature of the cases also ensures they are easy to handle when in use.

What are Zarges Euroboxes
Zarges Euroboxes are perfect for field or service engineers that need to take specialist or expensive kit out on site.

Air Freight

If shipping parts or products internationally, air freight is one of the potential options. However, there are usually strict limits on allowed weights (or punitive costs if items are particularly heavy).

However, as aluminium cases are particularly lightweight, it helps minimise these costs, without sacrificing the protection required for the items within.

Kit Skips

The smooth sides of aluminium cases are very easy to clean, which makes them ideal for transporting wet, muddy or dirty kit (as the cases can be easily cleaned afterwards). A further benefit is that they contain any moisture / mess inside, allowing for them to be safely transported when full.

This has made Zarges Eurobox cases a popular choice for sports teams (including Premier League football teams) for transporting kit and equipment to matches / training.

Zarges aluminium kit skips
Due to their light weight and easy clean surfaces, Zarges Euroboxes are used by many professional sports teams


Similar to field engineers and technicians, if your business has staff on site responsible for security, then Zarges case provide a suitable way to store, protect and transport any equipment they may need.

As they can be locked, Zarges Euroboxes can also be suitable for police forces and other emergency service applications.

Expeditions / Extreme Conditions

If you or your business carries out jobs or trips to areas with extreme climates – either hot or cold – Zarges Eurobox cases are a great option. Aluminium does not become brittle at low temperatures or melt in hot, humid conditions (unlike moulded plastic cases).

They can therefore offer suitable protection for your important tools or equipment in these scenarios.

Aluminium cases for expeditions
Zarges cases will not become brittle (or melt) at extreme temperatures, making them perfect for hostile environments

Alternative Aluminium Cases

Other protective case options available

Zarges K470 aluminium cases

Zarges K470

Zarges Eurobox case colours

25 Sizes
Durable Construction

Aluminium kit skip

Kit Skips

Zarges Eurobox case colours

20+ Sizes
Used by Sports Teams

Zarges Box

Zarges Box

Zarges Eurobox case colours

5 Sizes
Cost Effective Option

Bott Cases

Bott Cases

Zarges Eurobox case colours

5 Sizes
Cost Effective Option

Zarges K411 Cases

Zarges K411

Zarges Eurobox case colours

5 Sizes
With / Without Lining

Zarges K410 40765 aluminium case

Zarges K410

Zarges Eurobox case colours

4 Sizes
Basic Range

Lithium battery packaging

Battery Cases

Zarges Eurobox case colours

Single Sizes
Different Insert Options

View All Aluminium Cases

View the full range of aluminium cases


Are Zarges Eurobox cases right for your business?

The following covers the key points of the Zarges Eurobox range, allowing you to ascertain at a glance how suitable these cases will be for your business.

  • 11 sizes, from 27 to 414 litre capacity
  • Various custom options, including wheels, trolleys, foam inserts and branding
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Strong and sturdy yet incredibly lightweight
  • Easy to keep clean and maintain
  • Non-magnetic (suitable for storing / transporting electronics)
  • Secure fasteners to provide high levels of security (and can be locked)
  • Comfortable handles, making them easy to carry
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures & conditions
  • Moulded plastic corners for stacking, and protection from mishandling
  • Polyurethane foam sealed lid to prevent water / dust entering

Independent Aluminium Case Suppliers

GWP Protective has over twenty-five years’ experience in providing aluminium cases and containers to a huge range of industries and markets.

Being an independent supplier of cases (including those manufactured by Zarges, Peli, SKB, Hofbauer and many more), your company can benefit from truly impartial advice on what would be the best protective case for your specific application.

Another key benefit GWP can offer your organisation is the design and manufacture of custom foam inserts – designed alongside your chosen case and your products to ensure an engineered level of fit, compatibility and protection.

Official UK Zarges Eurobox suppliers
GWP Protective are official UK suppliers of Zarges Euroboxes, and offer a full customisation service as well

Plus, with a dedicated sales and support team, a case design studio and modern production facility, it allows you to source the widest range of cases from a single source, all of which can be tailored to your exact requirements.

So regardless of whether you need to protect high value items in transit, are looking to reduce shipping costs, need to improve the efficiency of your field staff or just need to present some kit or samples well, GWP can supply a suitable Zarges Eurobox or alternative protective case option.

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Foam Inserts

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